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  1. VAN back in the WC2 spot with a win over NYI.
  2. The whole size obsession is really quite silly. It’s 2020 ffs. Jack’s brother Quinn might win the Calder this year, and he’s the exact same size (actually Jack might be a hair taller).
  3. “Played against men” with 2 goals tonight...ugh. I so hope they miss the playoffs by 2 points, and that stomping the Devils gave them is the difference.
  4. Like Dahlin or Eichel? Who are on a team we were just AHEAD of in the standings. Your’e ridiculous. Especially if you truly believe Nico Hischier isn’t a good hockey player.
  5. Not when there’s proven options out there.
  6. Remember games like this when the Nas extension talks start... Not saying it’s on him, but man they looked bad tonight.
  7. Most of the team sucked tonight, but yeah let’s blame one kid.
  8. Great. Kevin Rooney is 26 years old. Jack is 18. Get a grip.
  9. Not scoring on the 5-on-3 cost them this one. Should have went the other way with it.
  10. To even talk about trading him already you lose all credibility. If he’d buried that breakaway you’d be MIA. As usual when anything goes right.
  11. Wood showed up tonight. He’s doing everything he can.
  12. How? That contract...
  13. At least we can laugh at them hiring Hynes.
  14. Look who’s back lol
  15. He makes Damon Severson look like Bobby Orr.
  16. Just shoot the fvcking puck PK.
  17. Haha they always get the 2nd guy.
  18. Damn you got pass it to Kokunuts there.
  19. Yep. And the Devils team that won 11 in a row to close out the season in 2006, and then swept the Rags in the first round, got bounced in the 2nd. Go figure.
  20. All you guys and your rational calm takes... just let me vent goddammit lol Can’t tell if he’s only good in comparison to the rest of our d, or he really is pretty solid.
  21. There’s just no way Jack’s shooting % stays at 5.7 forever, they’re going to come.
  22. Yeah, it was a nice shot. Murray gave up the only softie of the game so far.
  23. I feel so bad for Jack lol And people are actually trying to argue he’s not snake bitten...
  24. I’m not defending Nico, but I’d like Mac to clean up those top shelf goals a bit. Just something I’ve always noticed with him.
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