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  1. While we’re on the topic (even though you may not agree that we’re on that topic but I’ll start it any way because...we’ll, why not?) in your lifetime of watching defenseman, worst Devils defenseman you’ve ever seen is who? For me I’d prob have to go between Salvador or Colin White.
  2. I’m sure everyone (including me) was really excited when they initially acquired Schneider. Boy have those feelings been adjusted ever so slightly. Worst goalie they’ve ever had by far?
  3. There should be a restraining order on Schneider for ever stepping foot near the Prudential Center. Do you guys actually want to see Schneider make it into the Hall of Shame for having 2 calendar years without a win? I sure as hell don’t want to see it, get him out of here, whatever it takes.
  4. Why am I on the board reading this stuff at almost 1:30 when I have to be up for work in a few hours? Ugh. Then again why is anyone else also up reading this board if you’re on the east coast? No idea why I made this post but as soon as I click submit I’m going to sleep.
  5. Interesting to know, what have you broken in your house watching this fvcking pathetic excuse of a hockey team over the last however many years? They’ve been sh!t for many years so I’m sure it’s easy to think of something. Broke a closet door and a glass, unfortunately nothing else. Borderline wanted to break the tv.
  6. That’s easy, they just need 2 goalies, 5 defenseman and another forward, shouldn’t be too hard.
  7. That has nothing to do with unfortunately being a devils fan, I just hate that fvcking team so would never consider it but their rebuild is light years ahead right now of where this fvcking team is.
  8. Not at all, devils have the two worst goalies in the league, not just shootout goalies, worst goalies in any mode of play, 5v5, etc. Actually I should rephrase that. Schneider’s not the worst goalie, to be the worst goalie you have to be a goalie to qualify for the worst goalie, he’s nothing but a piece of fvcking sh!t so no, not the worst goalie. Fvck everything about this team.
  9. I’ve seen enough of this team and can clearly say they are truly just as bad this year as they were last. Same amount of talent as last year and I expect about 68-70 points for the season, just watch. Then again I doubt anyone will argue with me on that. If you think they got more talent this season that’s fvcking bullsh!t and all the players who were somewhat decent last year are pieces of sh!t this year, Butcher can go fvck himself in addition to everyone else. This franchise is just like the NY jets. I truly don’t think they’ll ever be good again, just no fvcking way. They’re a fvcked franchise, simple as that.
  10. Gee I wonder what the fvck is gonna happen here...
  11. Look at teams like Boston and those with skill. They can move the puck all around with ease. Devils don’t have any 1/100th the talent of that team. All their passes and plays are so predictable. Every single time the Devils try to move the puck I always know exactly where the puck is going and what they’re gonna do, every freaking time. Why do they freaking think there are so many turnovers? Dumb passes and teams know exactly where the play is going. Better get some f’ing defenseman who can skate.
  12. Couldn’t you have subtly said “think you could pick it up Cory? That’s what I want for Halloween” You know you wanted to say it. Or you could have worn a costume with a note written on it stating something similar. I wouldn’t feel bad about criticizing the hell out of him on here just because he took some pictures. Most players would have done the exact same thing. You spend your money to see them perform at games and what kind of satisfaction do you get out of that? Obviously nothing at all this year.
  13. ajsgolf

    Fire Hynes

    Devils are 30th in power rankings, woohoo. Perhaps they can catch Ottawa and finally be best at something, being worst. Although I’m sure I would see potential in Ottawa if I watched them. Can’t say the same with these bunch of misfits...or mfitz (just thought of that because I thought it would be funny to write, certainly don’t mean anything negative by writing your handle, was looking for something humorous even though the Devils are nothing but a joke) I particularly think you’re a great poster.
  14. I want everyone to go into work tomorrow and do nothing the whole day, randomly walk around to people and curse them off, take a nap at your desk, break a few things and then come into work Monday and do your normal job. Don’t worry about getting fired, you won’t. That’s exactly how I relate to their season, they can be absolute sh!t game in and game out and there isn’t a fvcking consequence for anyone, especially that fvcking piece of sh!t hynes (refuse to capitalize his name). Pathetic a$$ wipes. Take Boston and put devils jerseys on every player and just by them wearing the jersey they’ll quickly become the worst team in the league. Don’t get your hopes up, we can’t put bruins jerseys on and expect to win, doesn’t work in that direction. Can only ruin a players career by putting a devils jersey on. Fvck them all.
  15. Who would’ve thought everyone now wants this fvcking thread to become the “Taylor hall please leave watch” thread.
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