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  1. Is this whole Doug not signing yet my fault? I’ve been actually working for the last couple hours and not constantly hitting refresh in my browser. Should I have not worked during those hours?
  2. Ok you win, but if there was a column in front we may have visited the same doctor
  3. And I was at that fvcking game, just glad no one was sitting in front of me. Nope, did not hang around for the handshakes
  4. Just announced on NHL network Source
  5. If at this point it doesn’t go through tell them to take the sandwich they got for lunch and shove it up their…
  6. Is Hamilton’s hand shaking uncontrollably while he tries to sign the contract?
  7. Why can’t we have these types of negotiations with our employers?
  8. You mistyped and said out of the blues, unless that was a sneaky clue and is signing with the Blues.
  9. I saw the same thing earlier about Parise for 1 year to the Islanders. I don’t want Parise here anymore. His time is past, no longer the player he was, bye.
  10. Parise is gonna be 1 year with the Isles it seems, career winding down
  11. Is Kenny gonna announce it?
  12. Am I the only one here who keeps Googling the Devils at almost midnight somehow magically expecting the Devils to make some kind of move right about now? In addition to checking tsn too often? Yeah I know there’s no way but also don’t want to have to wait until Wednesday.
  13. Is there a deadline either tomorrow or Wednesday in which the Devils need to complete any trades or signings?
  14. Sabres: Can you imagine us being so bad we lost 18 in a row? Can you fathom that? These bunch of fvcking losers: Hold our beer.
  15. Finally, 31st in the power rankings. Not sure why it took so fvcking long. Very strong chance Buffalo finishes with more points than these fvcking losers. So sick of them. Doomed franchise, as if they haven’t been for years already.
  16. You win. Care to do the honors or is this my baby (definite pun intended)? https://www.change.org/start-a-petition
  17. Thinking of a new team name to better match their identity. Having a tough time deciding: NJ Angels NJ Pu$sywillows NJ Lollipops Told you it’s a tough decision.
  18. All the devils are at this point are nothing more than a few guys on ice skates trying to figure out why there are hockey sticks in their hands. This is not a team, there just a bunch of fvcking losers existing on ice, nothing more. Been a fan of this team for many many years. Most pathetic “team” I’ve ever witnessed. Truly have no fvcking clue what to do.
  19. Ehh who fvcking cares if they lose, better chance to keep the rangers out
  20. I’m sure everyone’s seen the video in this article https://www.nj.com/sports/2020/04/devils-pa-announcer-continues-to-call-goals-even-if-theyre-not-real.html
  21. It’s just gonna be fvcking hilarious that half of the sabres wins this year are gonna be against one team who may actually be worse than them. Pathetic losers
  22. Wow, and you reference my favorite sitcom of all time. Impressive. We’re the Devils, the Devils, yeahhhhh
  23. Didn't know where to put this so figured this was the best thread. Pajama shirt attached, obviously have had it for many years. Would you toss it considering how worn out it is with all the holes or could you not bring yourself to do it? I'm debating.
  24. Was my birthday today, any chance that played into it? Who here has a birthday on Saturday?
  25. For my birthday tomorrow I want the devils to trade Palmieri to Edmonton for McDavid and Draisaitl. Don’t birthday wishes come true? To answer everyone’s question, nope, promise, I wasn’t on anything or smoking anything. Just nice to wish.
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