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  1. Like his sound. Happy with the choice!
  2. I believe this may be a bit about the cap room this season vs. next. I think we have tons next summer to sign him at higher #. Also gives Devs another season to assess what Bratt's baseline is and what he's worth. Not totally mad, though a bet a lot of you are. Not totally happy, a longer term would have been better. Glad it is over with.
  3. I admittedly don't follow the Habs closely, but it seemed he played well with a smaller center. If its a crap idea, it's a crap idea. Just throwing stuff out there. I'm fine with staying pat, and seeing what we need / can get in-season. Worried about giving up too much for a single season of Miller though.
  4. I'd love to see Seves + something for Josh Anderson. Habs need a Right D. We need a guy like Anderson to play with Jack and let Jack make his numbers better. I'd like to use Jack like Pitt uses Crosby. Get good wingers and let the center make them better. I 100% believe Jack can do that. Anderson is signed for 5 more years at like 5-1/2 I think. May be a little old at the end of his deal(32), but we don't blow out our cap, get a faster big guy with hands and already have (hopefully) Seves replacement with Nemec.
  5. There is also the fact that maybe Fitz knew firsthand, that Matt would not sign long term here. I believe that we were out because of NJ taxes and the cost of living here and NOTHING else. Our team is good enough to attract FAs (see Hamilton) if they are not about money savings first.
  6. I watched a lot of Johhny G highlights yesterday and what struck me was the space Tkachuck and Lindholm provided. Johnny is very talented but his line mates helped a lot. I dream of that for Jack.
  7. Tkachuk, and I’m almost ready to pay whatever it takes lol
  8. The amount of improvement needed is daunting. 15 more wins and we're at 93 points...ouch. No playoffs, but I would take that as very good improvement for next season. Especially if it's young guns leading the way. That's why another big money FA doesn't quite feel right to me for this summer.
  9. That is very understandable. This team is in a weird place, how much time to give it to see what we have in the young players VS really gearing up? I can't argue against either, even though the team has been bad for a decade. I remember '88 when that young team put it all together to reach the final four. It was awesome BUT then it took another 6 years after that run to stay great consistently. I don't want them to rush it, but it also feels like they have dragged their feet too! I just want them to make the right moves LOL!!, like all of us.
  10. This. I'm mostly taken aback at the Johnny or bust tone some have. There are other moves that can be made to make us better. I don't think any one move makes us a slam dunk playoff team this year anyway so that's where my leeway comes from. I'm not happy with this franchise either.
  11. Yes, he's done that with big line mates. I also believe he could put up points (big points) with Jack. I just worry about physical domination from other teams. Just saying he's not a panacea for all the problems this team has. He's also (IMO) not the perfect winger for Jack even though he may the best available by far right now. I'm willing to be a little more patient, but I get the frustration. I am all aboard that train too from the owners to the food vendors LOL!
  12. Wait till they try to get out of any corner or off the boards. I can see all of you getting pissed when they can't keep possession on either end. Going to the front of the net could be a big problem too. Their transition goals will be things of beauty though! My thought come from the fact Johnny played with 6-1 and 6-2, 200 pound line mates. We are average to small upfront. Plus, they are both very similar and I think a waste on the same line. Much like Bratt with Jack IMO. I'm not gonna be mad of us land Johnny (excited and hopeful in fact) but to think he is a slam dunk like Tkachuk would be is disingenuous. To me a 29 year old midget (I'm 5-7 too) with inconsistent point years is a bigger gamble than many think. You may hate Fitz, but he clearly insinuates the timeline with core is a year or two from true contention and by then a 30+ year old small guy worries me. Will cheer like hell if he comes though and hope I am worrying about nothing! Cap is not a concern at all for me
  13. Best reality to me is Mason Marchment. With not getting Slaf, I really want to see a big body (yet talented) to get Hughes space. Plus Jack should make a player like this better. For me, I want him more than Johhny.
  14. Gaudreau + Wright > Debrincat as well
  15. I really like how he seems to love it here. Great job!
  16. 2021-22 Dallas Stars NHL 9 0 0 462 28 0 0 3.63 3 4 1 203 0.879 2021-22 Texas Stars AHL 6 0 4 353 15 3 0 2.55 2 4 0 140 0.903 Not a strong argument. Those are crap #s. (also 36 years old) c'mon, there was no goalie move.
  17. Tampa bay fan now. Is Point gonna be back.
  18. Grew to tolerate him, very scared on who they get next.
  19. Can't agree with this more. 2001 is the worst for me (I was at game six and really wanted back to back), 97 WAS infuriating, losing to the Canes too. The 2012 cup loss is above 94 as well. '94 is low on my list today, even if that wasn't the case at the time. I don't know where it would fall if we didn't win in '95. But 95 wiped most of that hurt away and a decade after its really looked at as learning to win to me.
  20. Wysh reported it's 50/50 for Ruff staying. Some in org want him to coach with better goaltending. 1yr left on contract may factor in too. Boring and boo. No mention of asst. coaches
  21. Agreed, better to lose all of the games and give Fitz no excuses. Maybe help with draft too. Watch us win out.
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