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  1. I’m afraid every time the puck is on Tarasenko’s stick.
  2. It’s just the frustration boiling over from the Hall non-goal that should have counted. League owed them one.
  3. I didn’t know it’s a penalty if you lose the challenge. That I do like.
  4. And the salt in the wound is that both Hall and Bratt’s goals were beauties.
  5. I know what the Devils need to work on in practice... Absolute killer.
  6. OMG WHAT A fvckING GOAL BRATT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. He’s having a really rough stretch lately.
  8. Just nothing doing... This might be a frustrating game.
  9. Yup. The save looked much better live.
  10. Blue have won the last 8 meetings against the Devils...
  11. Lucky to only be down 1. Kinkaid has been sharp.
  12. NFL caliber officiating going on lately.
  13. At least Palmieri is doing something...
  14. I don’t understand how the road PP is so bad. 29th in the league. 9th overall.
  15. Ugh Boyle should have passed that.
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