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  1. Best wishes with your hobby. My you enjoy the task of completing this project. Are there many Devils fans doing the same? How about fans of other clubs do you come in contact with any of them? I was never involved with a hobby like this so just curious.
  2. Base line keeps moving towards worse. Thanks for the thought.
  3. I was in the hospital Wednesday and Thursday, so I missed the announcements of the Devils' trades and signings. I am so glad to see that they made moves to improve the rebuild of the goaltending and the defense. Way to go Fitz Let's Go Devils
  4. True he is probably be a top 3 on our defensive rooster. We must get a much better defense if we have any chance of protecting our goalies and making the, just making, playoffs for quite a while. My goal, at least make the playoffs. Appreciate your comment.
  5. Because he hasn't been spectacular. Because he is a bottom 3 and there are plenty out there that are better D players.
  6. Ok, Seattle picks are done. For me, now, let's get rid of Subban and build a defense that isn't a pushover.
  7. New Jersey Devils Notable players exposed: F Nathan Bastian, F Andreas Johnsson, D Will Butcher, D Connor Carrick*, D Ryan Murray*, D P.K. Subban Prediction: Johnsson. Yes, Subban is available, but his decline as a marquee NHL defenseman has been steep, and the Kraken don't need the veteran's $9 million on the books, even if it's only for 2021-22. Johnsson, meanwhile, is a tenacious winger, and Seattle head coach Dave Hakstol knows him well from their time together in Toronto. He jumps off the page as a breakout candidate.
  8. Agree and cheaper. As you probably know, I am not a big fan of PK's play and what he costs us. He had a nice vacation while making big bucks. He is a nice guy and probably plays an excellent senior role in the locker room. But we need defense badly.
  9. More info very detailed about Graves: I am getting the feeling that most Avs fans are happy to see him go because of errors in defense. He gets blamed a lot. Here is what this fan said: First, be careful what you read here. The 'H' in HF apparently stands for hatred, as there seems to be a need here for a villain to beat up, and Graves has pulled that duty quite a bit. On to Graves: 1) This was a business decision, not a talent decision. Graves will be a perfectly serviceable middle pair D for NJ. He just did not fit here, with a pair of Top 4 draft picks taking up a lot of room. 2) Graves does have his negatives. He is infuriating when it comes to clearly the puck. He is just as infuriating with the constant supply of slappers from the blue line. 3) He is excellent on the PK. He's long and gives up the body. Our #1 goalie loves Graves, which is probably all you need to know. He is an excellent shot blocker, though I feel this wastes some of his checking talent. 4) He seems coachable. He changed his style when he came here, which was coached. Our coaching is not that good, so one could say that he was taught some bad habits. I think this is a trade which works for all parties. The Avs were in danger of losing Graves for nothing in the XD. The Avs needed to cut Net Cap Hit. The Avs had a Top 4 D-man stuck in what was a 6D or potentially even 7D slot with all of our depth. For Graves, this is a chance to shine. He played well with Makar last year on the 1st pair. He ought to be a good 2nd pair D at a nice price for NJ - plus a PK1 D-man. IMO this was a business decision by both team. I am not that excited about him being a player that will impact our weak defense, just my opinion, I of course hope I am wrong.
  10. Just saying: Response from another Avs fan: This was purely for expansion draft purposes, to move a player we would have lost for nothing, and is a move to reduce our cap for other players.
  11. Just saying: When I asked about being a loss to the Avs, the response from a Avalanche fan was as follows:
  12. I never even thought of Henrique, I wouldn't want him back. Just to answer your question, Coleman. I didn't have any names in mind, my question to you was in general: all youth without great talent, except for a few, as they have done vs a mixture of experience with talent and youth. mfitz804, my issue is the lack of talent in general and their failure to make the playoffs, first round. There is no reason for me to think that this coming season won't be the same as last season with this team. They need a back up goalie that can win games. They need defense that can defend and as we all know, players that can pass and put the puck in the net. That is a tall off season order in my opinion. I read that people are suggesting Halak as backup goalie, can he win a game anymore? I read people talking about bringing back Henrique and I say are you kidding me. The fans should not be excepting what has been put on the ice and in the coaches box, not speaking about present coaches, but they show up in the seats when they could for this crap and the owners love it, why change, just tweak.
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