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    Hello All, I have bin away for a while so i am just trying to see what the devils lineup looks like next season if kovalchuk doesnt comeback and martin doesnt re-sign.. I think so far I have... Parise/Zajac/Langs Elias/ /Clarkson Rolston/Zubrus/Zharkov PL3/Pelley/Davis Fraser/Greene White/ Corrente Salvador/ Eckford There are definately some holes that need to be filled. Out of the AHL/Prospects Possible players that could make it are Palmieri/Halischuk/Vasyunov/Henrique/Josefson/Tedenby So i'm just really curious. Thanks
  2. He will go to Washington... they lost some russians.. need to get some back... Zherdev will go there.
  3. I wouldnt mind picking up Eaves Eaves is +13 in 242 games.. thats a positive. Eaves could serve as the extra foward for Shanny/PL3 when they cant play instead of cutting a Halischuk/Zharkov ice time and just putting them in Lowell.
  4. Jdub


    I think playing with Elias and Rolston he would get numbers in the 20g 25a range.. I don't think that's unreasonable. I mean he really didnt play with anyone his 4 years down in lowell with Elias's talent. So lets see what happens.
  5. Jdub


    http://insider.espn.go.com/nhl/insider/news/story?id=4348680 They say bergfors is the "name to watch out for" for the devils this year... Thought it was worth posting. Also say Rolston is due for a good year and Elias is due for a worse year than last.
  6. Davison and Murphy are just Depth signings most likely designated for Lowell. They are just some guys with NHL experience that are insurance in case someone gets hurt or Corrente/Eckford aren't ready.. just as Tri said.
  7. I think Zubrus would be a pretty good 3rd line Center. Smart enough to know where to be, but he can't be a top 6 because he can't finish anything. Being on a 3rd line with Clarkson is a good spot. You can either put Shanahan/Halischuk/Zharkov on that left wing and I think it will be a pretty decent 3rd line. Shanahan would fill a good leadership role on the team but he could maybe play in only half the games during the year to be effective during the playoffs.
  8. Jdub

    Scrimmage Today

    4 goals in scrimmage...
  9. Lowell is going to have to play some spectacular defense, because they wont be scoring much. Bergfors will be in NJ DiSalvatore.. Minny Pelley will be in NJ They added Walter which was good.. but Zharkov/Vasyunov/Halischuk are going to have to step it up for Lowell to be competitive.
  10. He is a little older.... I think he is going to be given all the opportunity in the world to make NJ but is likely going to Lowell... -4 last year playing for Panthers/Lightning... not to bad.
  11. Jdub

    So, Who's Left?

    I dont think they will trade Bergfors.. I think they will let him play and ultimately he will be on a line with Elias and Rolston. I know Jacques is used to having Rolston on the wing, but he is a decent center.. or they move Elias to Center to create more space.
  12. Jdub

    So, Who's Left?

    if this happens, i'm sure someone can wait outside pando or shanahan's car with a crowbar. the devils cannot have jay pandolfo and brendan shanahan playing on a third line. I would think Jay would be the extra foward and rotate with PL3... but he's getting paid 2.5m/yr to be an extra?? Lou won't have that. The devils might not even sign shanny.. and if they dont.. that puts Pando on line 3
  13. Jdub

    So, Who's Left?

    It will be interesting to see... Defense top 5 is already a given at this point... Martin/Oduya White/Mottau Salvador The 6th spot will be between Corrente and Greene.. If greene wins out.. then the devils will find someone else other than Corrente to be the 7th dman. Pando will be playing. Especially with Lemaire as coach. He will be on the 3rd line with Shanny.
  14. Jdub

    So, Who's Left?

    Shanny will get most of the playing time... So it would be difficult to get Halischuk or Zharkov in there. I think where people will split time is with PL3. PL3 will play vs the physically tough teams, Rangers, Flyers.. etc.. Where is Pando?? He will be on the club unless traded. Lou won't banish him to the AHL I dont think.
  15. Jdub

    So, Who's Left?

    I can't see the devils signing any of those guys. I think Lou is comfortable with the Defense and knows they can get better with Corrente and Eckford might be able to step in. With the fowards he is going to give the young kids a chance.
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