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  1. I’ve been off for awhile. Does Montreal really take slaf? They don’t have any centers. I wouldn’t mind wright at 2. But if a trade comes up I would do it. But that’s a draft night trade.
  2. This was the worst possible first round matchup I could think of. I hate both of these teams beyond words but one of these dirthole teams has to win. Looks like pens.
  3. I wouldn’t hate that if d1ckhead was younger.
  4. No reason for ruff to stay without endorsements from nico, jack, and Hamilton for that matter.
  5. I think Nico and jack have a say in decisions at this point. The might know better.
  6. Should have happened walking off bench.
  7. What do we do with Blackwood?
  8. If only this game meant something…
  9. I hope we can get better this off-season. I look forward to reading and posting on here. We are all great fans of this team and our passion for them deserves better than what we are getting. We will be better but changes have to be made. I look forward to our forum more than games anymore. now does anyone have a favorite for playoffs? will anyone be watching? I’ll watch to root against teams not root for. As long as rangers, penguins, bruins, panthers, lightning, avalanche, predators, and capitals don’t win I’ll be happy. Doesn’t leave much though.
  10. I honestly don’t think anything is going to change.
  11. This team has been a “dump out” for years
  12. We pull Hammond for Gillies. Says a lot about this sh1t show.
  13. Buy his plane ticket. If there is still flights to Russia.
  14. Do we really think we will get rid of zacha and the coaching staff this off-season?
  15. Wow schlemko. How may seasons did we have him?
  16. Always mute. It makes the game tolerable at least.
  17. Had little league game today for both kids. That was a 17-0 win. Glad I missed this one.
  18. Is it bad luck or just being bad? I’m not sure.
  19. Just more blunders from a team that’s full of them. If these guys aren’t fired the night or day after season they won’t be. And then another season of pain will be on the way.
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