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  1. Chorus to Pigeon John's The Bomb...
  2. Hey, I think I'm starting to get the Devils' thinking this year. "The New Jersey Devils: Where the only thing worth caring about is the goal song! (which we won't hear very often)" haha...
  3. I know someone mentioned it was overplayed during the playoffs but FoB's Light 'Em Up really does work for the Devils....lighting up the goal light, mentioning fire, and a catchy bit the fans can chant with at the end...I don't care if it ends up being a god awful song as long as I'm hearing it a lot.
  4. They may not be able to sustain a high level of play over the course of a season but everyone will be damned to think a Jagr/Elias combo won't wreak havoc on some level.
  5. UnderDogX


    At the very least it would elevate Elias' play. That guy always seems to play his best when Jagr is on the ice....
  6. Colin 226 really just won that prize package? Congrats if it was him!
  7. @KWilsonPreds The @PredsNHL claim forward Bobby Butler on waivers. As per Darren Dreger, retweeted by TG: Darren Dreger ‏@DarrenDreger NJ places Butler on Waivers. Retweeted by Tom Gulitti
  8. Taking into account tonights game, if you take out goals he has scored (since he obviously can't assist on his own goals), which I don't think the article did, the percentage is more around 40%....that is just ridiculous. This also means he's had a hand in roughly 47% of the Devils total scoring (including his own goals) If you can say anything about the man, its that he's efficient. He's logging about 19 min a game...
  9. should've been less comic book-ish and more cartoon (Gendy Tartakovsky style) oriented. I've got kids, and I'm sure they'd love NHL meets Super Hero Squad...
  10. As per TG's twitter... http://twitpic.com/as4671 Nice embracing of Moose's age!
  11. I like free stuff too so put me in the drawing for Devs tickets because I just liked the status...
  12. Haha. I've tried to stay away from picking Cowboys after the Drew Bledsoe incident of 2006.
  13. I think I'm going to humbly bow out this year...I would like to probably try and get a spot next year if possible but I've got a little too much going on to do Fantasy Football this time around.
  14. When you have a flaming dinosaur riding unicorn that eats zombies and spits out vampire blood you want him on your side, not the opponents.
  15. My dad isn't a hall of fame goaltender so I wouldn't begin to think I could understand what type of pressure is on him but you would have to think the kid is a goaltender and his dad IS a hall of fame goaltender. The pressure is going to be there regardless. Devils fans will keep an eye on him regardless. The media (to whatever extent the NHL has in terms of media), once he's in the NHL, will keep an eye on him simply because he is a goaltender and his father is Martin Brodeur. The only added pressure I would see with him being drafted here is because this is where his dad won cups and broke records. But you have to think the kid is going to pressure himself to be that good no matter where he plays.
  16. Its always best, in my opinion, to take a chance on YOUR players and lock them up when you get a chance. These are guys, and more so when talking about the Devils, that are players who buy into the system, who know what it takes to be a Devil, and want to play the Devil's way. If it means you overpay because they just had a good year or if you get a deal because they are coming off an injury it doesn't matter. What does matter is the fact that if you want to keep the players you draft you forget about a "no talking about contracts during the year" policy and you get things done. That being said I think Lou handled the situation from July 1st on very very well. He made a competitive offer and tried his best but obviously Zach had something else in mind. Now do I think he handled it well before July 1st? Probably not. There were opportunities, I'm sure, that could've allowed him to avoid this situation all together. And I would like him to not let those opportunities with other players, that we want to keep, pass him by.
  17. Nope, just before July 2nd ended...it was a nice birthday gift.
  18. While I'm not saying there isn't truth in this, if Parise knew he was signing with Pitt earlier than why not just come out and say it. I would think that this delay isn't just posturing and he really hasn't truly decided. Sure he can be leaning one way over another but at this point I don't see Parise doing this for show...but then again who knows really.
  19. At this point I'm fully expecting him to sign with the Heat
  20. My problem is how he was adamant about not going to the Rags but then has Philly and Pitts as 2 of the possible 4 teams left in the hunt. It makes the "i'm not going to the Rags" thing ring hollow. As a Cowboys fan its the same as someone saying they won't go to the Giants but choose the Redskins or Eagles...its just as bad and he has to know that.
  21. if the Captain's name is Morgan he's in about every Devil's fans glass right about now.
  22. OMG!!!! WHY?!?!?! WHY DOES HE HAVE TO GO AND....sorry, just getting the keyboard warmed up. I'll be at work most of the day so what's the scoop on the best twitter feed to follow? other than TG of course.
  23. But to be fair Patty was the second gunman on the grassy knoll, occasionally goes swimming in Loch Ness, saw where Hoffa was buried, and knows how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of a toostie roll tootsie pop.
  24. UnderDogX

    Patrik Elias

    I think I remember reading something about the no movement clause being the kicker...not so much that he said the Rags wouldn't give it to him but rather the Devils did...
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