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  1. I can't tell if this is a joke. Atlanta needs to trade their 50 goal scorer and bring in more 30-40 point third line wingers? That's the path to success?
  2. There's no way you actually believe what you post.
  3. That proves absolutely nothing. Plus minus measures productivity, not defensive acumen. It has a ton of noise since +/- is affected by teammates, quality of competition, and goaltending (this variable should not matter much over a large enough sample, although a season's worth isn't big enough in my opinion). Kovalchuk and Hossa did not have identical linemates and opponents, so you're argument is useless. In addition Triumph already stated that Hossa's presence on the penalty kill would artificially inflate his +/- compared to Kovalchuk's. Finally, wingers do not have a tremendous effect on
  4. Kovalchuk is worth $10M. A top five talent in the NHL, capable of scoring 50 consistently. You can make that claim for one, maybe two other players. Anyone who uses +/- to assess defensively ability is moronic.
  5. Ha ha, wow. Boucher kind of sucks. Had Boucher had Nabokov's workload his numbers would have stunk.
  6. Uh, why is Kessel on the fourth line?
  7. Clemmensen is so overrated. He's a good guy but I'll be surprised if he posts a GAA below 3 next season.
  8. Sharp would be nice but he isn't meant to play center.
  9. RFAs and UFAs will simply be making less heading into 10-11. I expect to see a lot of one-year contracts.
  10. Good enough to man the second line for New Jersey. Still a 20-40 type of player.
  11. I feel like you make contrarian statements just for the hell of it.
  12. The Devils should give Eminger a look. He had decent GAON/60 numbers last year despite playing on Tampa Bay for the majority of the season. He can also move the puck and has an offensive toolbox, although he has never really put it together. Right-handed and only 25 to boot. Kind of reeks of Karel Rachunek.
  13. I wanted Schroeder however I am happy with the pick.
  14. Voros19

    Patrick Marleau

    Pandolfo + 1st for Marleau. Really now? Jay Pandolfo, who has negative value, and a late 1st for a first line center who is a consistent 30 goal, 70-80 point player.
  15. Voros19

    Patrick Marleau

    Right, because teams are looking to dump perennial 30 goal, 70 point centers.
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