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  1. B fans up here cannot figure out why they cannot beat us. Who can figure? And ratface is a piece of crap. He and Wilson belong on the dunghill of history!!
  2. It's hovering around 60%, dead last in the league. At least it's not Det's 6% PP!
  3. But if Julien can get fired in MTL, anybody can.
  4. Recchi needs to go. His special teams while in Pit were underachievers.
  5. Maybe not this year for the Metsies....
  6. Remember, they fired Kirk Muller, too. Would anyone like see him back here? He had been one of our captains.
  7. Our PP is no better. Better stick to 5 on 5 play.
  8. Another key to tonight's win was winning the majority of faceoffs, especially McLeod. For us, that's a real plus. Also, we outworked them when it counted. The Rags, most of them seemed to lack interest. And with that payroll!
  9. There are a any number of other teams going through this, too. I agree that the league got greedy and dropped the ball (sorry, puck).
  10. This is just not good. Is there something wrong that we are doing? Any thoughts?
  11. Special teams are still an issue. What to do?
  12. The Russian line was pretty good, too. And "Almost" still sucks, so what else is new?!
  13. They dominated because they outworked whoever BUF had out there. That whole line was the 1st star. They deserve all the praise for this win. Kudos!!
  14. That would be a start. Nice to have Bratt back. Light it up. boys!
  15. If he can stay healthy, he is certainly a defensive upgrade over anything Mirco or Carrick can offer. And he is essentially free. He needs to stay on the ice, though.
  16. One has to remember that Crawford put up those numbers last year with a less than stellar Chicago squad. He seems to know how to win and wants to do it again. Let's give him a chance. We really do not have anything to lose. I really like this move, and we save a little bit of change, too.
  17. Trotz brings a fundamentally sound approach, perfect for the Isles. And EVERYONE is held accountable. I still hate Kovy; has he gotten old!
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