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  1. He was a good Devil and a better trade piece. He was great in the '88 run and his 88-89 season was incredible. He seemed like a super nice guy. As a kid they all seem so much older than you, but he was only 6 years older than me. Too young, cancer sucks.
  2. I still say us winning that lottery could have changed the NHL. He'd be in the NY market, play big market teams much more and get one of the weaker attendance teams both home and away to become sell outs. I really believe the NHL as a whole would be making marketly more money if the Devs got him. It be something to see, considering we've never had a 50 goal scorer or 100pt player. What I would'nt give!
  3. It's like when we got Stevens. We had talented youth coming up or playing, but he let us jump the line. One good move allows other players to move into spots that work for them and the team much better. Let's hope they hit on that this summer.
  4. I've been a fan since the second I read New Jersey was getting a hockey team and using New Jersey as the name. Those first three seasons were dreadful. It was tough being a teenager with plenty of Rags fans around. I had been saying in almost every season this decade that those first few years were so much worse than now. I'm not saying that about this year, it's in the running. Still, it's tough to gauge this season with all of the variables that come with it. I'm just glad it is almost over and I'm still looking forward to next year.
  5. Another site said that Foote and Studs had to go back because they were emergency call ups. Don't know if it's BS or not.
  6. I had held out hope the games against Philly would be competitive. No more, bring on the end of the season please.
  7. I think the pick(s) can be packaged for someone we really want / need. With the expansion draft, I think there will be oppertunites this summer and adding a first to a trade sounds good. I don't think we use the pick. Trade was fine IMO.
  8. Damn, a year to forget for Nico. I wonder if you can play with a full shield in a week or so. Assuming concussion wasn't bad of course.
  9. I love him as much as any player this team has ever had and I loved a bunch of these knuckleheads.
  10. Covid got around! Gonna be different hearing Kenny tonight.
  11. Little worried that Zajac still on. Wonder if he got hit hard with it.
  12. I get the feeling if enough players come off the list today, they'll make them play Tuesday.
  13. Kevin Weekes @KevinWeekes · 9m ** Breaking News ** As per what I’m told ; adhering to guidelines, given some Covid cases within their group, the @NJDevils game tomorrow in Pittsburgh with the @penguins is now postponed for a later date. @NHL @NHLNetwork #HockeyTwitter
  14. Only dislike $2m of dead money for four years. It gets us into Jack's next contract. Its a small dislike and the team will be better off for it. There is a lot of gaolies around it seems.
  15. I think its so they can start the conf finals on Sunday and both will have the same amount of rest.
  16. When the guy dropped the ranger ball in early, I knew. Bullsh!t, the whole thing
  17. Some good news, hopefully softens the blow when Pitt gets the pick this evening. (or the other team)
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