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  1. It totally depends on who is there. If its a guy you want, you do it. Could also be more involved.
  2. They didn't need to add black and espc not where it is. It looks like they have perpetual mourning bands on.
  3. lol nope, I never even heard of that dude, I am talking to a buddy of mine from Boston tho and he mentioned it LeBrun: "Indeed, it's Martin Jones, plus 13th overall pick and prospect Colin Miller for Milan Lucic"
  4. You gotta think its one of the goaltenders. They have Rask, Subban and now Jones. That's clogged for sure.
  5. For 13th overall and a couple of prospects (no names yet). Boston owns 13, 14, 15 in the draft. https://twitter.com/FriedgeHNIC/status/614536233717334016 They got a better return for Lucic than Hamilton. Unbelievable. Final trade: Lucic to LA for Martin Jones, #13 and prospect Colin Miller
  6. Lucic is traded to the Kings.
  7. Sounds like LA is trading for Lucic. #13 would be going back to Boston, I imagine they'll take a contract back too. #13, #14,and #15 packaged to get up to 3? Ridiculous. If Im Boston I consider just keeping those picks. https://twitter.com/FriedgeHNIC/status/614531585283461126
  8. I think that has to be their goal here, but what an awful way of going about it.
  9. Whats even funnier about this is they dealt Boychuk under the premise of signing Hamilton lol
  10. I dont disagree at all. This deal sucks for Boston in every respect, even if they do end up with Hanifin.
  11. No. We don't have to make that move for Larsson. Boston had to do something because of their cap situation. It cost them Hamilton. I dont think for a second that they wanted to move him, but paying him and still taking care of the rest of the team was handcuffing them.
  12. Calgary stole Dougie Hamilton. Gotta think Boston is aiming higher and has a tentative deal in place with someone else provided this went through. They give up Hamilton, probably end up with Hanifin and will be able to offload Lucic. Its all financially motivated IMO.
  13. I think just comparing him to Henrique is a little unfair. He's worthy of being taken in the top portion of this draft and if we do end up with him don't be dismayed. He's very responsible defensively as well. He's a little more complete than Zacha. Zacha though has more potential for being the the more dominating type of threat with his scoring touch. Zacha provides more reward potential IMO. I like Barzal, but I do not think he's worth the #6 pick in this draft considering what else may be on the board, including Zacha. At any rate, there's huge buzz that Boston may be trading Dougie Hamilton to Arizona for the #3. I would imagine Hanifin is a lock there if that happens considering the BU ties and the fact they just gave up Hamilton to get there. If that was to occur, Marner/Strome/Provorov to Toronto, Carolina becomes the key here. They could very easily take Provorov (or trade out to someone who does) and we end up with Marner or Strome. Strome is not a lock to be off the board at 6. I actually think hes more likely to fall than Marner now considering the buzz about Toronto/Marner is getting louder and louder. We obviously take Strome if hes there.
  14. There will be streams but you'll have to look for them. Try sites like firstrowsports.eu or crichd or atdhe, they're bound to have one.
  15. Its just his rights. He can still talk to other teams in this UFA talking period window thingy, but Colorado has the option of getting a deal done with Soderberg now.
  16. Well, yeah. Thats the sticking point besides the return. Its not going to be easy to get him even with one year left. I don't think either team would even consider it without both sides having an idea of if he would sign here or not. That said, I don't think it happens and I wouldnt be mad if it didn't. Its a risky proposition from every angle.
  17. This is pretty much common knowledge. I dont have a problem giving him big money. We have it to offer a 24 year old forward who has the potential to be even better than he already is. The problem I have is what they want in return for him without any security of him re-signing here.
  18. Yea, I'm with this scenario too. I'm not at all for dealing in division unless we're getting something of REAL value along with the pick/player. No way do I let one of these two D-Men go to Philly or Columbus if I'm in a position to prevent it, but not jeopardize our own goals. We have to "win" this scenario.
  19. For a sixth. Basically nothing. I imagine Colorado has already talked to him and now they can lock it in. O'Reilly's a goner.
  20. I'm not either, but the potential remains that one of them falls. If the buzz about potential move ups is true, #6 is going to be very hot in terms of a property if either D-man is still there. And if they're gone that means one of those two (Strome/Marner) have fallen. I really don't want to see Philly get Provorov.
  21. This is exactly where I stand. If either of those d-men are there, the potential for trading back with a good return for doing so will be there too. If Marner or Strome is there, I'm pretty much locked into them. But I'm perfectly content taking Hanifin or Provorov.
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