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  1. That was me (the other poster) and I actually 'felt' that that loss to Buffalo would lead to the stretch of hockey we have seen since that brutal loss.
  2. Nice game from KK tonight, but being abused here in the SO
  3. Quickly b4 we get to OT, what do you all think of Santini?
  4. Give me a break bro. Firstly the rule is outrageous and is applicable in situations it should not be. Secondly, for a play like that to be whistled for offsides, if you go back through the annals of NHL hockey applying the same ridiculousness that is in play now, I'd bet you would need to disqualify at least a quarter of all goals scored in league history. By a kunt hair?
  5. To be sure and for full disclosure: Had the offsides by a kunt hair been called against STL and cost them a goal, I would have called bullsh!t on that as well.
  6. DANO STFU! Great job by the Blues eye in the sky? If not for the overabuse of the system, watching in real time nobody notices an alleged offsides by the length of the kunt hair.
  7. Goal or no goal, did it cross the line or not. That is the ONLY thing that should be reviewed.
  8. I'm sorry, this has gone well too far, this is a joke, and the NHL needs to address this and rectify it immediately. Crock of sheet.
  9. Here's the thing, it had NOTHING to do with the goal being scored one way or another.
  10. This is the NHL equivalent of the NFL catch or no catch. REPLAY IS DESTROYING SPORTS, KILLING IT.
  11. This is fvckEN UNREAL. NHL needs to put an end to this disgusting sheet immediately.
  12. I'm not sure Marty will ever be the head of a franchises hockey operations...well, maybe he will. But it won't ever be in NJ, nor do I want it to be.
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