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  1. This sh!t is supposed to be fun. I thought the dark days were over?
  2. I’m done with Fitz if this isn’t the breaking point. Shero 2.0
  3. The futility of this PP is almost unbelievable. How many minutes are they up to in this one now?
  4. Timo shoots it right into the logo. FFS this is just brutal.
  5. Definitely Luke’s worst game of his young career.
  6. She’s just doing her job, guy. The suits in the FO make these decisions.
  7. I’m more the latter. I’m somehow not even pissed right now. Apathy has set it.
  8. What’s the point? The season is over anyway. Might as well let him take his lumps.
  9. I mean tbf I think Dano loves the team just as much. He just tends to sugarcoat things (probably at least somewhat mandated).
  10. Outside of Nico against Philly, who hasn’t been?
  11. Remember when the Devils scored 4-5 goals a game? Good times.
  12. Nemec spent an entire season in the AHL, and played pro back in Slovakia. It’s really not that surprising. Luke making the jump right from college was always going to be tough. I'm just BEGGING people not to overreact and go off the deep end wrt this kid. The skill is clearly there, and we saw Jack be even worse his rookie season. And that was with him playing an easier position. Luke will be fine.
  13. Not true. Go watch his game against MacKinnon and the Avs from just a couple weeks ago. Kid has made plenty of mistakes (was expected) but there’s been a lot to like from him, too.
  14. Oh Luke… And it had to be the fvcking leprechaun
  15. It’s not just sticking with Lindy though. The goaltending situation, his last couple trades… I’m not nearly as high on Fitz as I once was.
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