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  1. I am late in posting that I was please with the Devils' first game. Hughes was awesome. Andreas Johnsson was active and scored. Hamilton scores in .17 seconds. WOW Very enjoyable and entertaining game for the start of the season. I expect more excitement and wins to come. Go Devils
  2. I paid for 2020 and got nothing and no refund. Cable company said it wasn't there issue. I said I paid you the cable company not the NHL Package. Lost money, that's what happens when we allow monopolies.
  3. I had Friday's game on two MSG stations and the NHL Network. Great win for the Devils. I hope you get the games because that will mean I will as well. Have a nice day.
  4. Did you have Center Ice in 2020? Did you get a refund because they didn't have hockey?
  5. For a pre season game it was fun. All the Devils scoring. I am going to like their defense for the first time in years. We haven't seen it yet but will. If we can score during the regular season, and the goalies hold up, we might make my objective of making the playoffs. The offensive youth will determine this. Can wait for the regular season to start. Go Devils
  6. Thank you for your thoughts. Not going to feel better hoping to not feel worse.
  7. Hey I thought I might be able to try to help you get a needed puck because I have so much idle time in bed but I just got another negative medical report that will cause me to be sleeping more because of pain meds, while in bed. Not what I wanted, but it is what it is. Sorry. I think you will get all of them, I hope you do. Later
  8. Congrats. That's exciting, please keep me posted because I am interested. Maybe? .....I knew a guy when....NOW look at him.
  9. Good move, I hope it works. I liked your blog. After I find out about another medical issue maybe I could help you. I will get back to you.
  10. Worth the try, today $25 isn't much. Wouldn't it be worth a $100/each to you to get what you need? BTW where did you post your offer? Good luck.
  11. Understood but when you want something as you know this attitude won't work. Congrats mfitz804 on your accomplishments to date with this hobby.
  12. That is awesome, not getting it cheaper but that is good, but rather getting down to 8. The last 8 will be a challenge, but I have faith in your sticktoitiveness. I wish you the best as always. Later.
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