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  1. I frankly don’t give a fvck what this team does anymore. I really think the team should be moved to another state or country, don’t ever need to watch this pathetic excuse of a piece of $hit hockey team. Move somewhere that I can no longer watch or hear their broadcast. Pathetic franchise actually, they’re a laughing stock. They should play curling instead, oh wait, they already do, couldn’t even stop a puck if it was that size anyway.
  2. In the pregame Boyle talks about being beyond frustrated with the results. He’s actually played decently this season. He may be frustrated and all but that’s not gonna change. The team flat out does not have the talent to compete with the majority of the league. What fvcking sucks is that’s been the case for many many years now except for the 2011-2012 season but they had 2 great players that season in Parise and Kovalsuck. Last year was a fluke but that’s because Hall was playing out of his mind. Now he’s injured and we are all very much aware of the results. Even when he was playing the results are nowhere near those of last season. Having useless players like Greene and LoveNoJoy is never gonna help...only listing those 2 but can prob list another 12 or so. Shero is not doing a fvcking thing to help them and $hit won’t change next season either, just watch. I can go on and on and vent and despite many of you possibly hating this post I know deep down everyone pretty much agrees with me lol
  3. That was as fvcking a boring game as any $hit I’ve seen...not different from every other Fvcking game...how could a fvcking team be this bad every fvcking year? Fvck this whole team. I’d rather them get rid of every fvcking player and become an expansion team...they’re pieces of $hit and I mean that 150%.
  4. Not even real good teams...just a good team. devils are far from a good team...they’re atrocious period...not even good enough to generate a fvcking power play. How much of this $hit can a fvcking team do year in year out. Also, how the fvck was hynes given an extension?
  5. Unfortunately at this fvcking game. Didn’t generate a god damn scoring chance...do they really have no talent to generate a god damn anything? They’re 5 fvcking players away from being just decent at hockey...right now it’s like watching mites on ice...no offense to the mites. Now they need 2 fvcking goalies because kinkaid sucks like schneider.
  6. Fvcking useless comeback if they don’t get a point, considering they’re the worst team in the eastern conference a comeback doesn’t mean $hit if they get nothing to show for it. Nothing changes with this fvcking $hitty team.
  7. I’m sure like the rest of you I was never blinded by their 3 prior wins. This team is truly fvcking bad. They can’t beat teams like Nashville or Tampa, they have no where near the talent those teams have and are a long fvcking way from being any where near that level, they’ve been really pathetic for a really long time and $hit won’t change unless they find some fvcking defensemen and 2 more skillful forwards, 1 more is not gonna cut it. Look at the fvcking way they just tried clearing that fvcking puck, they’re a fvcking pee-wee team, absolute pieces of $hit, same $hit with this fvcking pathetic excuse of a franchise, god damn fvcking embarrassment, year in fvcking year out. Embarrassment to the nhl.
  8. Great for Hall...someone tell me why the fvck do they keep showing Schneider in the Investors commercials? That is horrible advertising for Investors. I wouldn’t bank there...pretty much saying “we’ll save your money like this a$$hole saves pucks”
  9. What fvcking sport do they think they’re playing, curling? They can’t generate $hit, putrid watching them. Seriously what the fvck is this team? What fvcking sport am I watching? I see one team playing hockey who can do whatever they want and the other team is only trying to get in the way of them scoring 10 goals. Imagine if you went to work performing your job the way they do on the ice. You’d be fired day one.
  10. Only way to explain Wood is an out of control race car with bare tires driving on nothing but a sheet of ice. Only has speed but as soon as he tries to move the puck he’ll crash hard into the boards or fall down, liked him originally but truly useless, much like the rest of the team.
  11. Fvck everything about this team, they beyond piss me the fvck off. Easily one of the least talented team I’ve ever seen them staff and that’s almost 30 years of watching, so fvcking pathetic. You can yell at me all you want but everyone knows I’m right, sorry. It’s like watching a pee-wee league team...not to offend those pee-wee league teams.
  12. ajsgolf

    Audio discussion

    Hi all, There’s a walkie-talkie app in the App Store...if you search walkie-talkie it is the first option in yellow. Once it’s installed you can select a channel to communicate on and then press the power button in the app. Would anyone be interested in coming up with a schedule so Devils fans can meet in there to discuss anything Devils related that’s on their mind? I figure a good channel is 04.30 to represent Stevens and Brodeur That channel can be changed at any time. Makes it easier sometimes to have a verbal discussion instead of just talking in the forum.
  13. If anyone dares to go see them again make sure you boo loud as fvck if “vomit greene” or “allhatenojoy” is announced in the starting lineup, make sure they hear you and start chanting “greene you suck”
  14. Cory “Schitter” and Ben “AllHateNoJoy” I demand everyone calls them that from now on!!
  15. If the Devils ever score another goal at home this year and that dumb “you suck” chant is said then everyone should be arrested for being so stupid. Start chanting “we suck” instead, at least that would make sense. Dumbest f-ing chant especially when the fans of practically the worst team in the league chants it after a goal, it’s cringeworthy that’s how pathetic it sounds. Only time I ever chanted it was Henrique’s goal in the ECF against the rangers, first and only time.
  16. It’s like watching a high school team, truly it is. Not to offend those high school teams. Do they literally not have the talent to win another game all year? It’s putrid, only way to describe it. They have 5 wins since the start of the season and 16 losses, are you kidding me? You can vomit watching them. Other than Hall, Hischier, Palmieri, maybe Bratt, Seney (Lot of potential), Vatanen and Kinkaid who else is worth keeping on this team? Look at that last power play, what the hell was that?
  17. For those living in NJ (legal to bet) who want to be rich (and could have been after the majority of the Devils games this year) bet your entire life savings on TB tonight...as much a guarantee as anything. Really couldn’t see a reason why not to, too bad I live in NY unfortunately. Watching this year’s team is atrocious and I’ve been watching them for almost 30 years, they’re pitiful. Could you imagine performing the same way in your career as they do on the ice? You’d be fired day one. So why the hell is it fair they get to keep their jobs making 100s of thousands or in some cases millions for performing pathetically? May seem like this is an awful rant on my part but I can’t imagine there really are many who would disagree. There are a few on the team who are good/great players but other than them the team is replaceable. Will always root for them despite what you may think but their game is absurd already.
  18. I know I can’t be the only one who knows cory (won’t give him the respect of capitalizing his name) ended up being an atrocious acquisition. Think about it, what has he ever done for this team? He was never a game changer for them, people were so excited when they got him from vancouver but what the hell has he done for them? He’s been awful and he shouldn’t even start for a high school team, that’s putting it nicely...send that loser greene with him wherever he goes which should be to outer space.
  19. At least Pretty Woman is on USA...pretty good movie lol
  20. After watching a decent amount of the Pitt/Philly game, I hate to say it but, whose gonna be able to stop Pitt from winning their 3rd consecutive cup? They look that good and it’s tough to beat Crosby and Malkin in a best of 7 series.
  21. The league called me last night apologizing and said they have to end the Penguins/Flyers series early since the NHL does not condone rape. Penguins win series 1 game to none.
  22. Let me preface by saying yes, of course I hate the Flyers. Would never want them to win the cup under any circumstance. Glad we got that out of the way. However; let me know if I’m the only one who is rooting for the Flyers to beat the Pens because if by some miracle the Devils had to face one of those two teams in the playoffs I like their chances against the Flyers more so than the Pens? Anyone agree or would you never root for the Flyers under any circumstance (maybe other than when they play the Rangers if the outcome has no bearing on the Devils positioning)?
  23. Where is everyone’s focus today? Are you busy at work? Getting any work done or have you not accomplished a single thing since your only focus is geared towards 7:00? Have you lost control of your nerves or will they be relatively calm all the way through puck drop? Will you be eating lunch/dinner or have you lost your appetite for the day? Or will you be relaxed through it all since no one expected them to make it to mid April so any games moving forward is just a bonus in your mind? Good luck all!
  24. I should have the same percentage of being in goal on Thursday that Cory has. Honestly, if Hynes is thinking about starting Cory I am going to wait by my phone for him to call me asking if I’m ready to go in as well. There’s nothing to even think about. In fact Investors Bank should drop the commercial with Schneider stating “our interest rate is higher than Cory’s save percentage and we can no longer be represented in such a negative manner”
  25. Out of curiosity, are everyone’s nerves still in check? Will they remain that way or will your body soon take over and you won’t be able to control them? When the game is about to start will you have any kind of appetite to eat or is the thought of possibly eating during the game too hard to comprehend? Also, what are everyone’s game time traditions? Is anyone allowed to watch with you or do you have to watch the game by yourself with no one bothering you? Do you have a certain chair you must sit in or outfit you have to wear? Go into details, this usually gets pretty funny.
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