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  1. All the "bad guys" scored. It's Zacha's turn.
  2. Blues shouldn't even have had a sniff of a point in this game...
  3. And a ton of wasted scoring opportunities.
  4. No, they are serious...unfortunately
  5. And that one was a preseason game.
  6. When was the last time we won a Jacket game in regulation?
  7. Great puck movement and a perfect shot. LGD
  8. sh!t man it's an hour long drive after a two hour flight lol
  9. If I knew where you live, I'd jump in the car and brought you another bottle of whiskey. fvck it man. We all know and see it. It's not about brakes or steering - it's the assembly line that manufacturers cars that need to be recalled and junked.
  10. That's one ridiculous analogy. Guess you had too much scotch
  11. Gillies was bad, but Zacha continues to be a complete waste.
  12. That if all leaders lose at least half (if not more) of their games. Sorry, not happening. But what may definitely happen is another win tonight. LGD.
  13. The fvcking disaster is all over the ice
  14. Clueless defense...need only 30 seconds to do their usual "magic ".
  15. Happy birthday. Hope they won't disappoint you. Regardless...enjoy.
  16. It's not just Zacha. Half of the team is just as bad at puck control.
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