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  1. 4 minutes ago, Neb00rs said:

    The media is drooling over Hutton's play tonight. It's always the completely unathletic journalists and fans who think every save is incredible. 

    Hutton made a few incredible saves, but IMO it's mostly our bad luck. I couldn't believe some of those pucks didn't end up in his net. 

  2. Blues are feeding off our defensive turnovers. I don't get it - you are playing against a big and heavy forechecking team...so get the puck out of the zone a bit faster. Quit this stupid skating along the boards where you constantly get outworked. Still in it though. I like Kink tonight despite the 2nd goal and Lovejoy was a better choice than Severson. LGD. We can win this one.

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  3. No need to dissect this game. Caps were the better team. On a positive note, it's better to be upset about the loss because you were hoping to win than disgusted because you knew you couldn't win. That's how we felt for a few years. We quickly got a little spoiled and I like it. I can't predict how this year will end for us, but I'm anticipating the playoffs and frankly, this team is exceeding our expectations. They are going on a tough trip but I'm sure most of us if not all, believe we'll come back with points. That's the most important thing - we believe because Devils are back!!! Happy New Year fellas.

  4. 1 minute ago, mfitz804 said:

    Probably. So I’ll just stick to annoyed comments.

    Evgeny is a stupid fvcking name. 

    This guy with a stupid fvcking name made 4 devils look stupid and almost scored on PP. :)

    2 minutes ago, Antiquated Colorado Rockie said:

    just started watching but may not for much longer. Bad pp, quite a few bad passes from Nico


  5. 3 minutes ago, mfitz804 said:

    Somehow, we’re only down by two. Feels like six. 

    Puck management is the difference. Even when we get some zone time we can't create much and PP s..ks. Caps are playing smarter - patiently waiting for our mistakes.

  6. We are getting punished for nearly every mistake. First Zacha with a stupid offensive penalty, then Gibbons with a turnover, and the puck never left our zone until it's 3:1. Caps are not going to forgive you - they have many guns.

  7. 1 minute ago, Devs3cups said:

    Butcher's offensive contributions are greatly needed. Severson though... 

    People were all over SV's back a few weeks ago. I've been impressed by his play lately. Starting to look comfortable.

    Exactly the kind of a D we need.

  8. A few thoughts:

    No need to be too cute offensively. Great job Vatanen - shoot. The guy is impressive. Can't wait for his rocket to hit the net...hope he'll upset Holtby tonight.

    Defensive breakdowns will cost us. Caps can easily create chaos around our net. 

    We need a really quick transition - must have numbers offensively, but stay away from azzholes Orpik and Wilson - please no injuries.

  9. 1 hour ago, Bonginator11 said:

    This is the one I was thinking of. If this stood then Hall’s definitely should have stood.


    Thank you. I wish we could shove it yesterday in refs' and video review room staff's faces. That's a perfect example of inconsistency. Hall's goal was legit and Parise's offside is crystal clear without any review. I wonder if managers across the league are annoyed too. These situations need to be discussed/disputed ASAP. Total BS.

  10. 1 hour ago, mfitz804 said:

    Can’t win them all. Especially with an offensive powerhouse on the opposing team.

    I mean Josefson, obviously. 

    I HATE offsides review, but I’m thinking Taylor was offside as his foot was over the line but did not appear to be down on the ice. Maybe Brian Boitano could have spun like that and dragged his foot, but that’s about it.

    Besides, we had to lose because Cangialosi kept saying how we’ve never swept a 6 game homestand. I knew when he kept saying it, i5 wouldn’t happen. It’s like driving home and saying “wow, no traffic”. Never do that.

    Oh well, 5-0-1 is fine. On to the next.

    Yup, Steve jinxed it. I love your sarcasm about Josefson. Never in a 100 years would he score that one in the Devils uniform. Speaking of offside review, I was sure it was a good goal till the refs made me send my remote control flying across the room. That goal was a beauty.

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  11. 4 minutes ago, Devs3cups said:

    I'm feeling confident for the game tomorrow. I feel that this team has had tough moments in games this year and have fought through them. I expect them to be pumped for tomorrow.

    Whatever the outcome tomorrow is I just want it to be an even hard fought game. Would hate to see Wash hand us our arses in a 5:1 kind of a game. Wouldn't mind winning 5:1 though. :)

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