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  1. I don’t gamble, but man this feels like easy money on TB…
  2. Rags have won 10 in a row Laf is scoring their goon is even scoring the season from hell
  3. For sure. I’ve actually been mostly happy with his defending.
  4. Amazing what happens when you actually play Timo with good players.
  5. Mercer is beyond streaky. He runs absolutely ice cold for long stretches at a time.
  6. These guys are kind of hard to take seriously considering they don’t even know what year the player is in…
  7. Well playing at his actual position would be a start…
  8. Our highest paid winger and #7OA pick in the top 6?
  9. So Jack - Haula - Holtz then…
  10. I think it was giving the time at the end that really did me in.
  11. Dude can pretty much kiss his access goodbye (seems like it started last night).
  12. Holy sh!t, I’m not a subscriber so I can’t see it, but if Ryan actually said that he’s my new hero.
  13. I just saw them tweeting about it. I haven’t listened in a while either. Pretty much has to be a guest that interests me.
  14. The Spittin Chiclets guys were killing the Devils last night for how soft they were. Regardless what your opinion on them is (they can definitely be idiots at times) they weren’t wrong in this case. The knock on assembling a team like this is usually that they aren’t built for the playoffs, but hell, they aren’t even winning much in the regular season right now. It just seems like the Devils caught a lot of teams off guard last season, and the league adjusted. And ofc Lindy has no answers.
  15. I was listening to Lundqvist talk about playing for Torts the other day, and that’s the exact word he used (one of them anyway). He said he respected and feared Torts. Does anyone not named Alexander Holtz actually fear Lindy?
  16. Oh he definitely had double agent vibes.
  17. I need to not take the bait myself. You even tried to warn me last night. And I had been doing a pretty good job of ignoring it for the most part, but that damn game… How anyone could focus on anything other than the ineptitude of the PP in that one is beyond me. What did they end up with, 15 minutes? And not a single goal to show for it. These guys are just completely lost right now.
  18. I agree with all that except the calling 31 teams part. Just call 30. Please no trading with the Rags. Ever. Last time it angered the hockey gods and Michael Grabner failed to score on about 37 breakaways.
  19. As someone who didn’t get along with him, I don’t miss the constant arguing one bit. This place has actually remained remarkably civil even with the disaster of a season. Now if we could just get one dude to stop saying I told you so on a daily basis it would be pretty much be nothing but good interactions. Which is honestly somewhat a miracle considering how upset everyone is at this point.
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