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  1. One of them is definitely going if this happens. Hate to lose bratt but if tkachuk is the cost I’d do it obviously with more pieces going the other way.
  2. I would trade holtz in a second. I don’t think the team is sold on him either.
  3. Also if it takes bratt and severson and a 1st and something or someone else lower tier I’d do that for tkachuk. Although was his season an outlier? Bratt had a good year as well but was that an outlier as well?
  4. With the idea of tkachuk to St. Louis we definitely could get tarasenko a little cheaper I believe as well. 3 team trade sounds good. Just get older faster but not too old in my eyes.
  5. Devils fan from New York that was introduced to hockey and started playing at 6. My first game was I believe 1988 at the meadowlands and Sean Burke was the goaltender. The devils lost to the Toronto maple-leafs 3-1 but I was hooked and have been since. Shanahan, Kirk muller were also on the team then. I live for this team more than any other team. I love the Yankees and cowboys but not like I love this team. I’d give them up if I had to choose.
  6. What could Calgary possibly want for tkachuk that we wouldn’t do at this point?
  7. I like the signing even though the price take and length was a little much. Now I hope something else is in the works bia trade because Fitz said he was looking for a top line impact player and this is not that type of player.
  8. Haha Columbus? Ok Johnny.
  9. This day is heating up. Please land Johnny and I will go in peace to never complain again.
  10. Zacha being gone is a good start to this day.
  11. This put me in a much better mood than after last night.
  12. I knew we were doomed once Vegas projected slaf as favorite for #1 earlier today. And as far as board I take best available. And nemec is not that.
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