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  1. Ah, yes.....the hellish NJO, the infamous Network 54....what a long strange trip it has been. Here's to 5 more great years. Thanks to DM and all those who keep the place going. I know I'm not around as much as I used to be, but it is nice to have somewhere to go where I can just be me.
  2. There it is....in a nutshell....YOU GOTTA BELIEVE!
  3. This is not over.. One at a time, boys, one at a time....
  4. JHofSec234


    I think the Randy McKay is the ultimate. If I could get away with trying that, I would.
  5. WFAN will sell commerical time to anybody..... Hell, I wouldn't be shocked if Ranger ads ran during the Devils games BY ACCIDENT.
  6. The only third jersey I would like is the Christmas green, either version with a slight nod toward the red away. I can see the first Ranger-Devil game @ Newark and the boys roll out in Christmas green.....that would be swinging!!
  7. I believe that has been the tradition. I'll stick with the one of me with Lou.
  8. I have to concur with my linemate. What Chico lacks, Doc covers. We've covered time and again through the various boards what a great guy Chico is (as I look up at my autographed photo of me with him)...... It is better to have Chico than some horrible talking head.
  9. The original sweater was scheduled to be part of CCM's vintage line. They even had it on their website. It was all set. Then they pulled it. I ended up e-mailing CCM. Their response was that they didn't have enough advance dealer interest to proceed. So close to finally getting my Christmas green...... Your best bet would be check ebay or bite the bullet and go to meigray (www.meigray.com).and spend oodles of cash on a real one - just saw Kevin Maxwell & Rob Palmer from '84 for $450 each or the Carol Vadnais for $2500.
  10. I was not shocked to hear this. Somehow, I knew this was how this was going to play out. Thanks, Scotty, for everything! It has been one hell of a ride!
  11. Is it fate that my eight month exile from the board because of my stupid computer ends on the same day as Larry's return? I take it as a good omen. WELCOME BACK LARRY!
  12. Thanks! I'll see how quickly I can swap out the Classic Pooh in the nursery for framed newspaper covers of Scotty with the Cup. Yeah, the damn lockout kept Chico and I from making the annual trek. We were so desperate we were toying with driving to Norfolk to see the Rats, but didn't do it. I've gotta get north soon, I'm running low on attitude.
  13. I knew it was you. I'm doing okay. The computer has been on the fritz for months. I'm having a buddy of mine do a flush and fill on it, so I'll be back on the ice semi-fulltime soon. Besides that, life is good. Job is good, not dying of anything lately, wife is expecting a little one I can drag to Newark if they ever get back to work....
  14. If I told you, I'd have to kill you.
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