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  1. He usually scores in games where he's super stupid defensively.
  2. It's so fvcking easy to skate through our defense.
  3. He looked like he didn't give a sh!t...
  4. We are constantly trying to pass through a maze of sticks. It doesn't work unless those are Devil sticks...
  5. Yes, bud the load of bad habits is overwhelming.
  6. If Jack didn't miss on the breakaway, if Daws hugged the post, if they were more crisp on 4 on 3....they could’ve, would've, possibly, maybe... In reality, no one but Nico, Bratt, and Jack can skate the puck into the zone. They are very reluctant to shoot although they constantly prove to themselves it works. They need more beef dressed in the Devils jerseys. They need someone who can both play and drop gloves without getting embarrassed. WE NEED A COACH WHO WILL BUILD A HOCKEY TEAM NOT JUST A BUNCH OF TALENTED PLAYERS.
  7. Good period. Let's go boys!!!
  8. Agrred. We are simply not built to be a cup contender or to just secure a playoff position. I don't like anything Fitz did except shipping VV. Hoping to see some positive changes in off-season. Meanwhile, I'm just watching hockey.
  9. That shot was absolutely stoppable but it doesn't matter because we are not even playing close to what it takes to beat a team like canes.
  10. Oops wrong thread
  11. That shot was absolutely stoppable, but it doesn't matter because we are not even playing close to what it takes to beat a team like canes.
  12. Did you really expect immediate improvement?
  13. That's exactly why I'm still watching. The season is over. The team is deflated no matter what they say to the media. Nothing is right for them at this point. They've squandered many chances to stay in the mix. I just want them to finish it and stay healthy. The next season will be better.
  14. Most teams are better this season.
  15. Fitz and Lindy completely destroyed this team.
  16. Five players can't find the puck. Brutal.
  17. One thing mystifies me on most game nights...why are we so clumsy?
  18. Hard to swallow that most other teams are simply better than you.
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