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  1. Hellybyuck? Not sure if that’s the best spelling.
  2. Beer. I know that slur anywhere.
  3. Oh well I love this team. Still have one of my jerseys on. I’ll hang it up tomorrow with the others. Thank you for beating the rangers. Next year we will be back. Looking forward to the future. It’s bright.
  4. Over the effing glass does in a series. Revisit the rule nhl. Not saying nothing. First time over glass issue warning after that penalty. That really is a soft a$$ rule to end a series.
  5. Carter swallows storm surge. Good god with these guys on the intermissions. Carolina is great devils suck blah blah blah.
  6. Nothing like playing well at the end of a period. Time to win.
  7. Intentional offside called late in the 3rd period of an elimination game… seems normal.
  8. Great decision to start schmid.
  9. And lamp , and tray tables for the living room. List goes on…
  10. Not negative. It was a huge fvcking miss!!! It’s how this team goes. Calm down. I want to win this as much as anyone. I broke up with a girlfriend over the 2009 series against this a$$hole team. Smashed everything and threw stuff out the front door including the tv. So yeah I want them to fvcking win.
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