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    Yegor Sharangovich 11 Pavel Zacha 11 Nico Hischier 11 Michael McLeod 11 A.J. Greer 10 Mackenzie Blackwood 10 Kevin Bahl 10 Nathan Bastian 10 Jesper Boqvist 10 Jesper Bratt 10 Connor Carrick 10 Nolan Foote 10 Jack Hughes 10 Andreas Johnsson 9 (-1) Janne Kuokkanen 10 Mikhail Maltsev 10 Nick Merkley 10 Ryan Murray 10 Damon Severson 10 Ty Smith 11 (+1) Marian Studenic 10 P.K. Subban 10 Tyce Thompson 10 Scott Wedgewood 10 Colton White 10 Miles Wood 10 Aaron Dell 9 Will Butcher 9 Matt Tennyson 9 Jonas Siegenthaler 9
  2. And Lou used to fire coaches who were actually good at their jobs... this is like the Bizzaro World or something lol
  3. 21. He’s two years older than Jack. But yeah, Vancouver isn’t trading him without asking for a king’s ransom in return. Idk what we’d have to add to Smith, but it would probably be too much.
  4. Depends on the something.
  5. Well that’s disappointing. I hope this isn’t a case of Fitz being overly loyal to “his guy” like Shero was (multiple times). I’m surprised Ruff is so on board with bringing both Nas and Recchi back, but at the end of the day isn’t it ultimately Fitz’s decision? I understand the lack of practices hurt the special teams in particular, but they were so epically bad you’d think there’d be some changes.
  6. Wow...has he fallen off if he’s a possibility for our second pick. I remember when he was the likely #1OA for this draft...
  7. Trading Nico just creates another huge hole. Unless you’re penciling Mercer in as a 2C. Zacha needs to stay at LW.
  8. Oh well. May the lotto balls treat us kindly. If we come out of this with Clarke or Hughes I’ll be happy.
  9. Special teams killed them tonight. Story of the season.
  10. Murray might as well of been a traffic cone right there.
  11. He was shooting at 14% coming into tonight... only Zacha and Sharongovich are higher.
  12. I’m sure they’re talking about me. My point has always been that these were totally different situations though (Jack vs Laf). Everyone that even remotely follows prospects knew Jack was going to take some time to be physically mature enough to compete in the NHL. That was always the narrative around Jack and Kakko. The former was projected to be better in the long term, but the latter was supposed to be better right away. Same with Laf. He was a 19 year old 6’2 193 lb winger that was supposed to be able to step right in and be an impact player immediately. So forgive me if I find his .37 PPG even more disappointing than a 160 lb (soaking wet) 18 year old kid having a .34 rookie season. But as you know folks like to pick and choose when context matters around here.
  13. Honestly, who the fvck is dressing Erika this season??
  14. Give me another 2 goal game for Sharongovich please. I would love to see him lead the team in goals for the season.
  15. Cangi literally had no idea how to call that lol
  16. Holy sh!t we’re still on the first page...lol
  17. 9 G 8 A 17 P 48 GP Every Rags game I watched I actually thought he looked better than Laf tbh. At least his overall game. Laf got hot towards the end of the season though. Needless to say, neither one of them were anymore ready than Jack. And Laf actually played his entire rookie season as a 19 year old.
  18. So Laf ended up with the exact same amount of points for his rookie season (21) as Jack did. 5 less games played, but still. Pretty comparable.
  19. Siegenthaler makes me miss Mirco Mueller...
  20. As in opposing teams love when they’re on the ice together?
  21. Ugly period so far. 2 or 3-0 if not for Mac.
  22. Yep. It’s happened about half a dozen times this season.
  23. When there’s about 4-5 different guys you can make a case for most improved to me that means Ruff has done a great job (despite the standings). He absolutely deserves another year, imo. Just replace his assistants. Anyway, just caught up with the game on the dvr and Zacha wearing an A was a nice surprise. Good for him.
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