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  1. Fitz out there like
  2. Says the guy obsessed with dick jokes lol
  3. Yeah, figured we were out on him after Graves and Hamilton.
  4. Eh, the rest is too good for me to worry about that. Also, could be worse…
  5. Analytics haters close your eyes, everyone else look at these fvcking numbers…
  6. Yeah, I don’t miss that.
  7. Yeah, but he reportedly wants 6 years. I’m not giving any goalie that. They don’t make em like Marty anymore.
  8. There’s always one.
  9. Probably looking at true 1A 1B situation then instead of backing up.
  10. We haven’t signed Parise though. I’m still seeing NYI other places.
  11. Ryan Suter is the one who signed in Dallas.
  12. Ugh having to wait half a second for these tweets to load on my phone is agonizing. Please just announce it.
  13. I literally said it comes down to timing in my post… it’s still a hell of a start for Fitz.
  14. This day just keeps getting better. If Hart falls on his face again this season their goaltending is going to be AWFUL.
  15. I know it all comes down to timing and money at the end of the day, but Fitz likely just signed the biggest UFA in franchise history and he’s been the GM for what, a year and change? Pretty impressive considering the two guys that came before him.
  16. I like Kulikov, but I haven’t seen nearly enough of Siegenthaler to really judge him tbh. 8 GP after a mid-season trade.
  17. Graves - Hamilton Smith - Severson Siegenthaler - Subban that's an actual NHL caliber defense, folks
  18. Very weird. Could have likely came back to the Devils and played with his bestie for that.
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