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  1. Someone give na$shole and wrecky covid
  2. You guys may actually see some optimism out of me now. Just hope he’s fully recovered and they’re not bringing him back too early.
  3. Maybe they should stay in these jerseys
  4. Of course Hughes is their best player but I didn’t mention him since he’s not anywhere near of returning. At least a good explanation and Pavel has kept improving but collectively it’s not there.
  5. How is it not as dark as I say, honestly? I’d love nothing more for someone to prove me wrong on here and to see if come to fruition. But why should there be optimism? Please, someone explain, I’m listening. I hated Thanksgiving yesterday because of the loss, that’s how much it gets to me.
  6. Look at the standings and how they’ve been playing. I’m fully convinced. You guys all think I’m nuts for posting the way I do about this franchise but I consider myself a realist. How is what I ever post inaccurate when you look at the success (yeah right, success) they’ve had in just short of the past 2 decades? Yeah, I’m not optimistic about them at all, then again why should I? Mercer has pretty much been their best player. What does that say about the rest of this team? They have 1 solid defenseman. How the hell am I supposed to be optimistic?
  7. Enjoying the ride? I’ve vomited way too many times over the last 18 years, we’ll, 17 years. 2012 was a good one. At what point does this franchise become legit contenders again? Truly want someone to explain that to me. What all of a sudden will change that they’ll be able to contend again anytime soon? Someone explain it. Rangers go from being a mediocre team last year to now being a lock for a high playoff seed. Where the hell is this franchise from ever being a lock for a playoff position?
  8. How can a fvcking team be this fvcking pathetic year in year out? Youngest team in the nhl but with this fvcking roster that will not translate to any success 5+ years from now.
  9. Devils need Tortorella, if nothing more than to hear his locker room speeches. What the F do you say after whatever the fvck that was just now?
  10. Recchi, go play in traffic. The team concerns themselves about a fvcking 3rd jersey but they don’t give a fvck about finding talent. That’s status quo since being in this fvcking arena, except for 1 year.
  11. Here’s to me thinking this fvcking team would’ve had more than 19 wins this year. My fvcking bad.
  12. Jack you better get the fvck back soon, this team is fvcked otherwise like every other year. Hope all the rangers get covid, fvck them.
  13. My favorite Devil. However, I’d gladly take someone else on the team to eclipse 48 goals in a season.
  14. Come on guys, win this one for Earl and make him dance.
  15. Friend offered me a seat in a suite tonight. All I know is the food better be good because as it pertains to the game…well, yeah.
  16. Jack, get the fvck back here quickly or your team will once again only have 7 wins on home ice this year
  17. You’re right, I damn am. When the fvck does this end? I hate fvcking waiting year after year, I just hate it. All other good teams just reload, never rebuild.
  18. Oh yeah that fvcking period was very familiar, no scoring chances and the games already out of reach. Wouldn’t have mattered if everyone was in the lineup. Can’t fvcking compete against any good teams. Sick of the same fvcking sh!t for the majority of 15 years. Fvcking want to put someone through a wall, when the fvck does this sh!t ever fvcking end? Fvvvvvvcking bastards.
  19. Man did I make a pathetic reference earlier. Along the lines of sniffing the playoffs. Only thing they’re sniffing is you know what. The difference in talent is pee-wee compared to the nhl. Ok so they’re still years away from being competitive. Got it. 9+ fvcking games in a row losing to these fvckers
  20. I’ve been a Canes fan since I’ve been about 5 or 6 so I’ve experienced those great years. What I’ve witnessed for the better part of the last two decades is beyond infuriating. I want heads to roll and they don’t do a fvcking thing about it. At this pace they will never be mediocre again. They’re not even mediocre now. They’re a pathetic football team. So much so that I think they should drop their football program. Yes, that’s how fvcking pissed off I am. Even a recent recruit just transferred out so he could be available in the recruitment program. No one wants to go there, don’t blame them. Gotta get rid of Blake James to start, that fvcking loser.
  21. UM as I’m Miami or Michigan? I didn’t attend either but if it was Miami can you please tell me why the Hurricanes fvcking coaching staff always sucks? Send Diaz and Lashlee to space with no return. Hurricanes have become nothing but a laughing stock of FBS football. They haven’t beaten an FBS team in 6 straight games, and barely beat App St. So fvcking sick of it, been garbage since 2003. If it was Michigan you attended disregard everything I just wrote. Unless someone here who did attend Miami or is just a fan of this sad football team wants to weigh in.
  22. Someone tell me how the Devils are going to have any success this year with a chance of sniffing a possible playoff spot without Jack? I’m fvcking livid and wanted to break the table in the Lofts when it happened. The team is built around him, no one in the lineup can obviously replace him. Fvcked up year if he’s out for the majority of it. Hope the Seattle needle falls on 55’s head, that fvcking pr!ck.
  23. Is this whole Doug not signing yet my fault? I’ve been actually working for the last couple hours and not constantly hitting refresh in my browser. Should I have not worked during those hours?
  24. Ok you win, but if there was a column in front we may have visited the same doctor
  25. And I was at that fvcking game, just glad no one was sitting in front of me. Nope, did not hang around for the handshakes
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