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  1. I don’t like all the line juggling and I don’t understand the benefit of 11 forwards and 7 defensemen. That said, I do think it’s pure analytics that drives his decisions regarding the lines.
  2. I understand that VV is not here to be great. I’m fine with that. The Devils have a very well balanced team and an incredible amount of talent. Last night, Sorokin had a Sorokin game. In a 7 game series against the Devils, is it enough? I don’t think so. Eventually, pucks go in. I was just making the distinction between the two teams. Islanders, great goalie, but not enough talent. Devils, a ton of talent and a balanced roster with good goalies. I was a Akira fan, even before he came to N.A., and I do think he will be good. I think that is the baseline, so yes, he could be better than good. Ultimately, I think the Devils are in a good place with the goalie position. It’s cost effective and, at worse, the are good.
  3. My biggest issue with the team is Ruff. Stop fvcking with the lines. Let this team build some chemistry with the addition of Timo. This roster is great and they will figure it out. They don’t need the constant tinkering.
  4. This is awesome! We get to bitch about our team at the end of March, while they have the 3rd best record in the entire league. I mean, we are not even worried about maintaining or fighting for a playoff spot. I think in a 7 game series they are just as good, if not better, than any other team not from Boston. Let’s Go Devils!!!!
  5. I think the decision was made because they can’t send down MB without clearing wavers. Sending down Schmid gives Utica a viable goalie which they need and if there is an injury I think they are allowed to bring a goalie back up. I could be wrong how rosters work in the playoffs.
  6. I agree, but I don’t think they’re great either. Essentially, this was a 3-1 loss and Sorokin was the X-factor.
  7. That was a bummer last night. Sorokin was incredible.
  8. I think wood could be as aggressive, I don’t think he is allowed to.
  9. Look at all the ice time he’s getting as a reward. This is just before the 4th goal.
  10. Last night suck, but sh!t happens. They will fight through it. Let’s Go Devils!
  11. I just picked him up for my team because he just became available.
  12. I wouldn’t doubt that Jack and maybe a few players are dealing with injuries. I just think they are going to figure out how to win despite the injuries because I’m sure most teams are dealing with injuries.
  13. I think they are working out the chemistry. It will happen. This season is above and beyond what I expected and is why I’m so positive. Everything is gravy for me. They have a great future ahead of them.
  14. I have all the confidence in the world that by the time they play Tampa again the Devils will dominate. Game 1 they hit at least three posts, had a goal taken away and, despite the score, they went toe to toe with Tampa. Game 2, I believe the Devils did a better job controlling the pace of play for most of the game, Vasy won the game for Tampa.
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