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  1. I think he would have rebuilt the team sooner. I think the reason why he left was because the ownership wanted to take the team another direction.
  2. They will be good. I think they will get average goaltending. Hughes will pick up where he left off and so will Bratt. We will see more consistency from Sharangovich and Mercer with the addition of Palat and better coaching. The defense will be solid and I think there will be enough depth if there are injuries. I think we will see players like Okhutyuk and Nemec provide that depth through the season. I think Zetterlund makes the team too. I, also, think Nico has a breakout season. Maybe, I’m getting too excited, but I really believe they take a huge step forward.
  3. I think he’s getting promoted.
  4. Personally, I think the entire team got manhandled by Czechia.
  5. Woo-hoo! There is the big splash! My off-season grade is still a C+.
  6. I agree, it’s not fair, but they punish the innocent, in an attempt, to create dissent. Personally, they should do the same as the Olympics, and allow them to compete under an independent flag.
  7. 2A, +3 and leading the team TOI. I know it’s juniors, but we might have something special here. Good luck Luke! Make that 3A.
  8. I hope so. It’s been sh!tty for the past 10 years and maybe 11. In a couple years we are looking at a team with Hughes, Hughes, Nemec, hopefully Bratt, Nico, Seigs, Hamilton, possibly, Mercer if he continues to develop and Holtz. Then there is a bunch of prospects that can fill roles and provide support. It’s exciting, and I’m trying to not be too optimistic.
  9. I heard a European team is working on a trade with another European team, but it might be two teams in the WHL.
  10. The off-season moves were ok. I think a C+ is appropriate. However, as the season progresses, and we all know hindsight is 20/20, we might look back and give it an A. I say this because, if Hughes continues where he left off before injury, Palat can give that veteran presence that is lacking in the top 6 and play with pace, Bratt continues to play with the same consistency, Nico continues his solid 2-way play, Wood comes back with a solid 20 goal season, Mercer takes a step forward in his development, Hamilton plays at the level he is paid for, MB and VV play average in net, the PP improves to league average and the PK doesn’t give up 12 SGs, they will do well. Then there is Holtz, Zetterlund, Boqvist and Tyce that come in and have an impact in the bottom and/or middle 6, which would give the Devils the depth I think they lack. especially, on the third line. I’m not confident Tatar and Johnson will have any success in the bottom 6. I’m assuming our top 6 will be a combination of Hughes, Bratt, Palat, Nico, Mercer and Sharangovich and a bottom 6 of Wood, Haula, Tatar, Johnson, McLeod and Bastian. I’d like to see Zetterlund, Boqvist and Holtz start the season in place of McLeod, Johnson and Tatar. Feel free to rip apart my take. I appreciate the responses.
  11. I agree. I know it’s conjecture, but he sees Bratt as his cash cow. That’s my opinion.
  12. Huge signing! I feel better since Bratt isn’t signed yet.
  13. All the cup adjustments, digging in at the plate, praying, rosin bag playing, steroid use, multiple visits to the mound, cap adjustments, glove adjustments, constant cheating and analytics ruined baseball. It is boring and slow. The all-time HR hitter has asterisk next to his name. The Astros World series champions has an asterisk, and the brain child of the cheat is still coaching. I would watch soccer any day over baseball.
  14. I’m sure it’s somewhere, but it’s not in that tweet. I was hope someone could fill me in. I still think the Devils offer does not reflect their commitment to Bratt.
  15. Nothing about term, but $4.15M seems lowball.
  16. Well, it’s going to be less than the 8x8 Hughes received, as it should. Both Nico and Hughes signed team friendly deals, which is why they are able to sign UFAs. Personally, I think he should be signed to the same money as Nico.
  17. I think it’s a bad look to give him whatever he wants when both your star Jack and Nico signed team friendly deals. He wants to win a cup, then be reasonable.
  18. The stock must’ve taken a big hit today.
  19. He’s never going to win a cup there.
  20. I suspect we will be competing with Ottawa too.
  21. This is the exact quote, “The totality of the credible evidence - the proof - does not sufficiently substantiate the complainant’s allegation that she was raped by Patrick Kane and this so-called ‘case’ is rife with reasonable doubt,” Sedita (prosecutor) said. According to The Guardian: The case at one point took a bizarre turn, when the alleged victim’s attorney claimed a rape kit was found on her mother’s doorstep. One day later, Sedita held a press conference calling the claim an “elaborate hoax”. Though the alleged victim’s mother denied she’d planted the “rape kit”, Sedita said flatly: “I don’t believe her denials.” It seems to me that the accuser and her mother became the accused.
  22. Sounds like you were in a Patrik Kane situation. However, you are right about tape victims not getting justice. Some are bullied or embarrassed to drop the charges.
  23. I’m inclined to agree with you and that is why he isn’t signed yet. He may not score like Wood, but he has a strong net front presence and I think his hockey IQ is higher.
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