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  1. Throw up and use #2 for a Junior Goaltender? Or Package the #2 pick with the Owners and trade for another NHL team.
  2. Best wishes Steve, glad you are still with the Bulls. Thanks for your years.
  3. In my opinion, the team can't jump around. It has three fundamental problems. Goal tending, improving the defense and then scoring. They must nail one foot to the floor, which is goal tending. Then adding one at least experience, Defenseman, and if it were me, I can't risk going any further with Severson so he goes and gets replaced with someone with experience. So that is two experience defensemen at a minimum. Then they need to get some scoring wingers for Nico and Hughes. Will these changes make them a team that can make the playoff? NO because they need to replace the coaching staff. That has started but Ruff has to go as well. I don't think that is in Fitz's program, I see him keeping Ruff and hoping he can get a better assistant coach and another offensive coach. While that might be a bandaid, the head coach calls the shots. Rough works well with kids. Kids don't make the playoffs. Just my two cents. If they don't make the playoffs this coming season, then Fitz is done along with the idea of them making the playoffs anytime soon. The owners have been spoiled with attendees while putting crap on the ice.
  4. I believe he has another year with the Devils. Right-hand shot defensemen are hard to come by. Severson helps with the offense, but he tends to make bad decisions. That is why he is a toss up for me. I have never heard that he said he wanted to remain a Devil. I suspect he will want max money, why not, he knows he is always a risk to be traded. I would trade him. I'll take good defense over his production on offense. The Devils need goaltending and defense first. Then they need some scorers. Just because they have 4 20-goal scorers, you must consider scoring is up this season.
  5. The Devils vs. Bruins, the Devils were pathetic. So Bad. Terrible rebuild for the Devils, is it the worst ever?
  6. It is difficult to get excited about any Devils' draft or the draft day period. "Immediate" is the operative word for the Devils, not future. I am tired of the same old excuses and results these past 8 or so years.
  7. It has been a long time for Bengal fans. I wish you and them good luck. I would rather see an AFC team win than NFC. Go Bengals. BTW, I never mention the great job the Bengals did in the second half to shut down the KC Offense. Congrats to the Bengals half time defense adjustment.
  8. I heard that, great for him. I wasn't even close. I picked KC and the 49ers. Dropped footballs on offense and defense interceptions cost the 49ers. KC offense disappeared right at the start of the second half and stay like that for the 2nd half. Why I have zero ideas, total surprise. I thought for a while it was overconfidence at the beginning of the 2nd half, but after one series of down, it kept repeating. I won't make a living or supplement my retirement betting on sports. Too emotionally attached to a team. I have been a Patriots fan for 62 years, an original season ticket holder, I will stay the same until my death. I am a Boston fan for all the sports. With hockey, I adopted the NJ Devils when I became a season ticket holder in 1993 because I was living here. I did root for the Giants before we had a football team in the Boston area. Sports are so great IMO and frustrating at times like the Devils have been since Lou Lams stepped down as the boss.
  9. I am so glad I am not a football sports better. Out of the last 6 games, the championship games and the round before it the only one I got right was KC beating Buffalo. That is 1 correct out of 6. I follow football, shows what I know.
  10. Personally, I think they need a better goalie and a new coaching staff, a complete change of coaches plus better players to make the playoffs not win the Cup just make the playoffs.
  11. I have been reading some of the posts here. The Devils are bringing out the worst in it's fans. Play nice boys.
  12. Sorry you can't make chicken salad out of chicken sh!t. I don't care who the chef(coach) is.
  13. You know what you want; you know this game. Only you can make this call. What's the big deal? It's not like someone will come after you and kill you. Go for it. Take one for the team (you are the team). We are along for the ride. What do you think? I will make the call if you won't, but I will sound like a joke saying I am calling for a collector who is too afraid to call.
  14. Could I add "Devils?" Fvck "Devils" hockey, hard, right in the a$$ home. What do you think?
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