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  1. The problem is the book is definitely out on him as far as guys shooting high. Those are usually the only shots that beat him clean.
  2. Every perfect shot that beats him is the same spot though... Mac is not off limits for criticism, guys.
  3. Yeah, that’s what worries me...
  4. Not sure where else to ask this, but I saw some people on HF bring up something I hadn’t even considered...what are the chances Hughes changes his # to 6 at some point with Greene gone? I got a GI #55 to have stripped and turned into an 86, and it would really suck if he changed it over the summer right after I send it in. I think 63 would cover 55 fairly well, but now I’m hesitant to send it anytime soon... Sorry for the jersey talk for those that don’t care.
  5. Nico looking good tonight.
  6. He’s actually older than Bratt lol
  7. Dano definitely practiced that one lol
  8. Going for 3 in a row with my GDT’s. We usually play pretty well against Pittsburgh, but we don’t have our Penguin killer anymore without Coleman. Should get our first look at Kuokkanen tonight. Matt Tennyson also called up. Not sure who’s in goal. LGD
  9. Ah sh!t...November? I thought I saw September. I need my Ana de Armas fix.
  10. They also postponed the new Bond movie until September.
  11. The Reds also did it up until the late 90’s. Some of the best teams of all time without beards and long hair, sucked for decades with them... Airtight case if you ask me. Lol
  12. True, but next season we won’t have the Hall situation hanging over everyone’s heads, Cory won’t be around (hopefully), we’ll have more realistic expectations for Subban, etc. And I didn’t even mention possibly having a new coach.
  13. PDB is a good coach. Always has been. That last game against the Devils was as well coached and executed as any I’ve seen all season. And I disagree we’re that far off. Maybe our top 10 pick makes the team out of camp, Ty Smith comes up, we add a veteran backup, we get more out of Hughes, Goose and Bratt’s play carries over to next season, etc. I don’t think it’s that unlikely they could be a bubble team.
  14. RIP Kuokkanen’s hot streak...
  15. What are your thoughts on taking Askarov with our 3rd pick if he’s the BPA? Mac certainly looks like he’s going to be a true #1, but I remember being really impressed with Askarov in the U18 last year.
  16. I hadn’t realized Bing is on this much of a terror...
  17. Absolutely. Could be a lot worse. Just look at Detroit. They only have 16 wins right now... Even if they get Laf, that’s a mess of a team. I don’t think we’re that far off from being competitive.
  18. When you combine it with all the rest of the stuff before February it is.
  19. 3-2-1. But like I said, he hasn’t been the same since. And it really looked like he was about to break out right before that. So maybe if we had a red hot Nico since January we might be a bubble team right now.
  20. Even after that. Nico got hurt against Dallas at the beginning of February, and missed a ton of games. Which really sucked as he was playing great right before that. He hasn’t looked the same since.
  21. I think there’s reasons to be cautiously optimistic going forward. This season pretty much everything that could go wrong, did.
  22. Yeah, it sucks everything from that era looks so old now. Although, that Stevens gif still somehow holds up. probably on shear ferocity lol
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