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  1. I didn't like the results but I didn't expect to win. That doesn't make me not a fan. These are kids, the defense is weak, the offense is weak. Then they were missing two of their best offensive guys. No I wasn't pissed.
  2. You can be pissed off over anything you want including a loss 0-4. Your choice.
  3. What am I missing? What did you expect? It all youth playing against potential playoff teams.
  4. Didn't set expectation high to begin with. The Rangers are improving as the season goes on but tonight is not an example.
  5. Thanks for your input. Did I say una....never mind you can read my reply to 804 or just go about being an... Never mind
  6. I am sorry, did I say "unacceptable move" No I did not. I said "maybe an unacceptable move" then I said a qualifier, "must see the plan unfold next season." How silly of me to think and say that. Thanks for your input. I will wait for the announcement and the future plan to unfold.
  7. Big, Swiss, with holes...swiss cheese? More of the same type of moves. It will continue to be an extra long rebuild with these type of moves. Maybe an unacceptable move. I must see the plan unfold for next season.
  8. Kyle Palmieri scores for the Islander unassisted PP against the Rangers, 1st period.
  9. I like the thoughts you posted here. Most long term Devils fans should feel the same way, I think. I don't ever expect the Devils to be a solid competitive team year after year. I just don't see that happening. 10 years from now I except to read that the Devils are still rebuilding.
  10. Now I can follow the Islanders into the conference final, hoping that Kyle and Travis can contribute a big way on the trip. Let's Go Islanders
  11. The way things are going for Boston they could use all the help they can get even with a healthy team to play in the finals. BTW, MB3, I need 911, 611, 311 and another "11" daily. Have a nice day.
  12. No, I don't think so but he has in my opinion been the most consistent player the Devils have had over his tenure with the Devils. He has been a solid two way center that played 5 on 5 and PK. I just think he deserves a little love from a fan. So I pointed out his accomplishments. Do you agree regarding him or not?
  13. Sunday, Travis Zajac tie Bobby Holik for the third most goals scored as a Devil behind John MacLean in second and Patrik Elias in first. Also Travis is in third place for the most points as a Devil behind MacLean and Elias. These are great accomplishments for an average hockey player from Canada ending an 8 year $46,000,000 contract that most Devils' fans bitched about the length and amount when given and for year's after until lately.
  14. Package deal Palms and Dmitry Kulikov to the Boston Bruins. Devils retain half of Palms salary. Bruins need a left handed defenseman and secondary scoring. What can the Devils get in return? Humor
  15. If you need help please let me know. Remember, 911 is always there for you. Are you right handed?
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