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  1. Mottau to play tonight vs, Islanders; Greene to sit

    I think Murphy makes the team because of his right-handed shot adding to the power play. Greene will probably be our 7th D. My hopeful forward lines when Elias comes back... Parise-Zajac-Langs Rolston-Elias-Bergfors/Clarkson Shanahan-Zubrus-Clarkson/Bergfors Pando-Niedermayer-Halischuk Extras: Peters and either Sestito or Pelley (whoever makes it) I think this balances out the last two lines real well and you know Nieds and Pando might see a lot of playing time in one-goal situations, so by having Halischuk in there learning the defensive game with them he should also see enough playing time that it would be more beneficial for his growth to be up here than in Lowell. What do you guys think?
  2. I agree 110%. Scotty still has those determined, wolf-like eyes...
  3. Yet another 2nd line center thought

    First of all, there's no way Lemaire puts a healthy Brian Rolston (who, like we've all mentioned, scored 30 goals a season for him as a wing) at center OR on the third line. He will put Rollie in a spot where he can produce. Elias will probably center, because he is more responsible defensively, and with Rolston and Bergfors on the same line, will be able to dish out some great playmaker stats. Bergfors will need to play 2nd line with veteran producers like Elias and Rolston to really become the type of player he is expected to be. Plus, if Zubrus is on the 2nd line we lose a lot of depth on the back two lines... The lines will probably look like this if a move isn't made for a center... ZZ Pop Rolston-Elias-Bergfors Shanahan-Zubrus-Clarkson/Halischuk (with a good camp) Pandolfo/PL3-Pelley-Pikkarainen/Clarkson These lines balance out the offensive depth we have, while also sticking guys like Clarkson, who succeeded playing with Shanahan, in line for another 15+goal season or giving another youngster who may break out at camp (like Halischuk) a chance to play good minutes with two veterans like Zubrus and Shanny. If that happens, Clarkson goes to the 4th line and his role may change a bit. Equal Opportunity "Empowerment" is what Lemaire will bring this team in order for each individual to grow through those around him. Depth people... depth. I'm excited to see what happens
  4. Thanks John

    fvcking nerds...
  5. Brett Sutter interview TODAY on FAN590

    I haven't learned anything new from this as expected. He did say he would be open to "listening to offers a year or 2-3 years down the road." For now, I think he stays out of the NHL for at least a year, at least that's what it sounds like. If he ends up joining Calgary this season, then it would be a little disrespectful to us IMO. I don't care how close to home it is.
  6. Top 10 Most Hated Professional Athletes

    1. Darius Kasparaitis (can't believe nobody listed him, dirty player, ruined what could have been an even better career for Johnny Mac) 2. Sean Avery (at least his PR get hockey attention) 3. Roger Clemens (would have loved to see Piazza kick his ass) 4. Tie Domi (many reasons, but cheap-shot elbow to Niedermayer sticks front-and-center in my mind) 5. Pat Quinn (dirty player, dirty coach) 6. Gary Bettman (ruining hockey) 7. Terrell Owens (money-hungry, cocky, good-for-nothing glorified bastard) 8. Scott Gomez (why else?) 9. Sidney Crosby (whining little biotch, not even the best player on his own team) 10. Derian Hatcher or Patrick Roy (couldn't decide who i dislike more) Honorable Mention: Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Darcy Tucker (could be on the top 10 list if it weren't for 2 leafs already being on it), A-Rod (gotta respect his talent though, but not his salary), Rangers announcers, Stephon Marbury
  7. Has anyone else gotten this email

    Does anyone even know if this is real? I mean, it starts out with "Dear Devils fan," which is not personalized at all. The email sounds very general. If you look through your email/spam, you will notice spam is very general while email from real companies that you are associated with say things like "Dear Mr./Mrs. (your name)," Hope everything works out for all of you. Keep me updated on what happens next!
  8. What's next for the Devils?

    Devil Dan 56 for the win. 1. This thread went from an article by the Maven that really had nothing to do with Brodeur to a debate about trading Marty or not trading Marty. 2. Marty isn't going anywhere. This team needs re-tooled and it starts with getting younger, Cup-hungry players who give this team some personality and character. 3. If not one single UFA is re-signed, I could live with it, because we all know Lou will do what is needed to keep the team competitive, and yet we would still see guys like Bergfors, Halischuk, Cormier, Corrente, Fraser and Eckford competing for final spots, and for the first time in a long time, at least one of these young guys has a good chance to stick on the team the entire year and show us what they can do. This season's over, it's in the past. Let's enjoy the rest of the playoffs and look forward to a new-look team next year... with Marty still in net.
  9. The Mike Komisarek thread

    FTW. Proving my point better than I tried to prove my point. Thanks for the assistance. So no, he may not be feared, but he is good. I also should have referenced the RH shot...
  10. Young Blood

    So agreed
  11. The Mike Komisarek thread

    He would give us that Scott Stevens-esque-type player that we've needed. Salvador does have great defensive ability, but nobody fears him in front of our own net. Komisarek is a big intimidating defenseman. Martin-Komisarek White-Mottau/Greene/Corrente Salvador-Greene/Corrente Gives us one physical d-man and one offensive d-man per pair (White-Mottau the exception). We always used to win cups that way. Stevens-Rafalski White-Niedermayer Daneyko-whoever the fvck we had then Stevens-Niedermayer Some kind of combination of Daneyko, Kevin Dean, Shawn Chambers, Bruce Driver or whatever Man... just looking at these combinations brings back memories... and also makes me think we'll never have guys like Stevens, Nieds or Dano ever again
  12. Playing Lou

    Yes, check out NHLnumbers.com here --> http://www.nhlnumbers.com/freeagents.php Also, let's hope the salary cap stays the same as it is now since we know it's not going up. Points I'd like to make... 1. An off-season of rest could really help Rolston's ankle heal completely, let's not count him out of 2nd line duty. Thinking realistically... Elias-Rolston-Gionta or Elias-Zubrus-Rolston or Elias-Rolston/Zubrus-UFA replacement/Bergfors 2. Zajac should not make too much more than Parise's current contract 3. We need another defenseman, especially if Oduya doesn't re-sign. I'd like to see Lou go after a Marc-Andre Bergeron or Nick Boynton-type since we probably dont have the long-term cap space for Bouwmeester 4. Defense- Mottau's spot as a "reliable, smart" d-man is choking this team. I love the guy, but if Lou can get rid of Mottau, it would give us more options as far as signing a UFA while also giving Greene/Corrente a chance at everyday playing time 5. Seriously, all I want is for the team to get younger- Bergfors, Tedendby, Halischuk and Corrente - I could live with having at least two of these guys given normal playing time next year 6. Pandolfo- Lou knows the situation is tough, given Jay's history here, he may try to shop him. But it's very likely he'll be back next year because of his contract and that he is a great depth forward (I hope I'm wrong)
  13. Welcome to the world of rebuilding

    I think our expectations should be high every season, that I agree with all of you. However, times have changed and this is a different NHL that Lou and the Devils are clearly still adjusting to. Re-building, no. Re-tooling, yes. Get rid of Madden, Holik and Havelid for sure. Shanahan could come back but he can't play an 80-game season anymore. Heck, if Gionta wants too much money, to hell with him. We need a more solid defense. Go ahead, throw money at Bouwmeester (even though he hasn't performed in pressure situations (like the playoffs) since he was a teenager). Take a chance on skill rather than experience. Everyone's goal is to win the Cup and maybe a guy like Bouwmeester will have the hunger and drive to get us there. Experience isn't everything, Lou!. Remember 2000? We had a great mix of veteran leaders and a ton of rookies that helped us to the Cup. White, Madden, Gomez, Rafalski were all rookies and they all played a pivotal role in winning it all. 2009-2010 Devils Parise-Zajac-Langs Elias-Rolston-Gionta Tedenby-Zubrus-Bergfors <-- Cheapest way to have a scoring third line! Pandolfo-UFA Center-Clarkson <-- There's a ton of UFA's who could fit the bill here. Todd Marchant? I've always liked him Extra: Rupp, Shanahan? Martin-UFA D-man <-- Bouwmeester? Komisarek? Salvador-Oduya White-Mottau/Greene/Corrente Extra: Mottau/Greene/Corrente Let's have a good off-season

    I blame Tim Gleason... I hate that fvck more than any other Hurricane. He just looks like a d-bag. I also blame the rest of the Carolina Hurricanes for playing with heart when it mattered. On our side, I don't want to put the blame on anyone really. Everyone's human. I do want to say that the fans at the Rock are noticeably different than fans anywhere else. We don't stand on our feet in the last 3 minutes of a series-clinching game and cheer our team on. No, we just boo the fact that they couldn't get the puck out of the zone. We also care more about the Rangers losing than we do about our own team. I swear, if I have to hear that stupid "Rangers suck" chant again at the Rock, I'm going to find that whistling guy and stab him in the throat. I also don't like that we say "You suck!" after we score a goal. We never used to be like that. I'm going out on a limb in saying this: I love the New Jersey Devils. I just wish they played with better fans.
  15. Ray Whitney is a damn madman. i hate him