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  1. Fitz can gf himself along with Lindy and Green.
  2. Been the problem all season. Exactly what good teams never do.
  3. Marino wasn't even anticipating this stupid pass. No one would?
  4. They had their chances to make it at least 3-1, but Levi shut the door. I feel a Buffalo PP is coming soon.
  5. Yup, I also think it's too late for us. It looks like Flyers and Caps will be there. Even if they go on a bit of a losing streak, our upcoming schedule is too tough.
  6. It's a W. Let's go. Finish strong and whatever... Fitz....you know.
  7. Another game Mercer is a non factor.
  8. Hulu is a bit delayed. You posted before I saw it. So nice to know it's coming.
  9. Short pd 1 summary: 1. Allen is the man. Will probably face 50+ shots tonight. 2. Defense sucks 3. Offense clicks 4. Make beliefs are fuming pissed.
  10. Somebody, give Bertuzzi a candy. He's gonna swallow the mouth piece.
  11. I don't have a good feeling about our chances in tonight's game...but with this team, you never know. Go Devils.
  12. Nice comparison. Although fully ready, you still didn't dump this bitch because every other week she finds a new way to surprise you in bed, just like Devils beating Dallas and Winnipeg.
  13. I’m disappointed, hurt, mad, down right embarrassed.. I don’t know what other words to describe this season. - that's exactly how I and, I'm sure, many of us feel too. Indeed, we went backwards having a very talented young core. It's mind blowing how much this team regressed in one year.
  14. We constantly get fooled by occasional stellar games. The team is just fvcking awful. There's nothing left that hasn't been already said. I'm sick and tired of their puck mismanagement, stupid decision making, constant turnovers, overpassing, etc, etc, etc. fvck this season.
  15. Not sure we'll hear intelligent answers. He and Lindy did a lot of damage this year.
  16. If Fitz still believes the team is making the playoffs, he needs to be fired for just being an idiot.
  17. Well, I was wrong. The only thing I'm worried about now is the team's mental health. How much more sh!t can you take every night? fvck you Fitz and Lindy.
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