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  1. Found the Hynes burner account.
    Yeah when it starts going really well I'm going to swap all the letters around for the wrong ones so it becomes totally unintelligible.
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  2. So if you listen to certain players, a lot say road trips bring the team closer together since they're around one another a lot more compared to being at home when everyone is with their families and doing their own thing. This could very well be the case with this team where a road trip could finally bring them together.
    That being said, I'm not willing to turn down the heat on any of our coaches just yet, we had a 4 game winning streak to open last year and we faded away very fast. I'm hopeful as any fan would be that this is going to become the norm, but I'm very very cautious to say we're out of the woods with this squad.
    Ah that's interesting.

    One of the things that struck me when I read some Athletic season preview stuff was how much the other NHL coaches rate Hynes. It'd be a shame to never see what he can do with a really talented roster, hope they keep this run together.
  3. Seems to have turned it around a bit? What's he done? Devils have looked mostly good of late, maybe it just took only average goaltending to rescue the team.

    Special mention to Miles Wood too, who's started to bring some of those unique qualities back to the game.

  4. No need to confirm now that we are in-season...   but I always like recapping here for discussion sake, etc.

    Your 3 UFA keepers are yours until you choose to release them.
    Your 1 RFA keeper has the 100 game cut off...  after they pass 100 games played they are no longer able to be kept as an RFA keeper (but free to transition to a UFA keeper)
    Ah great, cheers! High hopes for Svechnikov then.
  5. Sworn Defenders announce a minor trade...  sending D Erik Brannstrom and their 2021 20th  to Miles Wood Fightclub for D Josh Manson and their 2021 18th.
    Reminder:  In interest of transparency, new for this year, trades will no longer be "approved" by the commissioner - only "vetoed".
    This will allow for the trade to be scrutinized by all GMs and provide a reasonable amount of time to raise objections (1 day)..   

    This will prevent trades from being pushed through immediately upon 'approval' of the commissioner only later to have it reversed.


    Btw is there a limit to how many years you can keep a keeper or is it endless?
  6. Thank you everyone for a fantastic draft.  We completed 20 full rounds of picks (280 in total) in 105 minutes...  or an average pick speed of 22.5 seconds.
    I look forward to a great season and would once again like to welcome [mention=8323]NQDevil[/mention]'s Mile Woods Fightclub to our league. He has an excellent showing at the draft.

    I also look forward to the long teased name changes...  we'll see if they occur!

    Thanks again!
    Cheers bud, had a blast! Most envious of the guy who got Nylander as a keeper, and there was some insanely good picks ups late on! All done before 3am too.
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  7. DevilMinder, by default, is assigned the #8 slot and our draft order is set.
    Trades now can be made knowing exactly where the picks will be.

    Picks by round:  https://hockey.fantasysports.yahoo.com/hockey/11042/draftresults?drafttab=round
    Picks by team: https://hockey.fantasysports.yahoo.com/hockey/11042/draftresults?drafttab=team

    Draft Order

    1    Zamboni Warriors  - krunko7
    2    Zajac-ing Off - Devilsfan118
    3    Palm on and SLAM - Ralliart90
    4    NeoThrashers - MantaRay
    5    Miles Wood Fightclub
    6  Eaglejelly - Eaglejelly
    7  One More Tank - LOTCB
    8  Wolverines!!! - DevilMinder
    9  NJDefenders - NJDEVS1730
    10  Sworn Defenders - Aylbert
    11    Dynamo Nation - redruM
    12    Squirtle Squad - Henriqued
    13    Nicoise Salad - Pacific Devil
    14   Hard Dump - devlman


    The season starts on 10/2.   We tend to avoid the weekends and do a weekday night draft.    I don't believe Friday is a good day either.
    So alternatively instead of Mon 9/30, we could do Thurs 9/26  or Tues 10/1.   We could also modify the time time slight...   7:30 / 8:00 / 8:30

    Does anyone have any blackout dates or opinions on the time from the above?


    All dates work for me. The earlier the better for me, as I'm 5 hours ahead, but will work with what everyone else can do.
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