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  1. They were for a devils home game, its really confusing as you guys list the home and away teams the other way round to how soccer is listed here! anyway, thanks for taking the time to read and reply, it's been helpful. It's as i thought, I prob won't be able to resell so I'll go down the school route and give them to a child. then I'll set about trying to get 'proper' tickets for the right game when I'm over there... I'll get there in the end! thanks again.
  2. thanks for the reply guys. do tickets for preseason games resell at all? I'm thinking I'll struggle as the game probably won't sell out anyway? if it's unlikely and they haven't sold by a week or so before I'm thinking I'll just email a school in the area and offer the seats for free, I'd rather the tickets get used by a child who may not otherwise be able to go to a match than not at all. what area in the city would have poorer children who would use the tickets if it comes to that? if you could give me an area please I'll google a few schools nearer the time. thanks again for your help.
  3. Hi Guys, I'm from the UK and will be visiting soon to take my son to his first NHL and Devils game. Thing is, I bought the wrong tickets for a date we won't be there! (totally my error, The pre-season format is really unfamiliar compared to UK soccer and I made a stupid error) Anyway, I wondered if anyone could please help, what would you suggest I could do to recoup some of the money? Is there a ticket swap or resale section anywhere? Also, I bought the tickets for the bruins preseason game (4 tickets, block 15, $350) would price would these resell at do you think? $200 for four? I understand I would lose some money, just want to recoup what I can or they'll go to waste totally. As a stupid Brit any help would be appreciated. Thankyou.
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