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  1. I mean, you almost have to bet on Quinn. He’s the better player until Jack proves otherwise. Quinn played 2 seasons of college before even entering the NHL, so he’s just way ahead of Jack at this point.
  2. There’s absolutely no debate over which set of pads were the best right?
  3. Well that could have saved me some time...lol
  4. Bob McKenzie dropped his preliminary ranking for the 2021 draft. He has Luke Hughes at 10. I didn’t realize he was so much bigger than Jack and Quinn. 10. Luke Hughes: The third member of the USA Hockey Hughes clan — brothers Jack and Quinn, of course — is pretty much guaranteed to follow in their footsteps as an NHL first-rounder, but will Luke go in the Top 10 like Jack (No. 1) and Quinn (No. 7)? There’s certainly a chance. Luke has been measured at 6-foot-2, so that would make him the biggest of the three Hughes boys. And while he’s clearly an offense-first defenceman, no one is sugge
  5. Iirc he had that mask made because he didn’t know if he’d be playing in Utica or NJ, and the design worked for either.
  6. Yeah, the Puddy mask is way up there. I like Clemmensen’s a lot, too. Reminds me of Carnage.
  7. I have to disagree. If another goalie who wasn’t Marty wore that mask I doubt it would be considered the best. Some of those other ones are pretty damn cool.
  8. Marty played so damn much I can barely remember most of his backups.
  9. I don’t even know who to search other than Chico for pre-Marty goalies lol
  10. Schneider’s vintage looking mask
  11. Probably won’t get a single vote (lol) but Marty’s other mask
  12. Credit to @SterioDesign for the thread idea. Since we just got a look at Crawford’s new Devils mask let’s see if we can compile every mask ever worn by a NJ goalie. Post pics in here and then we can vote on which one was the best. Corey Crawford
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