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  1. Any thoughts about not doing a GDT for today’s game? I may be reaching here but maybe the only way the devils win is if a GDT isn’t created. Just a thought. You’re free to attack if that’s a dumb idea but just trying to find something that works since clearly voodoo is needed at this point.
  2. Everyone go to work tomorrow telling all your coworkers “go fvck yourselves, I hate you all” When Monday comes and you still have a job, everyone will question how is that possible? Someone inform me how that’s any different than the devils coaches currently keeping their jobs, I’d love to know.
  3. Keep: Hughes, Hamilton, Mercer, Zacha, Bratt, Vesey, Hischier, Johnsson ( sometimes) Throw out: Everyone else Did I miss anyone?
  4. Am 1000% convinced they flat out do not have the talent to compete with nhl teams. I know every one of these fvcking games they play, especially against any team that is a .500 team or better that they have a 0% chance of winning, and I’ve not been wrong once this year. If I lived in jersey I’d be a millionaire since I’d bet every one of these fvcking games that they’d lose by the spread, guaranteed money.
  5. Bryce, take those stats and shove them up your a$$. Your insight is in line with how much you contributed as a hockey player, wish you never played. Relay that message to the majority of the team.
  6. Where the fvck is the fire everyone chant?
  7. Friend made me aware in the 4 games he’s been to this season he’s seen 6 goalies play: Blackwood Gilles Schmid Bernier Dawes Wedgewood And two of those games were wins. Also made a good point that from ‘95 to ‘14 it was basically one goalie, this fvcking franchise has become garbage
  8. Ruff: “Nevermind, I found it…Afinogenov - Roy - Vanek”
  9. Bauman: Give me an E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E A little long maybe but who gives a fvck, everyone hears and pays attention to him. A devils staple.
  10. No no no, we went over this people. “Fire Everyone” is the only fvcking chant that should be heard tonight. During warmups, all 60 mins of playing time and at various parts of intermission. You each need to do your part. I’ll cut a break for those watching at home, but if you’re at the game I better hear it, spread the word!
  11. This I thought was really cool, hence the post. Talk about a well oiled machine. Unfortunately I can’t take credit for that line, was already mentioned in the YouTube comments.
  12. Jack: Luuuuke, I am your brother…and we desperately fvcking need you since we have 1 defenseman, good job at Michigan but that was long enough.
  13. Can copy/paste that line for every home game, even if the coyotes come to town.
  14. Changing the subject again, any good movies on Netflix and/or Prime? Not worth speaking about the devils, too infuriating.
  15. I replied to a devils sales rep at the beginning of 2020 with the below email. Seems like I can copy and paste this for any future emails I ever fvcking receive from another sales rep: I guess the delay in my email may have partly been because I was trying to determine how I wanted to draft it. I’ve been a fan of this franchise for 28 years. Granted there have been some really bad teams during those years and some really successful ones. I’ve never been more angry at a devils team than the one on the ice this year. With the expectations going into the season compared to the output on the ice I’ve never been more disinterested in going to see them play. That sentiment has been shared by pretty much every Devils fan I’ve come across including season ticket holders. This year the organization has fired their GM, head coach, brought Schneider back up from the AHL (can’t comprehend that since we’re talking about a goalie who went more than a calendar year without a win, if that’s not atrocious I don’t know what is) and somehow figured out a way to acquire a backup goalie as bad as Schneider. In addition they named Alain as the interim coach who is as clueless as Hynes was, aka Hynes 2.0. Fitzgerald (who I do believe should be named the new GM) even admitted that this team probably won’t be competitive next year and are still in a rebuild. If a fan hears that why would they want to spend any money to visit the arena to see such a horrible product when you already know going into next year they will be just as bad? Devils currently only have 3 players they can try to build around; Hughes, Hischier, and Blackwood. Until they’re competitive again there’s just no way I’d consider purchasing tickets to see them play. Year in and year out it’s practically a repeat of the previous year and next season does not have any promise. I’m really getting sick of the Prudential Center because outside of 2012 it’s been one failed season after another. Would rather them move back to the Meadowlands. I’m even watching this game tonight against the Blues and you can get sick watching them, just a horrible performance. No more than a couple scoring chances in the game at best. As I’m drafting this email they just gave up another goal. They’re once again the equivalent of the AHL team. My friend whose a Rangers fan has been to many more devils games this year than me, same case as last year and will be the same as next. The Blues have now won 12 games in a row against the devils, how beyond pathetic is that? Buy tickets for this team? That’s an absolute joke if I ever heard one.
  16. My first ever GDT. Only trying this in the hopes of beginner’s luck.
  17. I’ll forever hate Gretzky for calling the devils a Mickey Mouse franchise but he would now have a point since I can’t see how this team will ever improve. By the time fvcking ownership thinks this team is ready, Hughes would have retired.
  18. I recently posted that it looks like the Devils won’t have more wins than last year, all of 19. Someone thought that was insane, for a second I believed them, not so sure I do anymore.
  19. I used to google the devils to try to read anything positive. Don’t recall the last time I ever did that. Now all I do is google the Canes seeing if they hired a new coordinator or had any good signings. Somehow I hold out hope that each year they’ll have a great season since all the other teams I root for also fvcking suck: Mets Giants (I cut them a break since they at least won a few SBs in this lifetime. Knicks (well that was when I enjoyed basketball, probably stopped giving a fvck just about the time Charles Smith realized he can’t hit a fvcking layup) Can’t watch basketball, way too boring.
  20. Come on, more of you, what’s everyone doing for New Years, can’t you clearly see I’m trying to get off topic here?
  21. Hey Recchi, I sure as fvck hope this happens to you.
  22. Fvck the Devils, new topic, what’s everyone doing for New Years? We’ll be hosting a small party, should fvcking drink my a$s off to forget this sorry franchise. How bout everyone else?
  23. Can Stevens come across the middle of the bench and put him out like he did Lindros?
  24. Kevin O’Leary: Take the entire coaching staff out behind the barn and shoot them, I’m out.
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