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  1. Any chance Marty can jump in as a backup for Blackwood since he’s dropped some weight? Lol
  2. Curious to get everyone’s take on this. Kinda pains me to even ask....but, let’s say Henrik got traded to any other team except Philly or Boston, would you be upset if he won a cup or would any part of you root for him to win it? Like I said, if he was on any other team other than the Rangers, Philly or Boston. Just curious, that is all.
  3. I still hope the day comes when something really bad happens to Tie. He deserves it after the dirtiest elbow on Niedermayer. Who knows, maybe, just maybe, the Devils would’ve won the Cup that year if it wasn’t for that piece of $hit.
  4. I’ll be in a suite tonight, gotta figure that’s a little safer, no? What section are you in?
  5. Oops, I should have put the last 4 as not must keep, meant to break that down. Prob why I put a short explanation next to each one of those since I felt I needed to justify my reasoning. Rob, to answer your inquiry I found him to have real nice speed and saw potential with him moving the puck. Yet to be seen once he’s in the zone but his movement and puck entry have been impressive in my eyes. We’ll see how that unfolds. Gonna be at the game tomorrow. Friend got tix in a suite so def can’t turn that down, free food
  6. In my opinion I think the players that are a must keep (however that is accomplished) is as follows: Blackwood Gusev Bratt Hischier Hughes Severson - more for his offense than his reliable defense Palmieri Anderson - he’s impressed me McLeod - pretty fast with nice moves Subban - holding out hope Mermis - still need some defenseman but not tied to him Feel free to adjust as you see fit but what’s everyone else’s take?
  7. But you then look at a game such as theirs against Vegas the other night. Is the talent level that much of a discrepancy?
  8. Start the “Fire Nas” chant for the rest of the season so Fitz or whoever will be the fvck in charge will get the idea.
  9. Really need to root hard for the isles and all other teams on the bubble of the playoffs, just to keep those motherfvckers in blue out.
  10. Mistake was made on the Vatanen trade. In return the devils actually got back Dave Ayers and 25 t-shirts that reads “Bunch of Jerks”
  11. Severson has been pretty good on the offense side of things. Before anyone yells at me, since he is known as the minus man, what do you think of Severson switching from a defenseman to a forward? Think about that for a sec and let me know what you think.
  12. Just got word Coleman has been traded for Sherry Ross and Deb Placey. Can only move up from here.
  13. I can’t say I could argue that statement one bit. I’ve been a pessimistic fan in all sports for most of my life even though some of my teams have had quite a lot of success in years past. I’d just give anything for some of my teams to be good again. I’d probably also have to say this might be the closest thing to any post I’ve submitted that can be somewhat acceptable, just a guess, but I could be wrong about that too.
  14. I’m thinking he was about to get all excited and quickly remembered who he plays for.
  15. I’m sorry, with all due respect, why would you say poor guy? Fvck Schneider and everything about him, I hope he feels horrible and realizes he’s a useless piece of $hit. Only fvcking reason he hasn’t shot himself into space out of sheer embarrassment is because of his fvcking paycheck in which he isn’t worth the numbers to the right of the decimal point. Despise him with every fvcking fiber in me.
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