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  1. We still have Blackwood as goaltender. Fitz has done a good job with the defense this offseason. I am not convinced the offense is a playoff contender. More to come? C'mon Fitz
  2. I agree with your post but I hate taking the chance that Blackwood can get the job done. He is a big risk if your goal is to be a playoff contender. If your goal is a repeater or habit, then no problem with the Blackwood risk. Just my opinion after watching his performance.
  3. I don't care why Washington traded Vanecek. What matters to me is that the Devils get two goaltenders that will allow the team to contend for the playoffs. So Fitz acquiring Vanecek for very little is great. I am still uncomfortable with Blackwood. He needs to get his heel fixed, and whatever is going on inside his head between his ears. He has a year to go on his contract. Based on his performance the last few years, I don't see the Devils offering him the contract he expects as a FA next season. I don't trust his play, and I don't want to go another season as a non playoff contender. I would hope that Fitz continues looking for another goalie. Cam Talbot may be upset with his new arrangement with Fleury; he thinks he should be a starter. Since he is 35, maybe Fitz might start considering a 2 yr contract for Talbot should he ask out from the Wild, just a thought. I am pleased to see that Fitz understands that the goaltending is essential, as is defense, two weak links of the Devils.
  4. Thanks for all the effort, it is greatly appreciated. Donation sent via Pay Pal
  5. I am about to push the button to send a donation. Thanks Brad for all the effort, it is appreciated.
  6. I was just going to post this.
  7. Nice attitude. Good qualities.
  8. I think that Bernier is done, it is his hip, he is 34, he does have $4.5 M to fight for. Blackwood IMO has a chronic heel problem that could use some more rest; he was forced to play on it last season, probably when he should have been off it. Heels take time to get better, my experience, that's all. Sorry I haven't been following, how your puck/goalie project are coming along, how is that going? Have a nice day.
  9. I agree with you. I personally think they did collud for the best results for everyone. Ít was a ton of money. I just want two sound, fit, goalies for the Devils in the 2022/23 season. I am not counting on Blackwood or Bernier to be in the mix. .
  10. Please don't bring him up. Who got screwed?
  11. Throw up and use #2 for a Junior Goaltender? Or Package the #2 pick with the Owners and trade for another NHL team.
  12. Best wishes Steve, glad you are still with the Bulls. Thanks for your years.
  13. I believe he has another year with the Devils. Right-hand shot defensemen are hard to come by. Severson helps with the offense, but he tends to make bad decisions. That is why he is a toss up for me. I have never heard that he said he wanted to remain a Devil. I suspect he will want max money, why not, he knows he is always a risk to be traded. I would trade him. I'll take good defense over his production on offense. The Devils need goaltending and defense first. Then they need some scorers. Just because they have 4 20-goal scorers, you must consider scoring is up this season.
  14. The Devils vs. Bruins, the Devils were pathetic. So Bad. Terrible rebuild for the Devils, is it the worst ever?
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