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  1. Sorry to hear. Pain is a bitch. I use Oxy, CBD, Gabapentin and Morphine every 8 hours to get some relief. I have been doing this for years, they just keep upping the dosage. Mine is not for a shoulder, instead back and hips.
  2. You make a good point. My dislike for PK, as a Devils' defenseman, sometimes causes me to not look at the big picture. Thanks for pointing that out.
  3. PK Subban is just getting too much ice time in these games, IMO. I realize that Ruff thinks he is great but for him to he getting almost the same TOI as Hamilton and Graves is disturbing to me since I don't like him as a defenseman. He is OK for me as a person, actually a nice guy. We are talking hockey.
  4. Bring in Buffalo This game will be different after the 3-0-0 team plays on Friday against the Bruins.
  5. Tough game to win without Bernier. The new defensive players must step up tonight for a Devils win. Defense Defense Defense with a lot of luck on the offense. Ruff, control PKs ice time he has had too much in each game so far. Nico this is your night LGD
  6. Ha ha, I got it, not dirty, not clean just one of those. Maybe the league will look at it, I am sure they will. Lauzon is formerly from the Bruins he was taken by the Kraken. Lauzon is trying to gain a defensive slot with this team that is 1-2-1 at the start of the night, now 1-3-1. Luazon isn't a big hit guy. Tonight's hit was a big hit. He is trying to stay solid with his new team. I felt he gave more than necessary and that Hughes did have his back to him as the hit was being made that is why Hughes' body faced the boards as he was crunched into them. Just what an old man's eye saw. The play is over but the league could fine or suspend Lauzon a game. I am sure that Hughes will be sore and maybe miss Thursday's game against the Capitols and we need him.
  7. Game 2, Very enjoyable. Johnson is getting better. I hope that continues. Bernie did a decent job in net. My position is don't change a winning goalie. I say this because I think they want to play Blackwood. Because Blackwood didn't get vaccinated, I don't care if he ever plays, he put Fitz and the team in a bad position. Players should't do that. There were periods of bad play tonight but they won, that is what counts for me. I want them to make the playoffs if only by 1 game. LGD
  8. Please do watch the video, there is one posted in this thread. Thanks. Must be fun at the games. I loved going when I could. Now it is TV. Enjoy your trips there.
  9. Game 1 & 2 I am seeing too much of PK Subban on the ice, period. Game 1 20:59 and game 2 19:35 TOI. He was to be our 3rd line. Game 1 (-1) and Game 3 (-1). I never liked the signing of PK, not the money (that was bad) but instead his play. He demonstrated with his play, after the signing, why I didn't like the signing. This season I said to myself, no other team wants him, he is too costly but the Devils have the money to waste. This season I expected him ok on the 3rd line, he should get less ice time and not do too much damage. Here he is in two games F up as usual. I can't wait for the Devils to get rid of him. I think Ruff has a love affair going on with him. Am I being too tough on him?
  10. Game 2 vs. Kraken I keep watching the hit. What I see is Hughes with his back to Lauzon facing the wall. Then Lauzon hits him. Am I looking at this correctly? If yes, when is it OK to hit a guy in that position? Is this a clean hit? Thanks for helping me with this, my eyesight isn't that good as I age, and it is affected by my diabetes.
  11. I am late in posting that I was please with the Devils' first game. Hughes was awesome. Andreas Johnsson was active and scored. Hamilton scores in .17 seconds. WOW Very enjoyable and entertaining game for the start of the season. I expect more excitement and wins to come. Go Devils
  12. I paid for 2020 and got nothing and no refund. Cable company said it wasn't there issue. I said I paid you the cable company not the NHL Package. Lost money, that's what happens when we allow monopolies.
  13. I had Friday's game on two MSG stations and the NHL Network. Great win for the Devils. I hope you get the games because that will mean I will as well. Have a nice day.
  14. Did you have Center Ice in 2020? Did you get a refund because they didn't have hockey?
  15. For a pre season game it was fun. All the Devils scoring. I am going to like their defense for the first time in years. We haven't seen it yet but will. If we can score during the regular season, and the goalies hold up, we might make my objective of making the playoffs. The offensive youth will determine this. Can wait for the regular season to start. Go Devils
  16. Thank you for your thoughts. Not going to feel better hoping to not feel worse.
  17. Hey I thought I might be able to try to help you get a needed puck because I have so much idle time in bed but I just got another negative medical report that will cause me to be sleeping more because of pain meds, while in bed. Not what I wanted, but it is what it is. Sorry. I think you will get all of them, I hope you do. Later
  18. Congrats. That's exciting, please keep me posted because I am interested. Maybe? .....I knew a guy when....NOW look at him.
  19. Good move, I hope it works. I liked your blog. After I find out about another medical issue maybe I could help you. I will get back to you.
  20. Worth the try, today $25 isn't much. Wouldn't it be worth a $100/each to you to get what you need? BTW where did you post your offer? Good luck.
  21. Understood but when you want something as you know this attitude won't work. Congrats mfitz804 on your accomplishments to date with this hobby.
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