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  1. We can’t play against this team no matter what.
  2. We need so much help I don’t even know where to start. Free agents won’t want to come here. Trades for top talent won’t happen because of trade clauses. I just don’t know where this team goes from here yet again. Trade away vets that are underachieving for draft picks that will most likely never work out I guess...
  3. Just the defense struggled? More to it than that I think. We did do better with Tennyson over butcher before vatanen came back. WAAAAY better actually.
  4. Why they play is beyond me? Has slow ass Butcher hit the net in a game lately?
  5. Jesus I didn’t think we could be this bad for YET ANOTHER SEASON!
  6. I pretty much on board with all that. How many more years can we possibly suck for? We are seriously the Mets/Jets now.
  7. Who does everyone think should go? Coaches and players. I start with palmieri, gusev, nasredine, recchi... I could go on but would like some more ideas.
  8. Mine lasted until we became the only team Buffalo can beat.
  9. We played pretty well before covid and since it’s been shameful. Penalty kill is on pace to be worst in history since they started keeping track of that. Power play is almost as bad. What can be changed? I think this goes deeper than coaching. Maybe the talent really just isn’t there.
  10. Can we re open the izod center so at least we could win at home.
  11. Why is it dumb? It’s a fair opinion. But if you’re a Hynes guy I understand your pushback.
  12. He clearly was good enough in my opinion.
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