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  1. @mfitz804you must have some reply to this
  2. https://torontosun.com/news/world/sean-of-the-dead-ex-nhl-star-avery-kicked-to-curb-by-model-wife I guess there is (was) someone for everyone. I’d have to question her credibility as a person, what could she have been thinking?
  3. Seems like the devils are mostly done with off-season moves. Would like to hear everyone’s take on how many points you think they’ll end up with next season. Would like to then reference this post in April, or hopefully May/June, when hopefully the devils are still playing.
  4. This comes out of nowhere, makes no sense and a shot in the dark but what else are we doing besides waiting? Any chance the devils get Tkachuk since they also surprisingly got Kovalchuk? Both end in “chuk”. I know, dumb as hell but why not mention it? Again, what else are we doing besides just waiting?
  5. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/possible-trade-destinations-for-flames-star-matthew-tkachuk/sn-amp/ Tkachuk wouldn’t turn his back on family, would he?
  6. Outside of the devils logo of course the brewers have a pretty awesome logo. Always enjoyed a hidden meaning within a logo.
  7. You’re a lawyer, can’t you do something? You should at least be compensated.
  8. I also lived in SI for the first 10 years of my life, heartland village. Am guessing you’re not too far from the outerbridge. Whenever I drive back to see family and I get to the outerbridge I know the drive is almost done which is such a great feeling. Despise driving back to LI.
  9. Couldn’t agree more, lived many years in Central Jersey, went to school in South Jersey, also lived in Hoboken. Now I’m living in LI because of the wife. Absolutely despise LI and would do anything to live in NJ. Absolutely loved it there. So many places to visit. Never that far from the shore, can go to any one of many states within a couple hours. I constantly have this conversation with friends and it’s true, everything you need, any sporting event you want to attend, any outdoor activity you want to take part of you can. Not many places around the country you can say the same about. Would move back tonight if I could.
  10. How can they get tkachuk and JG together? Lol
  11. Would you rather thachuk or JG?
  12. Whatever happens with JG, do you def expect it will be today or could it drag on for a little while?
  13. Just want to make sure everyone will be very productive at work today and there will be no distractions. Please confirm. That will help my productivity.
  14. Wish I could say I had “In Seider” information but have a bad feeling Gaudreau is gonna be a Flyer soon.
  15. Wondering if anyone is under the impression that the fans will be as excited as they were after tonight as they were when Kovalsuck came to the Devils. I’m guessing no.
  16. Devils could have got Cale Makar, instead they got Nico Nischier, gee I’m thrilled, I’m sure Nico will also win the Conn Smythe, sorry, couldn’t type that with a straight face.
  17. Cole should be shot, take a dumb fvcking penalty, going to cost them the series, just like that dumb motherfvcker rodrigues on the penguins.
  18. Met Loughlin on the concourse, very approachable, took the time to talk with you, never rushed you during the conversation and even was engaging with the kids, very nice guy.
  19. I’d be out before the initial drop of the puck in the first game. That is definitely one post everyone in here would agree with me on. Man (or whoa-man) if it’s Leah Hextall I’d already be looking towards the 23-24 season
  20. No what’s gonna fvcking happen is they’re gonna end up winning the cup when they get every fvcking break like they did in this series. Mark my word, come late June or early July, whenever the fvcking playoffs end (don’t really care when that is) they’ll end up winning it.
  21. Still hope the rags fvcking plane crashes, hope Rodrigues and Louis go play in traffic
  22. Hope their plane crashes if they’re flying
  23. They’re finished already, thanks to Rodrigues. 0% chance to win, as much of a guarantee of the devils winning the cup this year, or any year for the next millennium
  24. Rodrigues should be shot, flat out, cost the fvcking team the series.
  25. Now the fvcking series is over if Crosby isn’t playing. Fvck the rangers and all their fans
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