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  1. not bad. I like bernier. not afraid to fight in front of crease
  2. low risk, the only downside is that he takes a roster spot from someone else like a boucher or matteau. However, those kids need to earn that spot (so does havlat), so not a major deal. hopefully he can play at least 2/3 of the seasons games.
  3. we got cammalieri 5 yrs 5mil per, 25 total
  4. Without Harris getting us #30, here is what our draft would have looked like: 2 11 41 NJD JOSHUA JACOBS D USA 6' 1" 193 USHL INDIANA 3 11 71 NJD CONNOR CHATHAM RW USA 6' 2" 222 OHL PLYMOUTH 5 11 131 NJD RYAN REHILL D CAN 6' 2" 210 WHL KAMLOOPS 6 2 152 NJD JOEY DUDEK C USA 5' 11" 180 HIGH-NH KIMBALL UNION 6 11 161 NJD BRANDON BADDOCK LW CAN 6' 3" 205 WHL EDMONTON EDIT: I apologize if this has caused you to lose your lunch.
  5. It's impossible to forecast, but the feeling today is severe disappointment. Looking at the picks, it's hard to be excited about, or see much upside in any of them. We're going to need a big surprise or turn around from someone in this draft class, and that's not a given. Our team has not been in this bad of shape roster, depth, and prospect wise in 25 years. Instead of taking steps forward we plop out a draft like this. I just don't see how these picks are solid building blocks for the future unless we think the future stanley cup winning teams will be a lineup of all 3rd and 4th liners.
  6. yeah, that was quick. hopefully we can move on now.
  7. Barbashev seems like an exciting player, but every year I pin my hopes on a specific pick, and it never happens (for good or bad). The draft is a roller coaster of hope and disappointment. I think 2003 is the only year I was super psyched afterwards with the Parise pick. Hopes were pinned on these guys previously: 2013: Lindholm (picked a few spots ahead of our traded pick) 2012: Nicolas Kerdiles (Matteau) 2011: Gabriel Landeskog (picked 2 spots before Larsson) 2010: Justin Faulk (picked 1 spot ahead of Merrill) 2009: Kyle Palmieri, John Moore, or Jordan Schroeder (Josefson). Schroeder is
  8. Agreed. Let's just win. LGD!
  9. I don't think they deserved this loss tonight. Pretty tough pill.
  10. Even if we did get a top pick in the draft, it doesn't matter because we'll mismanage their development anyway.
  11. Man, I just can't get excited about this team roster this year. I might be excited by the future, but the way the coaching staff has been managing our players of the future is just mortgaging everything.
  12. Here's a recent video of him (from one month ago at the 2013 combine). Most questions are geared towards the Jets, but still worth watching if you're interested in this prospect. http://video.jets.nhl.com/videocenter/console?id=252299
  13. elias2600

    2013 NHL Draft

    Yeah I agree with that RE: goalies There's always the talk about whether the devils will go after a brodeur replacement in the draft. It never really seems to happen, but you never know.
  14. elias2600

    2013 NHL Draft

    Nice post. I'm with you. Lots of people are ready to write Lou and everything he has done for this team off (or at least slag him off) based on one or two decisions they don't agree with (some of which we don't know the full outcome of yet) .
  15. elias2600

    2013 NHL Draft

    Just making my opinion known in that I'm not suggesting that's what we should do either (trade down). I'm just saying that it's a possibility that will happen (which our draft history supports). Therefore, I thought it would be useful to discuss who we think we should take in that case. at 14/15 area I could see us looking at Wennberg, maybe taking Lazar (his draft rankings vary drastically, and sometimes players like that get taken on the high end of their ranking). Rychel is also interesting, but is geneally ranked around 20. Those are all forwards, which we need now (and drafting for
  16. elias2600

    2013 NHL Draft

    If the Devils win the lottery, I think they'll take Jones. The only way that doesn't happen if they don't believe he is the best prospect in the whole draft, or if Jones publicly pulls a Lindros before hand. Let's say they want Barkov more than anyone and they have #1, I wouldn't be surprised if they just take Barkov at #1.
  17. elias2600

    2013 NHL Draft

    I think they would be willing to consider trading down if there are multiple people available that they like equally, or someone specific they think will still be available later. We've seen this in the past, and Lou has explicitly said that was their strategy, so why not again? The thing I want to clarify is that I do not believe they would trade down until their time to pick (not before draft day). It would be highly dependent on who is still available around the time their pick comes around.
  18. elias2600

    2013 NHL Draft

    I wouldn't be surprised if we trade down from our spot (if we don't get #1). I could see that happening to acquire more picks in later rounds (an extra 2nd or replace our missing third) I believe we only have 1,2,4, and 6 round picks this year. That's not very good considering we only picked 5 times last year. Anyway, imagine we do trade down, let's say 5 spots to 14 area. Who would we target there? Wennberg?
  19. If we won the lottery, I would probably just take whoever the scouting staffs likes the most, regardless of position. If that's Seth Jones, then I'm okay with that. I don't think you want to be short sighted when picking #1. That said, if we did have the top pick, I wouldn't be adverse to trading down a few spots either. It depends on the return though. In 2002, the return was the option to swap positions in the first round the following year. We would obviously have no interest in that since there wouldn't be a pick to swap. I also don't see us trading a #1 pick away when the draft is in
  20. If he sticks with the NJD roster, having a guy with moves, skills, and release like his is helpful in the shootout. We lost such a great shootout guy in Parise, so there will be a hole to fill there.
  21. I liked him when he first arrived at Ottawa, and then things went downhill for him from there. Hopefully he's still got that potential that he showed early on. Not a world beater signing, but definitely something we needed, even if he ends up in the AHL.
  22. Hall of Fame goalies aren't cheap boys. I'm just happy he's back.
  23. The new rule places additional trapezoids along the boards where Zubrai (plural of Zubrus) are not allowed to play the puck.
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