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  1. It's also obvious that Bob could be better, as well as their defense. Wennberg was left alone in front of Bob.
  2. See my post above yours. This shot wouldn't have gone in past Shesterkin.
  3. What a lucky team...best at discouraging opposition. fvck them.
  4. It's so easy when you are watching an up-and-down game like this one.
  5. Shesterkin is the reason the game went to OT.
  6. I guess, we are jumping to conclusions too fast...😁
  7. Igor is good...reminds me of Vanechek )
  8. This series is so much better than WCF.
  9. Keep your foot on gas, cats. Don't give these fvckers any hope.
  10. Not without some luck, bug rags are outplaying them. If cats find the way to come back and win this game, it's their series. I doubt though they know how at this point.
  11. Sorry boys, Panthers are done today. I just can't see them recover from this. Hope they'll prove me wrong.
  12. Typical Trouba elbow...a bunch of dic...s.
  13. All of a sudden Panther defense sucks.
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