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  1. Ok, start thinking and let me know by morning. Hate waiting around for this loser of a franchise. I’ll forever hate Gretzky for calling them a Mickey Mouse franchise but he is definitely onto something.
  2. I’m in complete agreement with you but even if they clean house what will that accomplish? This is no different than the majority of the last 12-15 years or so, closer to 15. What or when will anything ever change?
  3. Hmm, Carolina on Saturday. All I know is if I lived in Jersey I’d bet my life savings on the hurricanes to cover the spread.
  4. That’s not just based off this fvcking lineup, based off these fvcking devils teams that are put on the ice. You can literally copy and paste the GDT’s for the last 10 plus years and they’d be accurate about 90% of the fvcking time for every game
  5. Can’t wait to tell the fvcking sales rep that emailed me to go fvck themselves and go to hell. I wouldn’t buy a fvcking ticket to watch this team ever.
  6. Ok, completely off topic from anything, maybe hence the thread. Looking for garage shelving. Was thinking something like this… Gladiator shelving Also looking for other similar options, maybe not as high priced. Anyone have any at home you can suggest? Thanks.
  7. Well the coaching staff is a huge part of the problem. Also a major issue that they absolutely don’t have the hockey talent to compete with most teams. They just don’t.
  8. Playoffs? Lol. Which decade are we referring to? So fvcking far from ever competing for a playoff spot unless they can get some fvcking depth. Joke of a franchise is what they’ve become. Hope ownersh!t (not misspelled) is reading this.
  9. Great fvcking period, when was their last shot on goal? Zero scoring chances, no fvcking depth with this franchise.
  10. Even the betting guy has been switched, they can’t keep anyone healthy.
  11. All because she shows some leg? Sorry, I’m just fvcking bitter that everything with this team turns to sh!t
  12. Really Erika, Tatar back in the lineup is good news? Really? How the fvck are those a$sholes across the river always healthy and never have any good players out? Feel like beating the $hit out of them with a hockey stick, or a bat, whatever you can find.
  13. Well I do always root for the Jets, just as long as they’re not playing the Giants. Nothing against them at all but it’s also frustrating that they too haven’t been good since those playoff games against the Steelers.
  14. Story of my life. To make matters worse I’m also a Mets fan. I give the Giants a pass though, they’ve at least won 2 championships in relatively recent times.
  15. This is not in relation to a protection against covid, it’s a full face mask covering so we’re not made fun of when people see who are actual fans of this team. Similar to what the Browns used to do.
  16. Cangi: “and the devils with their 25th regulation loss in a row” Dano: “just gotta keep playing hard, have to get out of this rut at some point”
  17. Is there any difference if they were to play an ice cold team?
  18. After he lets up 5 they will put in Jabba the Hutt, at least he should be able to block the entire net, right?
  19. And the fvcking fans tomorrow will cheer when these fvck clowns take the ice tomorrow instead of boo the sh!t out of them for all 60 mins, that’s not fvcking helping, no reason to cheer, not 1 fvcking reason.
  20. Next chant at a home game “fvck you Recchi” immediately followed by “fvck you devils” and also a “fvck you lindy” in there somewhere and just keep rotating. Glad we’re on the same page.
  21. They will continue to survive until they’re executed
  22. 19-63, including ot or shootout loss. Yep, sounds about right
  23. Yep, I’m sure as fvck sticking to my guess the other week in which they won’t have more wins than they did last year.
  24. I literally want to smack the sh!t out of Salvador’s face. Stop fvcking smiling. I don’t give a sh!t if the as$hole in your ear piece is telling you to smile. There’s nothing to fvcking smile about a$shole.
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