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  1. Vitek’s “save of the game” Owen who? Luke has been absolutely dominant tonight.
  2. Off Clifton Hope everything is ok with Haula though. He’s been fantastic tonight.
  3. They've been fine tonight (outside of Dougie’s penalty). I was more talking just lately, and in general.
  4. Really liking the pairs of Bahl/Marino & Luke/Miller. If Siegs and Hamilton can pull their heads out of their asses going forward this might be something.
  5. I just had to look, he played 5 games in the playoffs. Weird. I remember the top 4 being Stevens, Rafalski, Niedermayer, White, and then Dano, Tverdovsky, and Albelin. I don’t remember Smehlik at all.
  6. Jack isn’t picking up points but he’s starting some of these plays they’ve scored on. Nice play by Luke, too.
  7. Vitek has to have some of the slowest side to side movement of any goalie I swear ugh
  8. Not sure why this is in response to me rolling my eyes at taking Nico’s C away, but ok…
  9. Jack Hughes is probably my favorite player since the guys in the rafters and even I was like…
  10. Ok I might be able to live with Brendan Smith 4th liner.
  11. That all started with a little Nico poke check to steal the puck. Great play by all 3 guys.
  12. “300th point of the season” ~Bill Spaulding Haula and Holtz looking good together.
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