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  1. Met Loughlin on the concourse, very approachable, took the time to talk with you, never rushed you during the conversation and even was engaging with the kids, very nice guy.
  2. I’d be out before the initial drop of the puck in the first game. That is definitely one post everyone in here would agree with me on. Man (or whoa-man) if it’s Leah Hextall I’d already be looking towards the 23-24 season
  3. No what’s gonna fvcking happen is they’re gonna end up winning the cup when they get every fvcking break like they did in this series. Mark my word, come late June or early July, whenever the fvcking playoffs end (don’t really care when that is) they’ll end up winning it.
  4. Still hope the rags fvcking plane crashes, hope Rodrigues and Louis go play in traffic
  5. Hope their plane crashes if they’re flying
  6. They’re finished already, thanks to Rodrigues. 0% chance to win, as much of a guarantee of the devils winning the cup this year, or any year for the next millennium
  7. Rodrigues should be shot, flat out, cost the fvcking team the series.
  8. Now the fvcking series is over if Crosby isn’t playing. Fvck the rangers and all their fans
  9. While being plenty hard on other things. Come on @mfitz804 I thought you would’ve been all over that one. That was disappointing.
  10. Can the devils then see if Jackie Redmond is available? Erica Wachter for Jackie Redmond. The trade is 1 for 1. All in favor?
  11. No no no, Ruff should not be part of this team in any capacity. What has he done as a HC? Nothing, that’s the answer. One finals appearance as an assistant coach. Even if the players say they like him in the locker room, they could and should be flat out lying. Bringing in new assistants won’t help him, even if he has the option to bring in assistants of his own choosing. His past history should prove that. He needs to be gone. Someone, anyone tell me how they truly believe I’m wrong. I’d like to see this team play meaningful games into June. How is Lindy Rough gonna help in any capacity with those plans?
  12. In the nicest way possible, Blackwood has a better chance of becoming black like Fuhr than he does as playing like him.
  13. I’m convinced you’re in the profession you’re in just so you can say penal code. Nothing more.
  14. @mfitz804In the course of a day when you’re in the office, (or when you were in the office in case you’re fully remote) would you walk around and have this subtle chuckle under your breath anytime you heard someone say anything which could be used as a d!ck joke? Just gotta know
  15. I’m sorry but why should the devils give ruff a shot with his own staff? Never won anything as a head coach, hardly anything as an assistant coach, once made it to the finals. Listening to him speak, zero substance. Same look on his face when the team gives up goals. He brings nothing to this team. He should’ve been gone in 2021. Management just proves they don’t care. Recchi and Na$$hole was not nearly enough. This franchise is beyond frustrating.
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