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  1. Hence rebuild version 20 that will be referenced in year 2041. No end in sight is exactly the case. Rangers sent a letter out about their rebuild and look where they are now. Devils will send the same fvcking letter but there will be 20 different letters, only thing changing will be the font type.
  2. Much closer to two, except for one year that I would’ve deducted a decade if they pulled off 2 more wins that year, fvck you Bernier.
  3. At this point they’ll be at rebuild version 20 before they’ll be fighting for a WC spot again, who knows what decade that will be. Am guessing around 2041. Just think some franchises are made to be fvcked, they may be one of them. Would say the coyotes are right up there with them, perhaps the Sabres but they appear to be coming up a lot quicker than the devils. So sick of the same sh!t decade in decade out.
  4. I watched part of this to remind myself what it was like to be happy once again watching this franchise.
  5. In fact, if anyone here is friends with Bauman tell him to spell out fire everyone instead of let’s go devils. That should get the g-d damn mother fvcking point across to those fvcking pieces of sh!t sitting in a suite.
  6. Shortly after that chant Hynes was gone. It may not help much but watching this sh!t show is not fvcking helping at all either. So we might as well try to take it into our own hands once again.
  7. What time should I meet you at the game? Two voices are better than one.
  8. Similar to when everyone was chanting “fire hynes” in the the arena years ago (myself included), if you want to do something/anything to get the fvcking point across, start chanting “fire everyone clap clap clapclapclap”. At this point I think nothing else will help, unless you start protesting with signs outside the arena.
  9. Run the entire coaching staff over with the Zamboni, only way something is going to happen to these useless fvcks. Ruff may think he deserves to be a coach but his left eye knows what the fvck is up.
  10. Wow what horsesh!t coming out of the mouth of ownership, that was pathetic. Go fvck yourself! Yeah I’m sure Hamilton is thrilled he signed a LT contract with this so called organization.
  11. Might have been dirty while he was out recruiting but he was a sh!t HC and I don’t give a fvck if it was frowned upon, lost way too many fvcking games they should’ve won.
  12. At least Miami finally fvcking did something and fired their useless AD and HC and got a respectable AD from Clemson and HC from Oregon. Now even talks of building a stadium in CG which would be awesome. Somehow fvcking hoping the Devils do something along those lines with their useless staff. Def no hope in that though. Fvcking pr!cks
  13. Ask Emrick to come out of retirement. Switch Salvador with Elias and bring back Chico eats. Almost debating to bring back Deb Placey but Erika is the only thing worth looking at.
  14. Salvador liked the 3rd period, wow, his commentary is just as good as his hockey ever was, dumb fvck
  15. Ok I’d definitely take Hughes as well, and Hamilton because you need at least one defenseman, everyone else can go fvck themselves, including the ownership
  16. Oh gee, a shootout, no idea what could possibly happen now.
  17. Erika just had a look on her face when it came back from commercial “you’re telling me I gotta find something fvcking positive to say about this sh!tshow?”
  18. Not. A. Hockey. Team. Coaching staff, go play in traffic…and the majority of the players
  19. They’re like the fvcking Mets. No matter who the fvck they bring in they’ll never have success. Why? Because they’re the fvcking mets! After they got Scherzer the so called experts claim they now have 14-1 odds to win the W.S. No they fvcking don’t, they’re the mets. Their odds are 1000000-1. Feels the same with this fvcking hockey team every damn year.
  20. Does their rebuild ever end? Clearly not. Not one f-ing defenseman not named Hamilton is capable of playing hockey. Can we take number 4 and 27 down from the rafters and put them on the ice?
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