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  1. Although I’m guessing most people in general would go with face painting any day over going with a tattoo.
  2. Obviously this pertains to this year and sure as hell not the last 10 years… When game day falls on a weekday, at what time during the work day do you become useless since you’re only reading Devils info or posting on njdevs until the drop of the puck? I think I become partly useless throughout the day since the game is always in the back of my head.
  3. Poll: How much would you be willing to spend if you can guarantee the Devils would win the cup that year?
  4. IMG_3722.MOV IMG_3725.MOV IMG_3727.MOV
  5. https://fansignstime.com/new-jersey-devils-logo-1-neon-like-led-sign-legacy-edition?93=18&159=6&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIg6bqjtHJ-wIVk-DICh12pAK9EAQYCiABEgL-q_D_BwE Was looking for a Devils Den sign to put in a basement but only found this so far. Know of anywhere to find a Devils Den sign, similar to the one outside of Championship Plaza, just in a much smaller form factor?
  6. If I were to wash a jersey with signatures, will the signatures come out?
  7. I’d say you’re probably right but was def curious what the responses would be.
  8. Am also a member of zero soccer forums but I do know the World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world, hence the inquiry.
  9. Not sure if it’s a crazy question and feel free to attack in case it is. Would you rather the Devils win the cup or US win the World Cup? I know the US is not a soccer country but hypothetically speaking.
  10. Nice little clip, you’ve probably all have seen it already.
  11. Well now you can’t leave me with just that, spill it
  12. Does deadspin know something everyone else doesn’t?
  13. Reminds me of the days walking through the tunnel coming out of CAA, greatest walk after a playoff win.
  14. The ‘21/‘22/‘23 Devils, continuation of last year. Didn’t think they could actually be worse than last year but I stand corrected
  15. Any chance it will be on njd.tv tonight? Guessing no way in hell.
  16. Don’t know if it’s just me but he sounds a lot like Matt Loughlin I think. I can hear the differences but something about his voice does sound familiar. Anyone agree?
  17. Saw this on someone’s laptop yesterday, had to capture it @mfitz804
  18. I personally don’t think the rest of us should have to suffer just because you “have to work” that’s just me though
  19. @mfitz804Am a little disappointed we didn’t get something from you based off the last sentence.
  20. https://www.nj.com/devils/2022/09/i-dont-regret-one-bit-of-it-martin-brodeur-finally-talks-about-his-devils-grudge-and-forgiveness-that-brief-blues-stint-and-his-gm-dreams.html?outputType=amp Am guessing everyone has already read this but if not, what’s wrong with you? Lol kidding, but enjoy it if you haven’t yet.
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