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  1. You don’t happen to live on or near Jimmie Leeds Rd in Galloway do you? Saw the name and thought I’d ask. I went to school at Richard Stockton College, of course now it’s a university.
  2. No players, go fvck yourself Ray. Sorry, prospects and picks do nothing for this team, does absolutely nothing to improve the team currently. Plus how often do prospects turn out like absolute $hit? Devils are experts at that.
  3. https://www.tsn.ca/florida-panthers-no-longer-in-mix-for-new-jersey-devils-f-taylor-hall-1.1414003 I really don’t think he would’ve wanted to go there. He does want to win and I def believe his best chance for that is with Colorado. Granted I don’t care if he wins once he leaves but I know he wants to make a playoff run and with the teams in the mix that def seems like his best option.
  4. Do you think if the Devils were on pace to finish around 7th or 8th in the east that he would’ve re-signed with the team or do you think he still would have wanted to walk? All speculation of course since we know that’s not happening.
  5. I would last 25 seconds as the color man for this team before being fired for cursing on air. Would anyone in here last longer?
  6. Someone posted somewhere else that if it was with Colorado, notice they didn’t sit any of their players so it would prob only be a prospect or someone along those lines. Wouldn’t Arizona or Florida give a better return than Colorado?
  7. Is he playing on xbox or ps4?
  8. Fvck everything and everyone on this so called team. Pieces of $hit from top to bottom. Feel bad for Hughes, Nico must be pissed and feel like a schmuck for signing. Hope they fvcking move the team, or drop them from the nhl, which should be easy since they sure as fvck are not an nhl team. AHL would be a compliment to them.
  9. How many years already does it have to be before they’re “competing” for a playoff spot? Seriously, when will it ever end with this fvcking franchise? Sickening. They’re way more than 2 years out from being good. They’re missing 3 decent defenseman because they have at most 1 and not even fvcking sure who that is any more.
  10. Trust me I fvcking want to, it’s like a fvcking train wreck, can’t look away. No idea why I watch, I know the fvcking outcome any way. Maybe I just want to see what Hughes is gonna do, really don’t fvcking know. Hughes is about the only player who I’m interested in seeing what he may do, him and Nico. Not even interested to see what Hall is gonna do, not as entertaining, besides why the fvck would I care watching him when he’s pretty much on his way to Colorado any way. I just don’t see this team having the talent way too many people are giving them credit for. Can they move the puck around in the offensive zone? No, they fvcking can’t. Their passes suck, just look at their power play. Let’s skate 120 feet up the ice, oh wait, I have an idea, let’s now pass it back 30 feet so the next schmuck can try skating the puck up and never gain control in the offensive zone. Every other team in the league can move the puck around the zone on the pp. They just don’t have the talent, they’re a bad team. Their play every fvcking night proves that. Don’t know what else to write, just so fvcking sick of them, it’s just beyond pathetic.
  11. Nope, sorry, not one game they play is fun. This team is a bunch of pathetic fvcks and the worst team with apparently this “skill” that they apparently have. They flat out fvcking suck with hardly any talent. Don’t care if someone argues with me that they have good talent and they’re better than the 2015 team blah blah blah. Yeah, if they had talent would they win a fvcking game? Don’t think it’s the coaches anymore, they just flat out don’t have the talent, they can barely skate, can barely control the puck and make dumb fvcking passes. Their fvcking play is absolutely predictable. I know every fvcking pass they’re gonna make before it happens and so does every fvcking team. They flat out fvcking suck. Perennial losers this fvcking franchise. Don’t care if it sucks reading this or if you ignored it. This isn’t a fvcking hockey team. Fvcking sick of them. Wonder if I can add any additional “fvcks” in this post. Oh yeah, fvck them.
  12. Was it Mickey, Minnie or one of the other Disney characters who stole your phone and typed the Nasreddine portion?
  13. Not sure why people think they’d have to give up more than hall to get byram. Whoever gets hall, especially a team like Colorado is looking to win right now. If anything I think it should be the other way around. Devils are way off from being competitive again and if they ever plan to be anytime soon they better start with major roster changes since most have been $hit. Nothing fvcking changes and I’m now pissed writing this post at 12:30 am. I’m going to bed, fvcking tired and now mad.
  14. They should quit hockey, let the nhl drop them from the league, they can all go fvck off and go to Russia and play there or some $hit.
  15. When I was at the game against the strangers on Saturday I heard the chant a number of sections over and as soon as I did I yelled that chant at the top of my lungs but I was the only person in the vicinity who was chanting it. I do have a loud voice so I’m sure many around me heard it and probably thought I was embarrassing myself but at this point that’s not possible especially when the devils are embarrassing themselves. The whole fvcking arena needs to be chanting that $hit tonight, even the Vegas fans. Bring signs, wear t-shirts, whatever the fvck it takes but I wanna hear that sh!t as loud as fvck coming out of my tv.
  16. ajsgolf

    Fire Hynes

    Hynes and Shero are doing each other, only explanation why he’s still the coach, it’s obvious.
  17. During the ‘03 parade when Dano was giving his speech the crowd was chanting “one more year” (yes, I know they were kidding) and I was chanting “re-ti-re”. When I was at the autograph event and after I got his autograph I put my hand out to shake his and he acted frustrated that I did, he did shake my hand but def always remembered that was a d!ck way to act. At this point I’d rather have Sherry Ross as commentator (ok, just maybe a bit)
  18. I’ve met Dano at some autograph event. He was pretty much an a$$hole and obviously a fvcking moron in his commentary. Just said they’ve been a lot better since the first period. Just shut the fvck up and leave like the rest of the staff.
  19. I’m willing to bet he’ll be there at the start of next season too, no reason to believe he won’t be. Why wouldn’t he be? If they didn’t get rid of him now what difference does now and then make?
  20. The funniest was a highlight of them scoring an empty net, bout the only time they can score. It’s a miracle a game ever gets to the point that they have a chance for an empty net.
  21. Someone explain how any other fvcking Devils team could have possibly been worse than this one? I truly hate this fvcking team now, thanks a lot to every mother fvcker associated with it.
  22. I’ve been saying to family and friends since a trade seemed most likely that he’d definitely be going to Colorado. To me it makes more sense than pretty much all other teams combined. They started the season off on a tear and cooled down a bit but that team is loaded and with all the young talent you know they’ll somehow land hall and the devils will get $hit in return. That will just be the icing on the cake or the cherry on top or whatever the fvck you want to call it. It’s gonna be a reverse uno Adam Larsson card and the Devils will get screwed. Then you just know Colorado will win the cup and that god damn mother fvcking piece of $hit hynes (lower-case h to show him absolutely zero respect) will still have his fvcking job, as will Ray $hito (at least I gave him capital letters) Think I’m a bit sick of this $hit by now and pretty much what I’ve fvcking dealt with for over a decade? Yeah, yeah the fvck I am. If my anger doesn’t penetrate through the screen of this fvcking iPhone and onto the message board then nothing will. Sorry, I’m just a tad bit angry, if you couldn’t tell.
  23. Let me ask everybody, if Hall wanted to resign with NJ would you want him on the team at this point or would you only want to trade him?
  24. ajsgolf

    Fire Hynes

    Still completely worth it. Would be considered the smartest money I’ve ever spent. In fact, I’ll vouch for the insurance to verify the package has reached its final destination with the contents still in the same position at the end of its journey. Whose meeting me there with the champagne?
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