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  1. Yikes. That’s pretty ridiculous on Fitz’s part. I’d give Bratt $6.5 in a heartbeat.
  2. Did you name them Sterio and MB3?
  3. It’s the offseason my guy. If you don’t care scroll on past it…
  4. Well, he was the #11 center on the specific position survey. I think he’ll easily be top 10 after this season.
  5. I think it’s definitely term holding things up. Bratt probably wants 4-5 years to walk him into another big deal while he’s still in his prime. The team likely wants longer.
  6. 4 players in the top 100. Not too bad. I’m guessing if this survey was conducted last offseason - Hamilton would have been the only Devil at the time.
  7. Not even close. Again - Kovy was top 5 in scoring, Elias top 10, and Parise top 25. The Habs had a single player in the top 50 last year (Toffoli at 48). They were much more of a true fluke run. We had one of the best players on the planet in his prime in 2012.
  8. Not really sure what was fluke about it? That team had 2 players that were top 10 in scoring in Kovy and Elias, and Parise was top 25. They where also the only team to give LA any fight at all. They were legit good.
  9. Guess Brylin and/or Zajac could still be in the mix.
  10. Seems like a good hire. Vegas has certainly been successful, and he was a WHL & OHL coach of the year - and won a Memorial Cup, so he’s obviously good working with younger players.
  11. But the jump at the end was ELITE
  12. He was probably on something worse, but this gif just works.
  13. MB3 is a little fella (love ya buddy). You’d have to give it to your daughter lol.
  14. I just threw him out there as a jersey you wouldn’t see very often (Brodeur, Elias, etc). The example works for any player. Except Zacha. fvck that guy.
  15. Yeah - seriously. Wear what you want. I have a Colin White jersey, and I could give absolutely 0 fvcks if someone judges me because he wasn’t a “top notch player.”
  16. The tough question is do we hold onto them if we’re right on the bubble. Not sure what Graves would really bring back, but Severson could probably get a pretty nice return.
  17. “Failure Fitz” must have been napping when this deal got done…
  18. Between him and Jack they could be 2 of the biggest bargains in the league if they both repeat how they played last season.
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