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  1. The truth hurts doesn't it. I'm sure the budding superstar Palat will light it up in his 30's after producing as a bottom 6 level forward for a decade surrounded by Hall of famers. Give me Zacha for 1/3 of the price. I have not even been a big Zacha fan. I'll still be glad to take Zacha straight up in points over Palat for as long as Palat stays on this roster. The buyout is no further than 3 years away for Ondrej Harper though. 6 million a year for Palat. Holy hell! He's a winner though! Just as long as he has 5 other superstars on the team with him.
  2. He'll only be hated by Devils fans & probably Flames fans. Nobody else will care about him. Honestly as Devils fans we have much bigger fish to fry. This organization is an absolute dumpster fire. It's from top to bottom. The fans included in that. Imagine celebrating the signing of a 9 year veteran forward that has cracked 50 points twice on loaded teams on lines with hall of famers. Paying him a good 2-2.5 million dollars more than he's worth per year through age 36. He's never produced at the level of a 6 million dollar per year forward. I'm sure that will come in his 30's though. Sure thing! If you don't recognize how bad this contract is you are out of your mind. You are a part of the problem. I'm trashing this from now until his buyout. Palat is an overrated roleplayer on a dynasty team that will amount to nothing here. He's Alvin Harper leaving the 90's Cowboys to sign with the Buccaneers. The Devils twitter account is an embarrassment. After striking out on Gadreau they act like we should all be excited for Palat. It really is pathetic that they think this moves the needle at all. Palat will not put 1 extra ass in the seats at the Rock. He will put up the same production as Zacha for 3 times the price. Fitzgerald is the worst GM in the leauge. I was defending the guy a week ago. Even with the highly questionable Chase Stillman & Mukhamadullin picks. Those guys will likely amount to nothing by the way. He reached on both. Mukhamadulin seems like a guy that will end up staying in Russia. Probably will never play a game for the Devils. Whiffing on Gadreau after going on all out to get him is perfectly fine. I was not mad at him. Until he immediately picked up the phone and threw 6 million at a guy that has never & will never produce at that level. Total panic move. Fans of rival teams laugh at this pathetic deal. As they should. Palat will not teach the Devils how to win. The Devils will teach Palat how to lose. This is a buyout waiting to happen. Stop praising it. This signing is as bad as the Clowe & Cammalleri signings right after they were announced. He's Ondrej Harper. This is one of the worst signings in Devils franchise history. 40 points per season at most.
  3. How does Ottawa's moves mirror ours? Ottawa went out and got great players. We got Palat for 2 million dollars per year more than he's worth. I would rather have nothing than what Fitz has delivered. Let the cap money just sit vacant. I would enjoy that more than the 35 points a year Palat will put up here.
  4. I don't blame Gadreau for not signing with the Devils. We have the worst owners in the league. The worst GM in the league. The worst coach in the league. The worst goaltenders in the league. Pay mediocre roleplayers lke Palat like they are star players. Can't say I blame him. This team is going to finish in last place in the Metro next season. No question about it.
  5. It was a panic move & we did overpay. This is one of the worst contracts handed out on day 1. Had to squeeze it in around midnight to try and soften the blow of not getting Gadreau. As if this signing is going to excite the fans. Looking forward to midseason when he has 17 points and -7 rating. We'll be looking forward to 4 and a half more years of replacement level production from an over 30 forward making 6 million bucks. But guys he won stankey cups in Tampa though! He's a winner! He's gonna teach the young guys how to win! Not unless he brings the actual stars from Tampa (that are the reason Palat has rings) over here. This is going to be an albatross. Before his first season ends we will be counting down the days until we can get this contract off the cap. He will be nothing without the machine in Tampa surrounding him. An average bottom 6 level producing forward for 6 million a year at 31 years old. Let's have a parade for Fitz.
  6. Yeah clearly we are the big winners of free agency. Lol! Now if we could only get Fitz to overpay for Kadri like he overpaid for Palat. We would be on our way to another top 5 pick. Can't wait to see the new 6 million dollar per year man put up 35 points a year for the next 5 seasons. What a bargain.
  7. What you describe here isn't worth 6 million a year. Especially at age 31. He'll max out at 40 points outside of Tampa. Not what anyone should want in the top 6. You guys can polish this turd all you want. He has zero chance of living up to this contract.
  8. Not even trading Ty Smith to the CHL (where he belongs) will cheer me up. This is absolutely horrific. Having a lot of cap room is no excuse for this overpay of a 31 year old forward with no upside. This contract is an absolute joke. Bratt should ask for 8 now. If this bum is getting 6 to produce at a bottom 6 level. I don't care about him winning stanley cups in Tampa. That means absolutely nothing to anyone. It will have zero impact on what this team does going forward. This is a 6 million dollar per year anchor. All the rival fans are laughing at this signing. As they should. Yet we have some of our fans praising this trash.
  9. I can get the same 35 points Palat will produce here much cheaper from Zacha.
  10. Looks like another top 5 pick year. Palat on the first line? Lol! I can't wait until midseason when this clown has 17 points. He will be loathed by all. With 4 more years at 6 million left on his deal. Get ready for it. That is what is coming.
  11. I legitimately would have rather kept Zacha than make this signing. This is awful. I knew Fitz was going to do this. He's not saving face after not getting Gadreau. This knee jerk reaction makes it worse. The fans who praise moves like this are a big part of the problem with this team. When do we find out what night the next draft lottery is on?
  12. Fitz is now officially a failure. 6 million per year for a 31 year old forward that will max out at 40 points outside of Tampa. Absolute garbage signing. As bad as it gets.
  13. I wish I was wrong about Palat. Figured this front office would be dumb enough to overpay this bottom 6 forward after not landing Gadreau. His contract shouldn't be more than 4.5 million for the 35 points a season he'll produce for this team. Now we get to hear the BS about him teaching the young guys how to win. As the team picks in the top 6 again after next season with him. Just absolutely the worst thing Fitz could have done. I saw this coming from a mile away.
  14. I have a bad feeling we will end up with Palat. Have to listen to the he's gonna teach these young guys how to win BS. He'll get 40 points per year at 6 million plus per season.
  15. They are worth 5 million per year at the most. The Devils should have no interest in either of them.
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