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  1. Brophy22

    GDT: 11/20/17 NJ Devils @ Minnesota

    Resilient!!! Still pissed about the 6 on 5. But John Moore does it again!!
  2. Brophy22

    GDT: Coyotes @ Devils 7:00 PM

    I mean great win as in playing horribly all game but still figuring out how to get the win. U need those in a season. But yea they played horrible lol
  3. Brophy22

    GDT: Coyotes @ Devils 7:00 PM

    Great win against a team that was due and desperate for one! I keep expecting this young team to let me down but they keep coming through and I love it!!
  4. Brophy22

    GDT: Coyotes @ Devils 7:00 PM

    Jesper!!!!!!!!!! Kid is clutch. And Hall is feeling it tonight
  5. Brophy22

    GDT: Ottawa @ NJ 7:00 10/27

    Jesper Bratt!! Wow amazing move. long time reader, first time poster. man I love this team they are resilient! KK makes up for his poor last minute in the third period in the shootout!

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