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  1. It’s just gonna be fvcking hilarious that half of the sabres wins this year are gonna be against one team who may actually be worse than them. Pathetic losers
  2. Wow, and you reference my favorite sitcom of all time. Impressive. We’re the Devils, the Devils, yeahhhhh
  3. Didn't know where to put this so figured this was the best thread. Pajama shirt attached, obviously have had it for many years. Would you toss it considering how worn out it is with all the holes or could you not bring yourself to do it? I'm debating.
  4. Was my birthday today, any chance that played into it? Who here has a birthday on Saturday?
  5. For my birthday tomorrow I want the devils to trade Palmieri to Edmonton for McDavid and Draisaitl. Don’t birthday wishes come true? To answer everyone’s question, nope, promise, I wasn’t on anything or smoking anything. Just nice to wish.
  6. I was almost 100% sure you would’ve commented that “Hall’s gonna have a busted lip, oh wait”
  7. My bday’s on thurs but for sure no one wants to hear from me so the last thing I’ll ever do is create a GDT. Happy bday MadDog, hope they get a win for you tonight.
  8. I’m ready to petition to remove the devils from the league. That’s what I fvcking think should happen
  9. Worst team in the history of the franchise! I have zero fvcking doubt!!!
  10. No fvcking way in a trillion years anyone can convince me this isn’t in the bottom 5 worst teams this fvcking sh!t excuse of a franchise ever had, just no fvcking way. Once again they’ll be the laughing stock of the nhl and ahl.
  11. Umm, they flat out don’t have the fvcking talent to tie it up, fvcking period! They’re absolute sh!t which is putting it lightly. Garbage franchise
  12. How the fvck is this not already the Devils? Did I miss something? They’re wayyyyyy beyond a perennial losing team.
  13. Drop this fvcking sad pathetic excuse of a hockey team from the league. Just get rid of them, why not? At least everyone in this forum won’t be pissed for 2 1/2 hours every other day. Who fvcking cares if they get dropped? Bunch of fvcking losers from the bottom to the bottom. Wasn’t a mistype, no one associated with this fvcking franchise is at the top. Fvck them all.
  14. When the fvck does this sh!t end? At what point is contending for a playoff spot an actual possibility? Do you say in 5 years or more?
  15. Drop this fvcking franchise from the league. Think about how much less stress everyone would have in this forum, am I right? What’s the fvcking point of keeping them in the league? This isn’t a hockey team. They should look into curling if they want to stay on ice.
  16. Do the Devils have a water boy? Maybe they need one instead of a useless thermos. Not even sure if the Devils win another game for the season. You may think that’s crazy but why would that be far fetched? Unless a team forfeits a game. Heard the league is gonna drop the Devils to 9th in the division because the Sabres felt insulted that they were so close to them in the standings.
  17. Someone told me the Devils were a better team this year than last. Nope, don’t fvcking believe that sh!t for a second. Devils were much closer to getting into the playoff bubble last year than they’ll ever fvcking be this year. Don’t give a sh!t if someone tries to tell me they have better players this year. Do they really? Not translating to sh!t. You want to fvck up your career? Put on the red and black jersey, guaranteed your name will forever be forgotten.
  18. Guess the devils have two AHL teams. Not sure which is which. Thought last year’s team was worse, may end up being a nail biter.
  19. What is it, another 5 fvcking years before this fvcking team can compete? This sh!t never changes, sorry, just so fvcking sick of it, year after year. Just fvcking livid
  20. Does Amanda speak with anyone within the organization? Tell her to pass this message along “fvck you recchi and fvck you nA$shole, leave and don’t ever fvcking come back”
  21. Game. Final 5-1 Gusev with another goal 30 seconds left in the 3rd. These fvcking losers don’t have the ability to win sh!t when they’re losing, just don’t have the talent. Fvck this franchise, nothing fvcking changes holy sh!t. I don’t care if they get 40 shots on goal, about 5 scoring chances a game. Fvck everything.
  22. I just think this franchise is permanently fvcked to never make the playoffs. Can’t get any fvcking talent.
  23. Yep I thought this team had potential this year after the first few games. This game will be the defining point of their season. They still don’t have the talent to be anywhere near competitive, just don’t. Nas can still go to fvcking hell. Gonna end up last in the conference, buffalo is gonna overtake them, although that’s not saying much. Another year down the toilet. Will this fvcking team ever make the playoffs again? Just fvcking sick of this $hit every fvcking year. Sorry, don’t care if I sound like an annoying a$shole, nothing fvcking changes.
  24. I may go back to prudential so I can yell at the top of my lungs like I did with hynes to fire this nA$shole, fvcking loser, go to hell you piece of $hit
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