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  1. I’m just putting this out into the universe…
  2. Basically how every college football player feels when they have to play Alabama.
  3. “And someday play with Quinn, too” -Luke Hughes (Quinn laughs) and mentions he’s a little jealous… it’s going to happen folks! “Me a Ty have to get a 3rd room” HAHAHA
  4. Hell, he wasn’t even the next dman taken.
  5. Jack’s reaction was the absolute best.
  6. I first became aware of all that stuff because I’m a big fan of Canadian comic book artist Jeff Lemire, and he did the illustrations for Gord Downie’s The Secret Path. The full movie is available on YouTube. Needless to say it’s really sad stuff.
  7. I’ve always wished I could have seen them when Layne was still alive.
  8. “Top 3” AIC song lol
  9. Jack and Ty are a nice replacement for the supper buddies.
  10. Other than Eberle their forwards look terrible to me.
  11. Looking at how their roster is shaping up I’d say it’s pretty much a guarantee Seattle goes forward at #2 now.
  12. Well I left that on for all of about 5 minutes. Borderline unwatchable. The water looked pretty though.
  13. At least we won’t have to see Johnsson go out there and become a 20 goal scorer again… bummer to break up the superbuddies.
  14. This is what I get for quickly skimming through the thread while watching baseball…lol
  15. How so? nvm I just saw I missed a few posts above lol
  16. This is an absolute no-brainer for Coleman. Take the highest offer. His kids are super young, and he has the rest of his life to live back in Texas once he retires. With 2 Cups already make that money while you can.
  17. Maybe they’ll throw nets instead of chairs…
  18. For what it’s worth I saw Todd Cordell also predicted it will be Bastian… #savethesuperfriends
  19. I’m guessing there’s maybe some people on here like me who didn’t even watch a lot of these guys play. I was going to start voting once it got down to just Marty & Stevens, etc, but at this rate that won’t be until next offseason lol. Maybe the idea of seeing who would win out of the all-time greats would draw more interest? I could honestly see any one of Marty, Stevens, or Patty winning that.
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