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  1. Wonder how often Dano is going to call him "joe"
  2. Makes me think Tarasenko was gonna cost too much considering the cap they had to work with. Also could be a trade chip around the trade deadline.
  3. One year deal for 1.8 million. Not terrible, all things considered. He seemed to play well with Nico
  4. Gotta imagine they don't use MacDermid on D this year. Probably rotate him in the 4th line as needed. I'm liking the looks of this depth, though. Lots of big bodies
  5. Definitely needed more gritty players on the roster. Still tough to wiff on a 7OA pick, though. Also kinda sucks to see Schmid go
  6. Looks like he got his name on the cup with Vegas, didn't play in the playoffs but played over half the season that they won. Would of been nice to get a better draft pick, but oh well.
  7. Clears some cap for free agent defense spending, and snagged a top goalie prospect. Not too shabby
  8. Larionov is his coach, and has apparently compared his game to Lidstrom's.
  9. Like that he's already played in a pro league, and played well. Love they got a bigger guy, too
  10. Exactly what I was thinking. I doubt the kid even knows who she is
  11. Leah Hextall sure is touching these players a lot
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