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  1. Ugh, how the hell did that not go in?
  2. I'll sign up for the 6-5 OT loss right now.
  3. Do our defensemen lose every board battle or is it just me?
  4. Hall and that cross ice prayer pass to Palmieri lol. Lemaire would have an aneurysm.
  5. That’s a hat trick for the Devils against their own net.
  6. Yes they’re really good at deflecting pucks into their own net and failing to cover the front of said net.
  7. Kinkaid literally has no earthly idea what the hell is going on around him on rebounds.
  8. Seemed to stabilize late in the period, but way too many turnovers in our defensive zone early. It's to be expected for a season opener being played thousands of miles from home.
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