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  1. Hi. I have managed to post this in the right section today! I am from the UK, I have no idea how I got this. I have no idea how much it is worth. It's perspex and about the size of a cigarette pack. Bit more square. I figured it may be at least of interest to someone?
  2. Sorry all. Seems the thread isn't the norm! Apologies. I joined out the blue because I have this obscure thing in my possession and this seemed like an obvious port of call!!
  3. Hi. I would be happy too, I don't really have any idea of any value?
  4. Hi all Apologies for the random nature of the post. I live in the uk and I have for some reason, a New Jersey Devils 88-90 play-off paperweight. It's plastic, I have no idea if it is of interest to anyone? Steve
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