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  1. I'm just happy we proved able to trade our 2018 1st and 5th rounder into two higher first round picks. Good draft for us. https://www.capfriendly.com/mock-draft/169561
  2. Salvador is among the best in the game between the benches... Solid analysis and no BS name droppings.
  3. Anyone want 2 tickets for tonight? I'm near Piscataway and N Plainfield right now thru 4PM, and will be driving 22W then 31N on my way home. If anyone can meet me anywhere along that line, the tickets are theirs.
  4. I know he's not the best, but Zajac has been our best face-off man for years...
  5. team is gassed, hoping they could make it to 3rd w/ 2-0 score.
  6. Cannot find anything in house that resembles Joe Thornton. May have to check shower drain... BRB.
  7. The hockey gods demand a shorty for embellishment.
  8. SINCE you brought it up... They are so different -- it's hard to even compare them. I'm a huge fan of Marty, but Roy arguably did more with less, intimidated the other team more, and exploded/melted down in much more spectacular and entertaining fashion. Marty was by far the much better teammate and professional. First wives best not be asked to review either of them for ANY award considerations.
  9. From http://www.denverpost.com/2017/04/11/will-butcher-denver-pioneers-not-signing-with-avs/ Near the end of Butcher’s junior season a year ago, the Avalanche told Butcher’s “family adviser” the team was not interested in signing the 5-foot-10, 190-pound defenseman at any point. But that attitude toward Butcher was believed to have emanated from then-coach Patrick Roy, who was also the Avs’ vice president. Roy resigned in August, and the Avs had scouts or team executives at numerous DU home games this season. Assistant Avs general manager Chris MacFarland was at the Frozen Four in Chicago last weekend. -=-=-=-=-=-=- Hugs and kisses to that hot-headed loon. Don't know what we'd do without you, St. Pat!
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