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  1. 1 minute ago, devlman said:

    Jack’s next step is needing to improve his defensive zone game. Too many turnovers, flyby’s, and missed assignments from him.

    They have been in the surviving mode since the start of pd 2. The goal was coming. Need to fight back now.

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  2. I wish we had someone like Wilson, who can score goals and make the opposition crap up their underwear. I love what Bratt did, but Jack is still too vulnerable especially when the other team is not afraid of getting their a$$ kicked by a tough guy.


  3. 1 minute ago, mfitz804 said:

    Johnsson on a great pass from Mercer, and I believe that was a PavelPoint as well. 

    It’s the bottom guys getting it done while the “stars” have taken a period and a half off. 

    Whoever...just keep scoring...

    1 minute ago, pumpkin cutter said:

    how's the game? i'm watching the football game.

    4-3. Came from behind 

  4. Just now, Nicomo said:

    They should be good. They buy all the best players, the best available coach wanted to go there, etc. Hopefully they’ll choke like they always do. 

    Of course they'll choke. Buying all the best players isn't always the recipe (Edmonton), but they are well-coached for sure.

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