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  1. The reports of some of the videos scream coercion to prove consent to me. Hoping McLeod isn't involved but if he is then he deserves punishment commensurate to whatever actually occurred. There is a lot of he said she said in the media atm, limited specifics, the fact police didn't end up pressing charges, and so more details are needed to know consequence. Also whoever sent those texts the following day are terrible and whoever sent those needs to be hauled over the coals
  2. Maybe the next RR will be a white Jersey Jersey with black writing
  3. "Jersey" Jersey Set 2 McLeod. Minimal wear but it's OK. The RR was definitely better
  4. Hey that's adequate 4th liner McLeod you are..... oh who am I kidding wasn't top 5 then and certainly sitting mediocre 5 currently
  5. Confirmation my McLeod has shipped. Now the waiting game begins
  6. The hero no one wants. And this is why we can't have nice things. It's interesting watching the Facebook thread. I strongly dislike Mr Shill Also it seems a large # of people/companies appear to buy practice/warn up jerseys for an exorbitant price. Tax write off or warm and fuzzies?
  7. I'm hopeful it isn't a mess. At least it isn't Nike with their MS paint designs
  8. McLeod gets another assists and the Devils get a win. No complaints here..... outside the usual can someone please for the love of God work on the PP
  9. Someone did post in a sale post for a Palmieri heritage they had the 19-20 McLeod but this was 2yrs ago and before I was in the group. Looks like he's left the group though
  10. If people could keep an eye out for either of the McLeod heritage jerseys hidden out there I'm on both the Devils game worn and hockey game worn jersey groups on Facebook but no luck as of yet. Meigray tried reaching out to the original owner of the 18-19 without luck. But I'm motivated
  11. No McLeod just became the first over-reach of the new order
  12. Another 2 assists I'd ask where this mcleod has been the last few months but we're playing the kraken...... Another 2 assists I'd ask where this mcleod has been the last few months but we're playing the kraken......
  13. So interesting looking at everyone's different themes. I have no intention to sell, I'll just keep looking looking for one of those 2 hidden heritage ones. It's such a good kit I know why they are hard to find
  14. As my username gives away a McLeod fan Here are his rookie year 2018-19 set 1 red and white (debut and 1st point) And his 2020-21 set 1 red (first NHL goal), white, and RR Have the set 2 'Jersey' on order so just needing one of his Heritage jerseys (18-19 or 19-20) which are hidden somewhere out there
  15. What only athletes pay tax? We have some incredibly dim sports stars in Australia and the self importance in this tweet makes them appear like rocket scientists
  16. I much preferred the $75k for car expenses...... but this is yearly wage so what, new car every year? Get out of here with any of this entitled wo is us routine
  17. While a McLeod fan its hard to pull together any argument after this season. His face-offs are good but the apparent gains in setting up that 4th line and cohesion have dropped off. I wish it were coaching but I'm unconvinced
  18. I thought after last season McLeod would take a step up and play to his strengths. Certainly started I the right direction but that cliff face this half of the season has been steep
  19. So first of all I'm a primary Preds fan (boo hiss yes I know) from Australia. But, for whatever crazy reason I have become a McLeod fan (again boo hiss I get it). There's just something about the plucky Canadian who in no way should have ever made the #12 pick and how he just skates his little heart out (again I am aware of his current motivation level appearing on par with a Koala bear) that for the last 2 seasons I've been following the Devils as much (if not more than) nashville. While I'm hoping McLeod stays on the team I know he's less than universally liked and probably more the ambivalent player on the 4th line which at least isn't PK level (no I didn't not come over because of PK and wish he would put in performances like we saw in 16-17 for the devs right now) Unlike many Aussies I have an interest in game worn jerseys and currently sit at 5 McLeod with a dreaded Jersey Jersey on preorder with Meigray. Please be kind lol
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