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  1. Speaking of... https://www.nhl.com/news/devils-jack-hughes-looking-for-improvement/c-315916930 Parts I find particularly relevant: "I'm not a great player in this League yet ... not even close. But I'm 18 years old and have a lot of room to grow." Nice to see him own up to it. I have no doubt he’ll do what it takes to improve. The forward entered the League to much publicity after becoming the first player from the USA Hockey National Team Development Program Under-18 team to go directly from the draft to playing in the NHL. (The program's first season was 1997-98.) This really cannot be overstated. Call it an excuse if you want, but it’s a huge deal, and is exactly why he was projected to need some time to flourish.
  2. Well tbf it’s probably more a case of Palms being asked to do too much. He’d be a perfect 2nd line RW.
  3. LMAO Kakko is averaging 14:24 minutes a game (Hughes 16:00), and has been on the PP all season. He’s hardly being held back. He was supposed to have an IMMEDIATE impact coming into the league. To suggest he hasn’t been more disappointing than Hughes is disingenuous, and typical doom and gloom grass is always greener bullsh!t.
  4. This is hysterical. Mr “played against men” is tied in points (on a way better team with 5 more games played) with our guy who everyone in the hockey world said would need some time to reach his true potential. Kakko has been a far bigger disappointment based on expectations. Idc who went 1st and who went 2nd. You guys are too much.
  5. The Rags don’t even sniff a playoff spot without Panarin. Period. We might be a bubble team too if we had a 90 point player right now.
  6. Well the big difference is Panarin. There is really nothing the Devils can do about top FA’s not wanting to sign there.
  7. Zibanejad’s career high in points before last year was 51. He was on some bad teams, but also a bit of a late bloomer. We just gave to hope our kids breakout at some point like that, too. It just sucks because it looks like Panarin is finally going to be a FA that completely works out for the Rags. Had to happen at some point I guess.
  8. Rags beat the Caps in OT on the back of a 5 goal game by Zibanejad. Him and Panarin are really carrying them right now. Both them Philly and playing so well is really making me want this season to end even more than I already did.
  9. Yeah, it won’t be drastic. Nico’s wasn’t. It certainly helped though. If he can put on like 10 lbs and get a little stronger over the summer I’ll be happy with that.
  10. If you say so. I think Jack being the youngest player in the league is perfectly fair to bring up when it comes to his progression, size, etc. Yes, it’s only 3 months (4 in Dach’s case), but at that age I’m not sure it’s as negligible as you’re suggesting. But we can just agree to disagree.
  11. You can look around the league and see players like Marchand, Gaudreau, DeBrincat, and others that are way smaller than Hughes that have had a lot of success. It’s strength, not size, that is the key here.
  12. It’s relevant to how young he is compared to his peers.
  13. He actually doesn’t turn 19 until after the season is over (May 14). Without looking it up I’d have to guess he’s one of the youngest players ever in the NHL. I know Nico turned 19 halfway through his rookie season. And I’m sure it’s easier to get bigger and stronger once you’re rich, and on a pro team with all their resources. There’s going to be people whose main job it is to make that happen.
  14. So the deal is one-for-one... Too soon?
  15. That’s a pretty big difference though. And there better be no if about it. I know Fitz already mentioned it’s one of the main priorities of the summer.
  16. Well, no, and he doesn’t need to be. His biggest asset his his skating. He just needs to get stronger on the puck, and along the boards.
  17. Pastrnak is pretty close. Then Dach is on pace for even less, because he’s played 2 more games. Again, who knows what will happen with these kids.
  18. Who’s underrating him? He was a lottery pick, and is one of the few players from that draft class to step right into the NHL. I just think 60 games is WAY too early to be speculating on entire careers already. Leon Draisaitl is the best player in the league right now, but he didn’t exactly light it up immediately. 60 points through his first 110 GP.
  19. Point is guys like Dach and Kakko (who’s also already 19) are probably closer to the size they’ll be as grown men. Hughes otoh still has some filling out to do.
  20. Who is better than Hughes from his draft class? He’s tied with Dach for 1st in points. Hughes is getting a bit more ice time (16:00 >14:11), but Dach is also 19, and is already 6”4 200 lbs. Dach has also been lucky enough to play with Patrick Kane and Alex DeBrincat at times.
  21. Guy Boucher still has the best Bond villain scar in hockey.
  22. How do you even fit 90 stitches on any eyelid??
  23. It hasn’t really been long enough to judge our drafts for the last handful of years. Granted, we haven’t hit any home runs like Pastranak, but he wasn’t exactly lighting it up immediately either. I think we’ve found some nice pieces outside the #1’s in Bratt and Mac. And hopefully Ty Smith. Most of the others like all our young 67’s we’ll have to wait and see.
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