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  1. As for Deboer, if he thinks that he can continue to play aging veterans and keep waffling between a clear number one goalie and a 41 year old on the decline then he is a pretty bad coach because he must lack eyesight and common sense.
  2. As fans we are in for a tough time if the Devils become an organization that keeps players around for what they used to be. As for Brodeur, he needs to understand the situation with the goal-tending position. Like every other player in professional sports history, Brodeur replaced somebody else when it became clear that the team would have a better chance at winning with him in net. Now it's time for him to be the guy on the way out. He's turning 42 in May and from what I've seen he has not become a worse goalie because he forgot how to play the game but because he is getting older. He will go down as the greatest goalie to ever play the game but he is no longer a top goalie -- not even in the Devil organization. If Brodeur feels that he continue to play in the National Hockey League then he can either a. remain on the team as a backup or a. leave the organization and play for another. I will have no hard feelings against Brodeur if he decides that he would like to play elsewhere. He is a free man who is allowed to choose what he would like to do on a daily basis. Would it be better if he retired as a Devil? In my opinion, yes but like I said, its up to him.
  3. Parise wanted to play in Minnesota with his buddy Suter and no contract offered by the Devils would have been good enough to keep him here.
  4. He is the coach of a team that routinely blows leads and buries young guys. Go figure.
  5. Found these over at HF Boards: DeBoer, The Tyrant And Locker Room Terror Nobody Sees Florida Panthers Fire Head Coach Peter DeBoer After 2010-2011 Season The first talks about how he treats young players. One of my biggest complaints is how he continues to bury the young guys in favor of the old vets. The second talks about his firing from the Panthers. Ironically they had enough with his constant line juggling and inability to hold leads.
  6. For whatever reason the devils have decided not to go with a number one goalie in a lot of games.
  7. Bizarre seeing folks criticizing cory for shoot out woes. Are you watching the games? Offense can't score.
  8. There have been quite a bit of athletes who have decided to step away without letting ego get in the way . Sandy Koufax being a good example.
  9. Well, this is embarrassing. What's next? Players figure skating during intermissions? A dunk tank over the goal for when one hits the post? Pathetic.
  10. Everytime he starts playing a little poorly or the league adapts to him he will be sent back to the minors? Makes no sense.
  11. Ppl are bagging on cory as if he is the starter on this team. His starts are so sporadic that he is essentially a back up and last time I checked back ups aren't expected to win the vezina. He needs to play more.
  12. Tickets are much too expensive to justify me traveling from near the deleware bay into newark. Prices are just outrageous. If I'm going to be put to sleep by such a lackluster offense I will do it at home. I watch on directv center ice. I always see a ton of empty seats near the glass and then I check the price for said seats and understand why. Another poster mentioned season tickets and that's nearly the subject on every msg commercial. The prudential center is a beautiful building but newark is a dump.
  13. No cognitive dissonance for the people wanting a retro jersey and complaining of the devils use of their retro jerseys? How exactly do you make "new retro jerseys"?
  14. Maybe people just aren't interested in spending time in the dmz known as newark.
  15. Not if you live in South Jersey and the Flyers and Devils are playing.
  16. Gary bettman has to be a mole trying to destroy the nhl.
  17. Anybody play in the online league and/or part of a club?
  18. Looks like it is time for zajac and henrique to kick it up another level.
  19. Guy doesn't want to play here? Fine, we'll get somebody who does. Good luck in russia where you figure skate at the all star game and have uniforms that look like nascars.
  20. Your points about the decline of the nhl have been overlooked and are very important.
  21. Its a big problem that daly doesn't care. It just gives more evidence that the nhl is not the premier hockey league in the world. It would be like mlb players regularly leaving to play in caribbean leagues. But I'm sure bettman and company doesn't care considering that they have done a whole to ruin the league.
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