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  1. The Rangers have always been a major rivalry so this season nothing changes. Devils take them down the first game against of 2021 in their house. Lets Go Devils
  2. Or his mask is too small. It sure did look funny on his face. But he was wearing one and properly, that is what counts. Stay safe, EdgeControl.
  3. After the first two season games, we should be proud and excited about our NJ Devils. I realize it is only two games. How many thought that playing the Bruins two games in a row, with the best goalie tandem in the NHL and the best goalie in the NHL, Tuukka Rask, along with Marchand and Bergeron on their offense and the best PP in the NHL that we would have tied them with 3 points each? I certainly didn't think so and I wasn't thinking 4 points either. Onto the Rangers Tuesday and the Islanders on Thursday. I want 4 points but will be happy with 2. They can do it, don't forget what
  4. Thank you, some good news for a change. Now can we get a goalie?
  5. Could I ask you, who's fault was it that there was this signing? I am not looking for an argument. I think if your statement is true, it is not Crawford's fault. He was covering his bases, giving himself more options. Fitzgerald, on the other hand, should have done his homework better. I suspect that the signing of a good veteran backup goalie was too good to be true and timely for Fitzgerald. "Please sign." What do you think?
  6. I am not a superfan of Stubban, so you won't get an argument from me; therefore, could you share with me his lousy attitude?
  7. Devil Dan, do you know where I can buy one of those towels?
  8. You are correct, it doesn't matter, but some want to know why, like me for curiosity. Thanks for replying
  9. Thank you for replying and also welcoming me to this forum. I didn't think that anyone here had the inside track and knew the facts, but I thought that maybe I had missed a publicly published article with a reason. Like you explained, very confusing considering the time frame.
  10. Sorry for being a little late with this question, I just joined this outstanding forum. What is the story with Crawford, does anyone have an idea?
  11. Your point is so well taken. The Devils AHL club has now been moved to Newark. For me, this could be terrific. When fans can return I might be able to afford the AHL tickets. Does anyone know what the team name will be? The Newark Devils?
  12. I am a fan of the Devils since 1994. I was a season ticket holder when I could afford it from 1994 to 2002. I took one of my sons, he was 28, to the games. We had a lot of fun together. I have viewed but not joined this forum because of time constraints. I hope to now enjoy more by participating in the Devil's discussion. Please put up with me as I may make some mistakes.
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