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  1. You win. Care to do the honors or is this my baby (definite pun intended)? https://www.change.org/start-a-petition
  2. Thinking of a new team name to better match their identity. Having a tough time deciding: NJ Angels NJ Pu$sywillows NJ Lollipops Told you it’s a tough decision.
  3. All the devils are at this point are nothing more than a few guys on ice skates trying to figure out why there are hockey sticks in their hands. This is not a team, there just a bunch of fvcking losers existing on ice, nothing more. Been a fan of this team for many many years. Most pathetic “team” I’ve ever witnessed. Truly have no fvcking clue what to do.
  4. Ehh who fvcking cares if they lose, better chance to keep the rangers out
  5. I’m sure everyone’s seen the video in this article https://www.nj.com/sports/2020/04/devils-pa-announcer-continues-to-call-goals-even-if-theyre-not-real.html
  6. It’s just gonna be fvcking hilarious that half of the sabres wins this year are gonna be against one team who may actually be worse than them. Pathetic losers
  7. Wow, and you reference my favorite sitcom of all time. Impressive. We’re the Devils, the Devils, yeahhhhh
  8. Didn't know where to put this so figured this was the best thread. Pajama shirt attached, obviously have had it for many years. Would you toss it considering how worn out it is with all the holes or could you not bring yourself to do it? I'm debating.
  9. Was my birthday today, any chance that played into it? Who here has a birthday on Saturday?
  10. For my birthday tomorrow I want the devils to trade Palmieri to Edmonton for McDavid and Draisaitl. Don’t birthday wishes come true? To answer everyone’s question, nope, promise, I wasn’t on anything or smoking anything. Just nice to wish.
  11. I was almost 100% sure you would’ve commented that “Hall’s gonna have a busted lip, oh wait”
  12. My bday’s on thurs but for sure no one wants to hear from me so the last thing I’ll ever do is create a GDT. Happy bday MadDog, hope they get a win for you tonight.
  13. I’m ready to petition to remove the devils from the league. That’s what I fvcking think should happen
  14. Worst team in the history of the franchise! I have zero fvcking doubt!!!
  15. No fvcking way in a trillion years anyone can convince me this isn’t in the bottom 5 worst teams this fvcking sh!t excuse of a franchise ever had, just no fvcking way. Once again they’ll be the laughing stock of the nhl and ahl.
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