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  1. Poll: Who do you want Shero to select #1

    Seeing Cammy get injuries here and there I'd prefer Nico
  2. Scott Gomez named Isles Assistant Coach, Stevens quits as Wild coach

    I think he has a place in the city. I read somewhere the Hansons rented it and someone was surprised a hockey player owned it ( a place that nice) but I don't remember where I read It. .
  3. Nico or Nolan

    found this on Sportsnet Ray Shero, New Jersey Devils General Manager "Yes please, I'll take either. How's that? ... "They’re outstanding players and Nolan, he’s obviously with injuries this year, I think it's been difficult, but everybody recognizes the talent he has and certainly hockey pedigree. And you see a kid from Switzerland with that kind of talent and you’re looking for centre icemen, but I think everybody in this position is not just looking for centre icemen, you’re looking for good players. And there are a number of good players here. "Over the last couple of years you’ve had generational players and it's nice to see them prove it on the ice and you see a kid like Auston Matthews get 44 goals this year, from Arizona, that's fantastic. And obviously Connor McDavid, Jack Eichel, all these guys. "In those drafts everybody’s got 1-2 and then from three to 10 maybe everybody’s got a different list — I think everybody might have a different list from one to eight at this point. "I can’t speak for other teams, I think, if we had the first overall pick, I think we have a pretty good idea, but again, I'd love to have that problem." http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/nhl-team-reps-say-nolan-patrick-vs-nico-hischier/
  4. The Devils Uniforms

  5. In Russia NHL returns you. Kovalchuk staying in KHL.

    If I remember correctly Ilya wanted to leave the year before he left. But Lou talked him into returning. Because if he left it would have been a big hit but for some reason the year he left was only a 250k hit per year and it jumped back up the next year. So no you don't thank Ilya for walking out on a bad contract you thank Lou of making the best out of a bad situation that Vanderbeek put him in. I say trade him for picks and if we play him we play him like the Kings did in the finals, the way that made him want to go to the softer KHL in the 1st place.
  6. Edmonton Fans on Taylor Hall

    I read somewhere that Hall roomed with McDavid. I think if he were a problem the organization wouldn't have allowed that. It was Hall's Oilers before McDavid got there I think the trade was to let McDavid know the team was his and maybe Hall couldn't handle that.
  7. Why couldn't he do this for us?

    I just clicked on highlights of him. He was a finisher, but I remember he didn't play a lick of defense.
  8. The Rangers are in a full-blown goalie crisis

    I need to look up some interviews, see if he's trying to throw the team under the bus like he has in the past.
  9. GDT: Game 31 - APPROPRIATE TITLE , 7:30 MSG+

    Does anybody have the game poster? Or is it too hard to look at?
  10. GDT: Game 31 - APPROPRIATE TITLE , 7:30 MSG+

    Gotta think Severson in the shootout is just a bad decision, a bad decision by a bad coach or a tank move.
  11. Vegas on the verge

    I don't know why Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins is not a name! I just created a Logo and sent it to my GF (shes Finnish) The Lapland Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins. There is a North Pole (tourist trap) in the Lapland.
  12. Vegas on the verge

    I think golden was the closest they could come up with in name to remind people that Vegas is a gambling destination without an obvious gambling reference. (Like anyone needs to be reminded) But I agree meh
  13. Ilya Kovalchuk to look at NHL return this summer

    I figured if we did sign him it would be for a year only why not get him cheap? I remember hearing Cherry say he thought Kovy was done with the league because of how hard LA was checking him. I'm not sure how soft he has become (or his back for that matter). I think someone here mentioned he does have a house in Alpine still.
  14. Ilya Kovalchuk to look at NHL return this summer

    We could play hardball with him couldn't we? He either plays for us for a team friendly contract or we block his re-entry and he can sit out another year until he can sign elsewhere.
  15. Cammalleri

    When we treaded for Cory my 1st thought was Holy &^%$! Did this really just happen. My friend said he'll make a good backup I looked at him in disbelief and said Nah the job is his. and when it wasn't from day one I was disappointed. When Marty comes out calling Cory a kid and will be good soon he came across a delusional. Yeah Cammy needs to step it up but I don't think they will bench him nor do I think it'll help. Just hoping he goes on a streak soon.