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  1. I can’t say I could argue that statement one bit. I’ve been a pessimistic fan in all sports for most of my life even though some of my teams have had quite a lot of success in years past. I’d just give anything for some of my teams to be good again. I’d probably also have to say this might be the closest thing to any post I’ve submitted that can be somewhat acceptable, just a guess, but I could be wrong about that too.
  2. I’m thinking he was about to get all excited and quickly remembered who he plays for.
  3. I’m sorry, with all due respect, why would you say poor guy? Fvck Schneider and everything about him, I hope he feels horrible and realizes he’s a useless piece of $hit. Only fvcking reason he hasn’t shot himself into space out of sheer embarrassment is because of his fvcking paycheck in which he isn’t worth the numbers to the right of the decimal point. Despise him with every fvcking fiber in me.
  4. At least we wouldn’t have to watch him ever again
  5. Not sure if there's any truth to this but a co-worker sent me a link: https://www.nhltraderumors.me/2020/01/nhltr-pk-subban-wants-out-of-new-jersey.html
  6. Got the time stamp to show it was midnight. This photo had been in waiting to be used for almost 42 years. Midnight was that moment. Happy New Year all! LGD!!!
  7. I’m a huge Hurricanes fan and that team should be dropped to division 3, they’re pathetic beyond possible belief. Diaz should be f’ing fired and never allowed in the state of Florida. Not score a fvcking point all damn bowl game. I have the sh!ttiest teams anyone can root for, Miami, devils, giants and Mets. Doesn’t get worse than that, at least the giants won a Super Bowl in recent times. Miami has pretty much sucked to close to two decades, devils are quickly approaching.
  8. Because you (like everyone else on here) is hoping the team has been toying with us for almost 3 months and is going to magically turn into the Blues 2.0 and go on a tear and make the playoffs. Or....(and much more realistically) misery loves company, there’s not much going on at 8:30 and you figure you might as well go to bed pissed after a devils game night. Wash, rinse, repeat.
  9. ajsgolf

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    What would this place be like if the Devils were in a prime playoff spot? Would there be anywhere near the amount of arguing that there is this year? I haven’t been on this forum that long. What was it like in 2012? Was it mostly rainbows and unicorns? Curious to know.
  10. I’ve always hated Gretzky for that statement but if he said it now I’d shake his hand and thank him because there’s a good chance the devils would hear him say it. Not like it would matter because they’d still fvcking suck.
  11. Nice, some of the best 4 years of my life. What year did you graduate? What’d you major in? I lived on campus all 4 years, P dorm actually.
  12. You don’t happen to live on or near Jimmie Leeds Rd in Galloway do you? Saw the name and thought I’d ask. I went to school at Richard Stockton College, of course now it’s a university.
  13. No players, go fvck yourself Ray. Sorry, prospects and picks do nothing for this team, does absolutely nothing to improve the team currently. Plus how often do prospects turn out like absolute $hit? Devils are experts at that.
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