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  1. Swayman has played 5 games this season with a 3-2 record.
  2. What a game Bernier had tonight. The Game MVP in my opinion.
  3. I appreciate your help. I am in New Jersey and you are in Florida. Question: tonight, the Bruins are playing the Leafs at 7 PM in Canada. I don't get that game displayed for showing on ESPN +, do you know why? The reason I asked is I bought the NHL package so I could view other games, other than the Devils, that weren't local to me. So I probably did something stupid again, paying twice for the same. So what happened with the Bruins tonight is it because the game is in Canada? The Devils also play tonight at 10:30, I don't have that game either on ESPN + but I assume that's because it is a local team to me, but not to you. You should be able to get this game tonight at 10:30 on ESPN + because it is not a local team for you. Am I correct with these questions? That's for your help, much appreciated.
  4. Thanks, yes the game last night was available today for viewing. I am not sure about hiding the score, that will be something for the next time. Thanks for the help.
  5. Your belief is true, ESPN + has available last night's game. I actually watched it live to the disappointing end. F Severson. Smith made a mistake as well.
  6. Too bad Severson is still with the Devils. He just repeats bad errors. Tonight his defense, or lack there of, on the first goal against. He stood in front of the net with his stick waving at flies while the puck went by him into the net. Then he draws a stupid penalty as they came into our zone that resulted in the second goal. This stuff is normal for him.
  7. He had his best game tonight, Friday against the Kings. He has been spoken to by the league three times this season about tripping players and has been fined $5,000 and $15,000 for the 2nd and 3rd trips. He has been terrible on the PK and the PP.
  8. Sounds good, I will watch live tonight and hopefully won't fall asleep. Then tomorrow, I will try watching again using ESPN +, and I will check out Hulu, as well, tomorrow.
  9. I got it, I hope; I will try watching tonight's game on Saturday morning. I am watching live tonight on ESPN + with Hulu if I don't fall asleep. Thank you
  10. How do you watch the games that are not on Hulu ESPN + ?
  11. Help please, thanks in advance. I am not technical with this streaming and TV. So I could use your help. I have a smart TV. a Sansung top of the line. I have the bundle. So tonight, Friday, 10:30 game against the kings. I go to Hulu and there is the game to watch at 10:25 EST PM. Here is the question. Can I record this game and how do I do this? You are dealing with a sick old man so make your response as if you are speaking to a "TV Dumby." Thanks again. There is nothing, button, I see on the Hulu screen shot of the Devils game that says "Record" it only asks if you "like or dislike" "add to my stuff" and also "junk"
  12. Maybe you're correct. I hadn't thought of that, and I do it with my sons.
  13. I wish there was a way you could get this messaging to the Devils players especially Nico for tonight's game. It's a late game for some fans, they will sleep and then with the game only on ESPN + I expect only a few watchers and posters tonight. Greed of the NHL league.
  14. One at a time. Pittsburgh is a good team and the Devils beat them. Way to Go Devils
  15. I only hope they know the game is a full 60 minutes and there can't be any riders, play a minimum of 99%. LGD
  16. I am not going to debate this with you. All the reports spoke to what I posted. Later
  17. Food for thought. This is from "The Atlantic" https://theathletic.com/2915923/2021/10/27/masisak-what-i-know-and-what-i-believe-about-the-devils-after-5-games?source=user-shared-article We have all basically said it is over as far as Blackwood getting vaccinated. Maybe Not Blackwood has to play well for the problem,he created, to totally go away, per this article. I believe what the writer of the article wrote (below) to be true. I understand the delay was not the shots but an injury, so the Devils said. "What I believe: If Blackwood plays well when he returns, and continues to be a solid teammate, the vaccination delay is not going to matter to the guys in the dressing room at all. What I know: The delay did frustrate and anger others in the organization. Still, it might not have any long-term effect on his relationships or future with the organization, particularly if he plays well and is a good teammate."
  18. I understand what you are saying, "it worked out, OK." Please accept my point, "it never should have been a problem in the first place. He was the starting goalie of a team consisting of 22 other players. He should have gotten the shot for that reason." If taking a shot was a big problem for him, he could have quit because, without the vaccination he would hurt the team and put added stress on Fitz as Fitz would have to manage the payroll deduct and any fines associated with his action. He was selfish, but it worked out without any of these problems because he wanted to be the goalie of the Olympic team, and that required the vaccination in full. Thanks
  19. He hasn't been cleared fully to play everywhere but he will be after the second shot. If the Olympics weren't on the schedule that demanded he be fully vaccinated, what would he have done? We will never know but IMO this should not have been an issue for the team or Fitz. Blackwood should have gotten the shots before the season. Just my opinion. I hope he doesn't make the Olympic team.
  20. His chance to play in the Olympics was the turning point. I am disappointed that it wasn't for his team and fellow players. He was putting Fitz in a tough place.
  21. I have a level 3 kidney and have to manage that as well.
  22. What you posted makes sense to me. I was only share as you know.
  23. BTW, I read on another hockey forum that Jack Hughes may have offseason surgery on his shoulder. I can't qualify the source he was a moderator responding to my statement that this is a chronic injury. I wish Jack Hughes the best. I am sure the Devils do as well because they certainly need him. IMO him being absence from last night's game was the reason, it effected the play of his fellow teammates, for the overall poor performance against a good team like Washington. Now they have the #2 team, Buffalo in house on Saturday.
  24. Sorry to hear. Pain is a bitch. I use Oxy, CBD, Gabapentin and Morphine every 8 hours to get some relief. I have been doing this for years, they just keep upping the dosage. Mine is not for a shoulder, instead back and hips.
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