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  1. Just so it's not the Ducks. My inner LOVE/HATE feelings for Niedermayer have me praying that they are eliminated every year..
  2. I think that he's waiting to see what other teams are offering him. As dire as reporters make it out to be, like Lou will trade Gomer of Gio for a bag of pucks, a salary dump is A.) a favor from one GM to another that can be called in later, and B.) an easy way to pick up talent, but also a competition between prospective trade partners, because they don't want their peers to succeed almost as much as they themselves want to. In Lou we trust.
  3. The seats I got were awesome, so good that I didn't really mind that I wouldn't be able to see Elias, Gio, Martin, Madden, Bergfors, Corrente, or Jordan Parise. I literally was in the seat with my knees touching the glass to the box connecting the two benches. I actually was close enough to see every players stick and the stiching on the backs of their jerseys. I yelled, "nice haircut, Gomer, during the intermission," and he looked at me! Anyway I saw a whole bunch of arseholes in person that should have no business wearing the Devs logo, but, hey, it's preseason. That being said, I tried to focus my attention on a handful of potential players to make my postgame report as good as possible, so here goes. 1. Oduya-I start with him because he is the current lovefest player going on here, and to my observation, with pretty good cause. He played on the second pairing for the most of the night with Andy Greene as his partner. PK #2 with Pando and Sarge up front, great skater, didn't really need to pass too much to move the puck based upon the talent level on the ice, (some obvious NHL talent, some obvious AHL/ECHL talent) but his skating and puckhandling were excellent. He was one of the few that looked like an NHLer and not a player fighting for a spot. 2. Greene-If he doesn't make the team, it's solely because his salary is 850k, because he skates strongly, which Lou loves, and was always in the correct position on defense. Can't say much about his passing, as mentioned above, but he can skate like a mofo and really handles the puck with good skill and sense. If I were to go out on a limb I would equate his game to one like Ohlund, great skater, great puckhandler, OK offensively. 3. Zajac-Makes the team as 2nd line center IMO. He played the entire game on the second line, extra foreward on the PP, and second PK team with Marsh/Parise. He needs some work, but, IMO, will be fine with some game experience with Jamie and Patty. Also, his recuperative ability on the PK is all that scouting reports said it was. The boy can skate, will be a terror on the backcheck. I just mentioned the ones that I saw that were, IMO, NHL ready, any questions I'll answer if I can. Minivari(sp.) is huge but looks like a Special Ed kid on the ice.
  4. Gio and Martin get signed exactly, exactly 0.00000001 seconds after Lou gets Almo off the cap, and possibly another expendable fourth liner, like Grant. Sorry, Marsh, I loved that pass in '03, but if it comes down to Sarge or another role player, there's no question, IMO.
  5. 1. If Parise plays with Gomer & Gio on the 1st line the whole year, 20+G, and 60+Pts., Book it. He was all over the place, his speed/puckhandling looks much more fluid and comfortable, almost on par with GIO's now. 2. Greene looked good, moved the puck well, and skated very well, IMO, which is all Lou really cares about, he is smallish, but, hey, who on the team isn't? 3. Zajac has a VERY good shot to make this team, and play 2nd line time, too. He looks better defensively than Zach did last year, and is bigger & faster, too. If put on a line with offense (Patrik&Jamie), I can reasonably see 13-17G, and 30-45A from him as a ROOK. Or, he could play 4th line time & struggle with offensively inept players like Larry did to Parise last year. 4. Wish I woulda seen Corrente tonite, but here's hoping they'll be there with Elias on Sunday, I'm in the third row Beeyotches!
  6. I think since Zajac seems a little bigger than Parise, plus also pretty sound defensively, that he is given the chance at least to make the team as a 2nd line center. It also won't be as hard for him as the 2nd line center IMO because he'd most likely be sandwiched between two capable and competent offensive talents in Jamie and Patty, as opposed to Zach being expected to produce with the aid of Sarge in Marshall. Big talant difference, IMO. I also think that Zach makes a nice LW, which is typically a position that's a little harder to fill than a RW, and works well with Gomer & Gio Parise-Gomer-Gio Elias-Zajac-Tallakson/Langs Pando-Madden-Tallakson/Langs/Marshall Janssen-Brylin/Rupp/Assmuffin/Marsh Works for me.
  7. I have a HUGE man crush on Patrik Elias.
  8. This is great news. I'll be so glad when Patrik is out of the NHL spotlight so that he, along with the rest of New Jersey's system can return to their status of 'lucky, overrated, underappreciated, players that merely benefit from the system' F them. I don't need a survey to tell me how great my team's players are. If I did, I would actually believe that Mikka Kiprusoff is a better player than Martin Brodeur, and that Scott Gomez is less of a player than the immortal Shane Doan.
  9. Pepper, I agree with you on the 'sweeping' analogy, I feel the same way. When I was little, I was a lefty, and changed to Righty everything at the age of 6, don't ask me why. I feel more comfortable playing hockey lefty because my right hand is on top, allowing me to control the puck, and snap a wrist shot with more power, IMO. Writing: Right Baseball: Was right, but the longer I play hockey the more it moves to a comfort batting left Golf: Who cares, golf sucks!
  10. Thanks for the extra effort this offseason, Sandman. As you can tell by my screenname, it mattered just a little to me. Now all I need for you to do is to help me get into the clubhouse when the Devils come to Hershey to play the Caps in September!!
  11. I have a sneaking suspicion that Lou will be busy in the next few, and that M&M may go away. I would predict a second and ALMO to a team, and a conditional pick and Malakhov to another, along with Luko and Wiemer going bye-bye. I also wouldn't rule out Lou still attempting to squeeze Leetch in for 1-1.2, which would really upset Rags fans. First no doom and gloom for the Devils roster, second their fan-fave plays at the CAA now.
  12. Sandman, did Gomer's family say that they delay was because of ongoing negotiations, and that their is active dialogue between Carlos and Lou? One can hope, at least.
  13. Am I the only one who noticed that according to NHL shop, Patrik Elias no longer plays for the Devils, and you cannot even write in his name/number combo?
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